Monday, October 25, 2010

one and done

well guys, i had a post all planned for you but blogger is being lame and telling me that my storage for photos is full and that if i want to add more photos i need to purchase more storage... what the heck?! i don't have the money to waste on this (sadly) so therefore i just might be ending my blog...  since i HATE writing a post without a photo in it... and i'm not a fan of using other peoples photos... bummer. 

so on the day of my one year bloggiversary i just might be calling it quits

one and done


any of you can tell me how to get around this... i'm not sure how to delete the photos that are already in storage to make room for new ones (and yes keel, i tried what you said and didn't work) - have any of you come across this? and if so, how did you go about deleting photos?

we'll see if i continue this adventure or not...

i've enjoyed the ride, 'meeting' you and interacting with you via the web... it's been fun. thanks for a fun year my readers and friends.

till next time



Floss said...

Well, I paid up. It turned out only to be 5 dollars and I thought: Why not? So I can't advise you how to get out of paying, but I though it wasn't too bad - I think I have five times more storage space than I had before, and all for 5 dollars... IT's really annoying when it happens though, isn't it?

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

nope. this is unacceptable. you will not quit blogging and that's all there is to it.

blogger is stupid, and i can't believe they say you have to pay! so, here are my solutions:
1. delete old posts
2. don't upload to blogger. upload to flickr, then use the url of the picture on your blog (that's what i do, but to my web host, not flickr).
3. don't delete old posts, just edit them and delete the pictures.

if you leave, you'll break my heart.

xo bajillionmillionsquared

Anne said...

Hey Kassi, oh, I hope your blog doesn't end, I really enjoy it!! That's too bad there's no way to delete the old photos or something. Well, if you copy and paste your format into a new blog or get a new one going another way, do let me know. Thanks for fun reading and lots of great interior design and Tracy Anderson skinny arms tips! :) xo Anne

Jamie said...

You can upload to flickr and use the code for it. Then it doesn't use any storage here (I don't think). E-mail me if you need help trying it! You can't leave us!!! ;) xoxo

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

no, no! you can't go. I've never heard of the prob you are having but I think the flickr idea is a good one! You inspired me to start blogging so you can't leave now!!

Cat said...

WHAT!!! This is horrible. I've never knew that blogger had a photo limit. I will be uploading my pics to flickr first like several readers suggested. Wow though....

Maddy said...

you can create a new gmail account (free) and upload your pics onto picasa and then link them via html to your posts.. like you'd do with flickr. i believe flickr's free space gets used up more quickly than picasa's. or you could go old school and use photobucket. don't leave!!

Keely said...

that all sounds like too much work!

Get rid of it!

Just kidding about getting rid of it, not about being too much work..

Anywhoodles..My new IKEA chair is super cute!

BuenoBueno said...

you better not QUIT!!!! it must be a mistake!
mine isnt saying that at all...and i have posted tons of pics!!!
try uploading on flickr then copying and pasting the codes onto your blog instead of blogger uploadds!

Anonymous said...

Purchasing storage isn't that expensive. Deleting old posts works too! PLEASE don't quit blogging:)

courtney Duren said...

O please don't quit! I am so in love with your blog! I am a photographer from Montana, and reading your blog is one of the highlights of my week! find a way around it, or start a new blog on a different site, but don't quit! You are creative, and I love your style!

Bree Chandler said...

Kassi, Thanks SO much for your sweet comment recently, I havent checked my blog forever so I had NO idea you commented! You are amazing, and I am grateful for you and your awesome blog and your awesome self!!!!

Kassi said...

thank you to you ALL for your encouragement, kind words and advice! i swear, i have the best readers :)
this weekend, when i have some time, i'll try to figure out what to do so that i can keep the blog going. i'm so not computer savvy so most of what you guys suggested sounds foreign to me... so i'll have dan take a look and help me out. i'll keep you all posted.
thanks again for reading, commenting and showing me love!

lexylou said...

Oh please don't quit?! I love you and your blog, it is encouraging and stylish, and a breath of fresh air...
I have never heard of this problem but maybe try flicker?!
I just started to blog again and was looking for your post's and thought you deleted you blog and I was sooo sad. So pleasssssssse stay!
xoxo Alexis