Wednesday, June 16, 2010

how we roll

the kids aren't out of school until next week
but we're treating life as if it's already summertime

last night we picked up some chronic tacos, headed to salt creek, the boys surfed an evening sesh, the girls ran around in their panties and i attempted to get some shots of dan surfing (i say attempted because as you can see, the shots i did get are total crap - he got barreled twice and did a nice air...i just didn't catch those on film - i need a new camera that lets me take pic after pic without pausing)
my battery died by the time it was time to get any pics of ty - sorry buddy!
afterward we stopped at yogurtland for some yummy froyo

that's how we roll when it's summertime

how do you roll on a summer evening?
what do you do?



MannMom3 said...

It looks chilly!

I sit out on my porch..drinking Chi chi's..that's how I roll in the Summertime..

Laurnie said...

One of my favorite beaches here! Mmmm Chronic Tacos....

BuenoBueno said...

i love how y'all roll!
i cant wait to hang with yall sunday!
love the photos:)
ou are so stylish on the beach!

Tarver said...

Sounds great, although it looks kind of cold, unlike here, where the low is 104. Fun, right?

btw, your kids are absolutely adorable, they remind of my favorite family that I babysit for.

Kassi said...

keely - it was a gorgeous day and then the clouds rolled when we finished eating... that's why i have a towel covering my legs - it was chill-y! i want a chi chi!!

laurnie - one of the best ones in the OC! chronic tacos is oh so yummo!

brandi - we cant wait to see you on sunday - you will love lowers! stylish, ha! you should see whats under the towel - some tiny little shorts from galveston - they even say galveston on the butt!

tarver - it was chilly! a low of 104 - yowza! i wouldn't mind it to be a bit hotter here though - june is always gloomy - we call it june gloom.
thanks for the compliment on the kiddos - i love that they remind you of your favorite family :)

Caroline said...

What a great summer evening. I spent the day in Santa Cruz prepping art supplies for a nonprofit and then made myself a tempeh BLT ... have you ever had one oh my heavenly. Loving your photos! xo

Kassi said...

oooh caroline - your evening sounds lovely! i love santa cruz - tempeh blt..? i'm gonna have to try it!

my name is lauren. said...

wish i was hanging out with "y'all" at the beach. it's freaking raining here. WHAT????

stupid oregon.

love you kass face!

xo. thanks!

Kassi said...

if it makes you feel better, lauren, it was cold last night...
ha! y'all - i'm still saying it...
i hope you get your warm weather this weekend!
mucho love
xo. thanks ;)

Olivia said...

ughhhh so fun, i love your sweatshirt, i think i need to own it. and yes, as lauren said, oregon is failing me right now....

Anna said...

I am 100% envious of your close proximity to the beach!
The photos look beautiful. Can you change the settings on your camera so you can take "action" shots? My sony cybershot lets me {atleast I think I remember that from the manual}