Wednesday, April 28, 2010

what's in your bag?

one of my sweet readers, social butterfly, asked me to join in on her link up party she's having over on her blog... i think i may be late but i thought it sounded fun
she asked for her readers to show her pics of their purses and it's contents
so here's mine

purse: jasper & jeera for anthropologie
make-up bag: anthropologie
sunglass case (blue): hayden-harnett for anthropologie
sunglass case (beige): anthropologie
sunglasses: urban outfitters
wallet: forever 21
phone: lg vue
water bottle: target
lorac bronzer/blush duo in hot & spicy
i.d. mineral veil by bare escentuals
i.d. bare escentuals baby buki 
smith's rosebud perfume co. lip balm in minted rose 
cover girl wet slicks fruit spritzers in guava splash
revlon color stay lip liner in nude

what's in your bag?
let me know and/or link up on social butterfly's blog

enjoy your wednesday my friends!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

two things i love... around my home

i am lovin this vintage fire-king ware
our landlord left it here and said i could have it... i just wish i had snagged more before he gave it away...
circa 1960-1962 primrose pattern

one of my dearest friends, ashley, bought me the small volcano candle from anthro for my birthday
i had been wanting one forever but had never bought one for myself 
it made my house smell so stinkin good so i bought the big one with some gift card money i had lying around... dan and i have decided that the capri blue volcano candle will always be a staple in our home
if you haven't smelled it, go to anthro and check it out - it smells amazing and makes your house smell just like the store!

what are your two things?

to play along all you have to do is write a post letting us know
two things you love... around your home 
 then link on up to the mcklinky so that others can see too!
easy peasy

(the mcklinky will be up and running until next tuesday... so you have plenty of time to play)

i hope you play along!


Monday, April 26, 2010

california surfin

this past saturday
tyler had the ISF state championships
(interscholastic surfing federation)
middle schools from up and down the coast of california showed up in oceanside, ca for the contest

ty placed second in his first heat 
but then went up against a bunch of 8th graders who were sponsored in his second heat...
 and came in 5th (out of 6)
he had a blast though and we couldn't be prouder!

tannyn, arasteh (my niece) and tayli

getting the pep talk from dad before his second heat

waiting for his heat to start

i spent a while talking to ty's coach, mr. parry 
and coach parry said that ty is probably the second best on the team
we are so thankful that he is on the team and that he has been able to surf in the contests since he's the 'new kid'... we're also very thankful that he has made so many friends so far - apparently they've been fighting over him - how cute is that? AND coach parry told me that the girls have been fighting over who gets to sit by him in one of his classes.... man, that's scary!

i hope you all had a great weekend
and are enjoying your night 


ps. tomorrow is two things i love... around my home - i hope you come back and link on up!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

earth day succulents

in honor of
 Earth Day
tayli and i potted some plants yesterday while ty and tann were at school

it's been pretty windy and stormy here the last couple of days
so we walked around the yard and found a TON of jade that had been broken off
we gathered all the jade (and some other succulents), dug some dirt and placed them in our pots and planted them! 
a great way to save the plants that otherwise would have died
jade is a great plant to re-pot since it does so well and grows so easily 

have you guys done anything in honor of Earth Day?
doing anything?

i encourage you all to 
go green
i know i'm trying to!

happy Earth Day friends!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

yeah yeah yeah

1. Mens chests..hairy or hairless?
i never, ever thought i would say this... but hairy... only real men have hair ;-)
2. How often do you run red lights?
pretty much never... unless it's orange and turns red while i'm driving through it
3. If you could raid any celebrity's closet..whose would you raid?
sienna miller... i like her style
4. Would you rather have more followers/friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog?
i really don't care... i have real friends on all three
5. What makes you feel sexy?
a new outfit, a good hair day, working out and eating right
6. I get excited when...........?
 a fun/creative idea pops into my head, i buy something pretty for my house or myself, my kids get along and don't whine, i get to see my family, etc...
7. Are you the "outdoorsy" type or more "indoorsy"?
i enjoy being outdoors - camping, beachin it, exploring trails with pretty wildflowers... but i also love being inside and relaxing with a good book or watching a movie... i've been known to go days without spending much time outside - totally depends on my mood
8. Would you rather have your dream home or a million dollars?
my dream home would cost a lot more than a million dollars since i live in california... but i think i would take the million and settle for a nice home that is close enough to the house of my dreams

what about you guys?
answer and link up at my sisters blog
or feel free to leave a comment to let me know!

i hope you all had a lovely weekend
do anything fun?

we spent the weekend with the Undies
(my bro and fam... love them!)
fun times had by all!


