Wednesday, September 8, 2010

on the first day

Now, Billy Joe McGuffrey
was a really clumsy kid.
On the first day of first grade
I'll tell you what he did.
He tripped over a pencil box,
flew up in the air,
landed on a kangaroo
who pulled out all his hair!
He needed first aid in the first grade,
first aid in the first grade,
first aid in the first grade.
You could buy a zoo with all the doctor bills he paid.

song by: veggie tales

ty and tann started school today - tyler in eighth grade and tannyn in first grade. the morning went off well, dan and i got up early at 6:30 which was a tad bit hard for me since the kiddos have been letting me sleep in till 9:00 all summer long. i got tann ready, did her hair, dan fed her breakfast and then it was time for photos. i made ty get up even though he doesn't start school until an hour after tannyn and he was NOT happy with me about it as you can see in the photo of him, tann and tayli but i really wanted a photo with all the kiddos. i'm a mom, it's how it is. we took tann to school and she did great - apparently she has the best first grade teacher in the school and she was very happy to see some friends from last year in her class. after dropping her off, we came home to get ty, i got one more picture (he was in a better mood this time) and then we dropped him off. as ty was walking to class dan yells out "i love you tyler joseph bacquet. i love you son!" it was pretty funny. i think tyler was just glad that dan didn't wear his cut off jean shorts and wife beater and walk him to class. ha.
now all is mostly quiet with tayli just home... ahhhh.

do any of you have any embarrassing stories from your first day of school? 
did your parents ever try to embarrass you?



monica said...

soooo cute!

My Three Sons said...

Beautiful photos!

Thankfully, I have no embarassing school stories!

lydia. said...

um, i have a really super awkward embarrassing one...haha. on my first day of junior high school, i started my period, and i was too embarrassed to even go to the bathroom to see what was wrong. so i just tried to ignore it all day long.
worst ever!

i'm glad their first days were better than that. haha. : )

BuenoBueno said...

I love veggie tales and I love how cute/sweet your family is! My parents didn't embarrass me on the first day of school but they would walk me to the door of any party I ever went to. That sucks when your are a bratty young teen.

BuenoBueno said...

these photos are great!
and i love veggie tales!!!!!!
i donrt think ty embarrasses easily, i think he is just a happy cool kid and goes with it jahahaha!
yall are cool parents!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

you seriously made the cutest kids. i remember when my mom used to always want to take pictures on the first day of school and i hated it! she would take like 4 rolls! i don't really think my parents embarrassed me at school or anything. i know some kids woul get embarrassed when their parents would want to hug or kiss them, but i never minded. that seems like something dan would do trying to embarrass ty!

xo oodlesandoodles