Tuesday, January 4, 2011

he's such a stud

wow, it's been a while... 

we've had A LOT going on here... a lot of changes are in the works in my life and i'll have to update you all with a post some time in the near future but right now i just wanted to take this time to brag about tyler - today he was photographed surfing at our local beach, salt creek. the photos are here if you would like to see them - he's such a stud and i'm so proud!!

 his photos are 16-25 and 42

happy new year!


*it is driving me insane that the photo isn't centered but blogger is being lame... sorry.


Keely said...

Holy hell in a hand basket! You blogged!!! Well cool beans yo!

Tyler's hot! ;-)

Becca said...

Go Tyler!!! Does this mean you are back? I hope so :)
Have a lovely day!

lexylou said...

I all most fell off my chair when I saw you blogged! YEAH! So happy to see your back!
Go check out my new blog that is now my main one,
xoxo Alexis

Rach said...

I used to go to Salt Creek all the time! Love your blog

Anonymous said...

Go Tyler! We all miss you:) Mr. Castle's class will NEVER be the same.

xoxo, Griff

BuenoBueno said...

i am proud to know yall and you guys have done a super rad job raising that fine gentleman! I LOVE TYLER!!!!


my name is lauren. said...

tyler is the cutest....and definitely such a stud :).

miss you lady and i hope you come back to blogging eventually.....

my name is lauren. said...

tyler is the cutest....seriously such a stud that son of yours :).

and i hope you're coming back to blogging.... at least eventually...we all miss you're pretty face....and i know i miss it especially much!

Briana + Stephanie. said...

love your blog, your pictures are making me crave warm weather!!

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