Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009


i finally finished the second sunglass case.... ahhhh... what a relief. i REALLY didn't want to work on it tomorrow and i am so glad that i got it done.

this and the blue one are going to two very special ladies in my family and i really hope that they like them!

we're waiting for Dan to get home and then we're heading up north, it'll take us 3 1/2 hours to get to Lompoc and i'm bummed we're going to get there so late. i was hoping to see some friends and go out to my favorite central coast sushi restaurant, Sushi Teri.... the Jalama Roll is calling my name. oh well, maybe next time.

i hope you guys have a lovely friday night and a very spooky halloween tomorrow.


busy busy

busy morning already. i'm just now sitting down and eating my yummalicious pumpkin spice kashi bar and drinking my cup o joe. Tannyn had her halloween parade at her school today, so Tayli and i stayed to watch. all the kids looked so cute!
here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure...

i didn't get my two sunglasses cases done yesterday :-( but hopefully i'll be able to get a start on the second one today and finish it by tomorrow in time to give to my someone special.
we're heading up north to Lompoc today to stay with my mom and step-dad and then heading to Santa Barbara tomorrow to stay with my dad and visit with my family who is coming into town from Wisconsin. very excited to see everyone and i'm very excited to give this gift to one of my family members...

hope she likes it!

have a wonderful weekend everyone and have a safe and happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 29, 2009


i got a text message today from one of my most loveliest friends, Marina, asking if she could purchase one of my creations as a gift... even though i am super busy today i couldn't pass that one up - making something pretty for one of my favorite girls and getting paid for it... how could i say no?
anywho, i've been swamped all day trying to get this done for Marina and trying to get my two sunglass cases done before tomorrow so i can take them with me when i go up north.... and i still have to tackle many loads of laundry or else Dan my man will kill me...Plus i have to clean the house. ugh. 
i don't think i'll be fixing dinner tonight.

here's a picture of my lovely Marina and i on her wedding day... i just had to show off how gorgeous she looked. ;-)

and here is a glimpse of what i am making for Marina...

thank you, Marina Joy Nichols, for being my FIRST customer - you're the best! love you mucho

and to everyone else, have a warm and cuddly thursday evening.


cold air and cases

it's pretty darn cold here for southern california - 47 this morning when i dropped off the kiddos for school... this crisp, cold air is inspiring me to light some pumpkin spice candles, listen to david gray, drink some butterscotch coffee and start a Christmas project...

but first i have to finish this sunglass case i'm making for someone specail

i'll be finishing this today and starting a new one for another special someone this evening... but as soon as i'm done i'll be ready for that Christmas project!

have a lovely thursday... more later


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


here is a peak at a few things i've made...

tote bag i stitched for my daughter Tannyn

sunglass/glass cases

pin cushion

dolls for my daughter

and here is a peak at something i'm working on...

if any of you are interested in me making you something feel free to email me at with the subject BacWoods Fern Creations or leave a comment with your email address.

more to come....

happy "hump" day


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


fern is the middle name of my granny, Christine Fern Voyce, she stitched a pillow years ago that i absolutely loved. it fell apart, so she stitched the pattern onto a new pillow and gave it to me. the stitching came undone so i stitched it back on (quite horribly i might add). but that was the beginning of my love of embroidery...that pillow. and that's what got me started finding my creative side again. so thanks Gran. i love you so very much - thank you for always being there for me, supporting me and loving me... and thanks for being an inspiration.

my inspiration and me

THE pillow

more later...


a little bit of inspiration

wow, love these from Cocoon Design's on

(i'm having trouble loading the picture correctly and the link to her store... so go to and enter CocoonDesigns under sellers.. you'll see the houses and be just as amazed as i am.)

these cute little houses and the rest of her beautiful creations are really inspiring me to make some pretty little ornaments for christmas.... wouldn't those houses be gorgeous displayed on a console table during the holidays? or maybe even as a centerpiece for your table.... love it.


maybe i should introduce myself...

i'm kasandra, kassi, kass, mom.... whatever you want to call me is fine... and i decided to document my crafting journey through blogging. i've always loved art and drawing but have never done anything with it, i guess i've always been a bit of a scaredy cat or actually, to be more honest, never thought i was good enough to do anything with it. two months ago i taught myself how to embroider and stitch and since then i have been creating non-stop making art for my walls, sunglass cases for friends and family and dolls for my daughter. i'm having a blast and decided to share it all with you. i realize i'm not that good, but i have aspirations of getting better. i'm doing a "big girl" thing, as my mom would say, and putting myself out there. so hope you enjoy my little bloggity blog!