Friday, April 16, 2010

update and five

gosh, it's been a while since i've actually written much on here...
this week has not been the best week for me, therefore, the lack of posts lately. my back (i have an arthritic back disease) has been killing me this week and it's been very hard to walk, plus my pelvis was hurting and i've never had pain there before... i don't know if it's related to my back disease or if it's something else entirely but it was excruitiatingly painful to walk. i've also been sick with a fever, stuffed up sinuses, achey body, etc...  my back is feeling better today and i'm finally walking mostly normal again - yay! and my sinuses seem to be clearing up thanks to some meds

i wanted to update you all up on life here in the bacquet home
we are settling nicely into our new home and enjoying our neighborhood and as you know from this post, we love our house and yard. the kids have had a great first week at school so far...
tannyn's old school was from 8-2 and her new one is from 7:45-11:15... so that's been a big change for us. i hate getting up early and normally am not a morning person but a couple days this week i've managed to get up early - even showering before i take her to school! that's huge for me... part of it is, i haven't been sleeping well, so when i'm awake at 5am, i figure i might as well get up and get myself ready. tannyn wishes that she were in school longer and was there for lunch but she, tayli and i have been having fun spending more time with one another.
tyler had a good enough first day but came home begging me to home school him and every night he begs us to not make him go to school the next day. dan told him that if he could come up with three good reasons that he shouldn't go (bullying, swirlies, etc...), then we wouldn't make him. of course he couldn't come up with anything and each day has been better than the last. every day he has had kids to hang out with at lunch - kids who are on the surf team with him -  and to me, that is a huge blessing! he also had his first 'practice' with the surf team yesterday morning and he surfed really well. the team has a contest tomorrow but since tyler is new to the team, he is an alternate... which means, he has to show up when the contest starts but can only surf if the three kids who are in the contest don't show up... he's pretty much hoping they don't show! 
dan's head is much better now since we've been out of the moldy house. his pain level was usually around a 7/10 and it's been a 4/10 this week! we're praying the pain lessens each week and are so grateful that it has so much already after only being here for two weeks!

okay, i think that's it!
thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts for the kiddos and of course, all the prayers/thoughts regarding dan's health - i totally appreciate it!

my sissy was bummed i didn't join her 
thursday five
blog hop yesterday so i'm doing it a day late...

1. getting a phone call from my lovely friend, anna, last week
2.  having our friends amber and james over for dinner last saturday
3. receiving a birthday card and gift card for anthro from my angie
4. sushi and wine with my most lovely sis-n-law, kiana
5. and finally having my back feel better today

what were some highlights from your week?
link up on my sis' blog!

lastly, i wanted to give a couple birthday shout outs:

happy happy birthday (one day late) to my step-mom, barbara
love you!

happy 7th birthday to my beautiful niece, arasteh
aunti kass loves you mucho!

and of course, happy birthday to danielle!

i hope all of you have the most splendid of birthdays


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two Things i Love... Around my Home

good morning friends

here are my two things for this chilly tuesday morning

my friend, kim, got me this gorgeous wooden hand carved bowl while out thrifting in santa barbara
and i love it... the colors are beautiful

i love collecting trays and these are just few that we use on a daily basis
all from the thrift store... my granny has used trays to serve breakfast/lunch ever since i remember and my mom always had them too... so it's kind of a tradition!

what are your two things?

to play along, write a post telling us two things you are lovin and/or appreciating this week, link back to me and then link up to the linky... it's that easy!

i hope you play along

enjoy your tuesday my friends!


Monday, April 12, 2010

our new world

i know that some of you have been curious to how the house looks
so i've uploaded quite a few pictures for you
i'll do more of the house at another time but here are a few for you
most of them are of the yard
our little oasis
our new world

walking thru the front door

living room

another view

our back patio

view from the wall

side yard

side yard and shed

view of our back yard from half way up our hill

view of laguna niguel

pretty foliage

more views of our hill - looking up

looking down towards our house

the girls love riding in their jeep now!

such a pretty flower and lasts FOREVER in water - anyone know what this is?

i love the foliage and plants found on our hill

we find lots of secret spots to hide on our hill

tannyn walking up the path that dan made

tyler, tayli and ruca

ty thinks we might have a hawks nest in our pine tree

another little hiding spot that ty found

dan has been doing a ton of yard work... we have so many weeds to clear out!

some of our yard

finding bugs in the dirt

fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar  

yesterday tayli and tannyn collected over twenty caterpillars - they love them

pretty succulent 

i love this one - anyone know what it is?

love this one too

a pretty blossom from one of our many fruit trees

ruca caught a gofer!

i'm usually anti killing animals but gofers are such a nuisance... we were very proud of ruca and she was SO proud of herself... it was super cute actually

i know that this is quite the overload of pics 
but i just really love them all

we love our house
i especially love the floors and our picture window
i still need to hang our own curtains on the sliding door and paint both the bathrooms
i spent some time yesterday pulling off wallpaper - such a chore!
i also still need to organize my craft space in the play room too

we've been having so much fun exploring our neighborhood
we found an awesome trail down from our house that takes you through the hills of our neighborhood
it was gorgeous
we've also really been enjoying our backyard
we have a ton of work to do - lots of weed-wacking to be done, trails to be made, vegetable garden to be planted and so on
exploring our yard has been a blast - and ruca loves it too
we have two apple trees, a tangerine tree, an orange tree, grapefruit tree, lemon tree, nectarine tree and plum tree... i just wish we had an avocado tree then we'd be set!
the kids spend a lot more time outdoors now and i love that... having no cable helps with that as well :-)
all we need now is a jacuzzi


ps thanks for all the thoughts and prayers regarding the kiddos first day of school
you all are wonderful 
i'll keep you all posted as to how it goes today :-)

i also wanted to give a shout out to one of my besties husbands, jeff
happy birthday jeff!
and dan's aunt (therefore, my aunt in law) yvette
happy birthday yvette!
i hope you two have glorious birthdays!
much love!!