about me

i'm kasandra, kassi, kass, mom.... whatever you want to call me is fine
i'm a lover of art and all things crafty and stylish. lover of my husband. lover of my 3 gorgeous kids. 
and lover of Jesus.
 i've decided to document my crafting journey through blogging. i've always loved art and drawing but have never done anything with it, i guess i've always been a bit of a scaredy cat or actually, to be more honest, never thought i was good enough to do anything with it. in august of 2009 i taught myself how to embroider and stitch and since then i have been creating non-stop making art for my walls, sunglass cases for friends and family and dolls for my daughter. i'm having a blast and decided to share it all with you. i realize i'm not that good, but i have aspirations of getting better. i'm doing a "big girl" thing, as my mom would say, and putting myself out there. so hope you enjoy my little bloggity blog

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