Wednesday, October 6, 2010

finding joy

random photo: crab we found last weekend at the beach

dan's on commission only with his new job and it's hard on us financially, we have no health care, we have one car that works, tayli broke my camera, i've had a cold and have been soooo tired the last couple of weeks... but despite those little things that are not particularly great, i'm still finding joy in some little things... 

i'm loving this weather we're having right now... it's been drizzly and cloudy the last couple of days and it's raining today - pure bliss

i had a nice quiet time reading my bible outside on the patio with the rain falling around me this morning

the mossy tree stump in my yard makes me happy - if tayli hadn't broken my camera i would take a photo of it to show you... it really is so pretty

i made a super yummy, super easy mac-n-cheese last night
(if you want the recipe let me know)

reading books with the girls after tann gets home from school

watching the girls sing and dance and practice their swan princess moves

finding out that tyler is texting a girl that he likes while under his covers when he's suppose to be sleeping
(he's growing up so fast)

my nightly jogs with ruca dog and enjoying the beauty in my neighborhood

playing solitaire on dan's ipad and having him get jealous that i win almost every game while he can barely win one

coffee and alone time while tayli naps

at home movie dates with dan my man almost every night

since my camera is broken and as of right now i can't afford a new one, you can expect random photos on my blog that have nothing to with what the post is about (i'm a fan of using all my own photos... no weheartit for me) and probably some wordier posts... 

i hope you are enjoying this week and finding joy in the small things



danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i'm sorry to hear of your woes, and trust me, i can understand, but i'm glad you're finding happiness in the little things!

two things i always enjoy that are entirely free are taking walks or watching the animals outside (lately, we've had 7 deer - 4 fawns and 3 olderd does eating out of the bird feeders).

i have to admit, even though i adore animals, i'm terrified of crabs. i don't know why, but they scare the sh!t out of me! especially ghost crabs, because they blend in with the sand!

xo bajillionmillions

Olivia said...

awesome. love this post Kassi. Thanks for sharing, i can get so caught up in the negative and forget the positive. thank you!

have a quiet time on my porch with the rain around me sounds so fabulous right now. I just bout a new beth moore study on David and i can't wait to go home and start it ;)

~Ash~ said...

i love you kass and i think you should start writing a book-your words keep me wanting more! i could totally see you being an amazing author)

monica said...

what a great post kassi for all of us to read. sometimes it's hard to realize all of the great things going on in our lives in times of struggle.

thanks for sharing!

shellybellylarson said...

I (heart) you , Kassi ! God Bless you & your family ! I think just about everyone i know (my family included) are facing hard times ... Thank u for sharing your story . I , too , have learned that less is actually more & to be thankful for the little gifts in life that surround us everyday. You are not alone sweet girl !


oh how i have missed your blog!!

wichser studio said...

hey there! neat blog here :)

it's so important to keep in mind the little things that make life still so wonderful. it's hard to remember this sometimes. thanks for the reminder. will check back soon!


Anna said...

oh I am sorry that things are less then amazing right now. things have been the same here. josh just got back after a 10 day stay at work release & now he has 60 days of house arrest. (long story-- he refused a Breathalyzer. he didn't murder anyone or anything!). things will get better & in the meantime you have a kickass family and creative blog that inspires people. oh and its Friday!

my name is lauren. said...

sorry to hear about your camera...and all the stress with dan's new job. God will provide though. i'm glad to see that you're looking on the bright side and continuing to find joy in all the little things :).

i love you friend and i'm missing you and praying for you.

xo. thanks.

lexylou said...

I love that you can still take pleasures in the little things through these tough times. My sister and her family are going through the same rough patch and are really short on cash so they can't pay us rent which in turn affect's us immensely.
I have missed reading your blog... I am hoping to get back into the blog swing now that the weather is more stay inside and muse weather.
xoxo Lexy