Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i love summer

this is what i'm doing

while they're doing this

 i love summer

what are you doing today?


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a little wonky

it's been a little while since i've made anything... partly because of time but also because of lack of creativity and inspiration... i guess you could say i've been in a creative funk. my aunt who lives in wisconsin has asked me to make eight sunglass cases for her store... so thanks to her, i'm back in my 'groove' and loving it! 

i thought i would share with you what i've been up to - here is just one case, i have a few more to make before i ship them off to her on friday

all my cases are hand sewn/stitched using felt lining, vintage fabrics (most given to me by mom and granny) and vintage buttons. since they are handmade they are all a little wonky... but that's what gives them their charm... i hope ;) i call these little pouches sunglass cases but i have friends who like to use them to house their checkbooks... either way, they're kinda fun to have!

enjoy your tuesday!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

a little slow

it's summer time so i'm a little slow with the whole blogging thing lately

but i wanted to share some pics from fathers day

we went up to santa barbara last saturday to celebrate my dad and to surprise my grandpa (he has been at a hospital recovering from a couple of strokes he had a little over a month ago) with a picnic

we then went on to my grandma's for some swimming in the salt water pool and afterwards we went on to my dad and step-mom's for some yummy pizza and chi chi's

haha this photo makes me laugh

we got home late saturday night from santa barbara but i woke up bright and early to make dan's favorite - monkey bread and eggs. brandi ended up coming over for breakfast and then we all piled in the car to head to lowers for a beach day

this weekend has been pretty boring... we lazed around yesterday and swam in our little blow up pool, went to church this morning, ate lunch, swam some more while the boys surfed and now the girls are tuckered out and watching sweet life on deck - oh how they love the sprouse twins!

i hope your weekend was lovely - do anything fun?


oh and, wow, thanks to all of you guys who read my blog - i can't believe i have 300 followers! i guess that means it's about time for another giveaway to celebrate... hopefully i can get my act together soon so be on the lookout for it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

lee's purple butterfly

my sister, lee, has opened an etsy store

 with some very pretty hand-crafted jewelry

like this coral bracelet
Pink Shell Bracelet

she's always adding more... rings, necklaces, bracelets
please check out her store 
you can also find her on facebook here

thanks friends!


Monday, June 21, 2010

blog friend meet up

as you know, brandi, lauren and danielle stayed with me the weekend before last for our blog friend meet up...  here is a little review in photos

thursday night dan made us some special cocktails and we ate tons of appetizers while chatting and laughing it up 

friday was beach day (all beach photos courtesy of tayli... who's two)

a yummy dinner at salt creek grill

bonfire in the backyard and s'muches (like s'mores but with pb cups instead of chocolate)

danielle and ruca dog... brandi was tired... lauren had to wash the campfire out of her hair

saturday was shopping at pretty in pink and the fountain valley fair

came home to find dan bleeding from his head due to a little surfing accident

making appetizers before our homemade pizza dinner saturday night

that was pretty much our weekend!
it was great getting to know these girls... they are all different but all so much fun!
we laughed A LOT 
i hope they enjoyed their stay at my house and felt welcome... 
i look forward to seeing them all again... 
for more on our blog friend meet up - go here, here or here

have you ever met a blog friend in real life?


Sunday, June 20, 2010

for my love and all the dads out there

happy father's day my love
you are a wonderfully, loving father and i appreciate all you do for the kids and myself...
thank you for providing for us, playing with us and loving us
we love you so much, babe
mucho mucho grande

happy father's day to the men in my life
bob, grandpa, nate, mike
my uncles and all my in laws (bros, steps, uncles, etc...)
i love you all

and happy fathers day to all the terrific dad's out there - i hope you all feel special, loved and appreciated today


Saturday, June 19, 2010

i love you

happy father's day, daddy

i love you so much dad
you have supported me, loved me, and been there for me all of my life
i appreciate you
i love you
and i pray that tannyn and tayli have the same special relationship with daniel as we do
you are my friend
i can rely on you through thick and thin
you have been there for me when many parents aren't
thank you for everything
i love you with all of my heart

happy fathers day daddy
i love you... so much

oh, and the kids wanted to give you a shout out too
they love you big papa
you are the best ever

we're headed up to santa barbara today to celebrate father's day with my dad and grandpa
i'm excited to spend some time with them... they are the best

i hope you all have a wonderful saturday
and a happy father's day weekend!

any fun plans?