Monday, June 7, 2010

it was a great weekend

dan and i had a weekend alone - thanks to his mom and step-dad who watched the girls and thanks to tyler for having a ton of friends who wanted him over for a sleepover/ birthday party/ surfing excursion
saturday morning we slept in till after 9am (totally unheard of in our house!)
i had a nice quiet time on the patio
dan brought me a jamba juice for breakfast
we enjoyed the birds singing and warm morning sun
drove to trestles to surf lowers, it was cold and the waves sucked but dan killed it on a few waves and we had a beautiful walk down to the beach
we came home after a couple of hours and made some homemade bean dip and drank some beer 
dan left me to surf salt creek
i stayed home and read
we went to beach fire bar and grill in san clemente for dinner
i had the best artichoke with thyme and button mushrooms with parmesan cheese in the inside - so freakin good! i also scarfed a whole plate of sweet potato fries and had a zangria - it was terrific
dan had super yummy lobster tacos with rice and beans and beer
we came home and as we were settling in around 11pm i get a call from brandi
she asks if we want to meet her and her friend liz for drinks
dan suggested we meet at the detroit bar in costa mesa to hear the middle east  - check them out, they are so good!

brandi is so fun... as was her friend, liz
i knew i would like her in real life and my girl crush proved to be true
we had a great time chatting, laughing and having fun 
after the show at the bar we went to denny's for some food and coffee and stayed there till 3am
brandi is rad, so much fun and so gorgeous
i'm looking forward to her coming this week to stay with me... as well as meeting lauren and danielle who are flying in on thursday and staying with me too - it's gonna be a blast
i'm sure that lauren, danielle, brandi and i will hit off as well as brandi and i did!

on sunday dan and i woke up late and had another relaxing day with no kids
he surfed
i read
that's all we did ALL day long until the kids got here at 5pm 

it was a great weekend!

how was yours?
what did you do?



~Ash~ said...

FUN! I love Beach Fire. Next time you are in SC-check out Nicks too. The best bar food ever. Fried asparagus rocks and some really yummy fish tacos.

Glad you guys got to get out and knock your socks off!ha

love your guts!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

it sounds like you had a great weekend! and i won't lie, i'm so jealous you and brandi got to meet early! i love the pictures!

i can't wait to finally get out there since it seems like this trip has been in the works forever!

xo muchobillionsquared, and see you in just a few days!

jamielanie said...

color me jealous! fun times! i can't wait to hear about the meet up you guys are having!
hugs & i have an email coming to you soooon!

my name is lauren. said...

i'm with danielle...a little jealous you guys got to meet early, but i'm glad you had fun and i can't wait to meet you all!

i'm glad you guys got to have a relaxing weekend all to yourself! you and dan deserve it :).

love you hugely friend!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

Erin said...

I adore my boys, but every once in a while, isn't it marvellous to have a weekend off from Mummy duty and just be you?! Sounds like you had loads of fun and made the most off your time "off"...

Enjoy your blogger meet-up! Sounds fantastic! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Meghan said...

What a wonderful weekend! It sounds amazing - and full of delish food!

BuenoBueno said...

ahhhhhh i love you guys! so glad we hung out!! cant wait for more fun and laughter with all of you!!!
liz said DAN'S HOT! hahahaha
y'all are a good looking couple lady:)

Bitsy said...

ahh Kass, life sounds lovely where you are xx

izztelford said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! How lucky to be able to go out with friends, then lounge at home kid free... (sigh)

We had a great weekend tho, went downtown to celebrate Pride and were in the parade. Went to a baby shower, then had a nice siesta:)

CaL said...

How amazingly fun!!! I'm heading down to Costa Mesa tomorrow to meet Brandi too! Don'cha just love meeting blog friends!!! I'm nervous & I can't wait! But reading this makes me know that I'll have fun tomorrow! So glad you guys hit it off so well! & yay for surfing baby waves! I was at Encinitas last Wednesday surfing some white water when I realized that my paddling chops were not up to par! Glad to hear there's another surfing blogger out there! ♥

Four Flights said...

you had a fabulous weekend for sure! I was reading your tweets over the weekend as I was ripping through my house like a tornado, thinking, "hmmm, I'd she's having more fun this weekend than I am" :)