Friday, October 15, 2010


 i had to step outside to get better lighting... it's dark in my house today due to fog and drizzle (which i love)

i got inspired by a post over at elsiemarley - she made a pretty birthday crown for her daughter so i thought i would do the same for tannyn. mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty as hers did... but i'm hoping that tannyn will like it. tannyn turns six next thursday so this weekend she has a friend staying over for a sleepover and we're going to take them to the pumpkin patch (at tannyn's request) on saturday then on sunday we're having a family birthday for tannyn at our house where i'll give her the crown - i hope it fits!

what are your plans this weekend?


ps. thanks for all the compliments on the new hair - you guys rock and totally made me smile!


Anna said...

hmmmm the last time I had a birthday crown I was 21 (and licking spilled shots #12 & #13 off of my shirt).
this is cute! good job, I am sure she will love it.

monica said...

you did a great job!!! she will love it!


Claudette said...

Really cute, Kass. Great job! Love, mom

BuenoBueno said...

yes it is beautiful and special and fantastic! i love it. your kids are lucky to have a fun creative HOT mama!

i miss you

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

aw, i think it's cute, and i'm sure she'll love it. i also like your table!

we had rain this morning and lots of clouds, and i love it! it means i get to wear my favorite boots!

bazilliongillion miss you!

samboy said...

I love that crown! I hope my momma makes me a crown for my birthday this year!

KristinChaos said...

That is such a cute idea!! It looks great!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

so so so in love with the crown idea! I was just searching for something fun to make for Harper's birthday and I think this might be the ticket!! I've got lots of felt so its the perfect way to clear it out! speaking of which...still trying to put together the promised package to you. finding time lately has been impossible!! sick kids, sick me, sick mr. yuck!