Thursday, October 29, 2009


i got a text message today from one of my most loveliest friends, Marina, asking if she could purchase one of my creations as a gift... even though i am super busy today i couldn't pass that one up - making something pretty for one of my favorite girls and getting paid for it... how could i say no?
anywho, i've been swamped all day trying to get this done for Marina and trying to get my two sunglass cases done before tomorrow so i can take them with me when i go up north.... and i still have to tackle many loads of laundry or else Dan my man will kill me...Plus i have to clean the house. ugh. 
i don't think i'll be fixing dinner tonight.

here's a picture of my lovely Marina and i on her wedding day... i just had to show off how gorgeous she looked. ;-)

and here is a glimpse of what i am making for Marina...

thank you, Marina Joy Nichols, for being my FIRST customer - you're the best! love you mucho

and to everyone else, have a warm and cuddly thursday evening.



Claudette said...

The picture provokes the question: what is it?
I like the fabric :).

Kassi said...

i'll post the finished product after i'm sure Marina has given it to the receiver.... until then, all you get is the glimpse ;-)

marina said...

i just love you kass. you blow my mind with your creativity.
love, your already satisfied customer. :)