Wednesday, June 1, 2011

five month hiatus... and probably a bit longer

i really didn't think i would blog again any time soon... i'm surprising myself right now. a lot has been going on in my life in the last five months...


we couldn't afford living in our home in laguna anymore so we moved to lompoc (just north of santa barbara) to live with my mom and step-dad 

got the kids situated in their new schools

got ourselves situated with our new life


dan's little sister got married

our armada got repossessed (so that makes two cars taken from us)

dan's grandma goes into the hospital and is put on life support.. all her organs were shutting down and she had sepsis but praise God she made it through and now is well

dan got offered a job in houston, texas by my brother in law and moved in with him, my sister and their kids


the kids and i adjust to dan being gone

we send a car package to dan for his thirty-first birthday

tyler places third for the WSA in morro bay and gets a trophy

we miss dan terribly

i become obsessed with HAR


the kiddos have spring break

i celebrate my thirty-first birthday

friends and family love up on me

we go to burlingame (san fran) for my nieces birthday and have fun with family

we start paying off debt


we pay off both of our cars 

we pay off our credit cards

we are slowly but surely coming out of debt

the kiddos and i have gone three months without dan

my mom, gran, aunt and i go to an antique fair in nipomo that was featured in country living mag... i was so excited but turns out it was over crowded and everything was priced way too high. i had better luck at the antique mall in arroyo grande

i'm still cleaning and cooking (my moms house) as payment for letting us live here

ty ranks 11 overall for the WSA in his age division - we are so proud

tannyn is in alice in wonderland with the local theater group and plays a flower - i made the flower head pieces

memorial weekend i fly out to visit dan... it was such a nice reunion... got a lot of quality time in, hung out with brandi, kelly and jacob, looked at houses, stayed with my sister and her fam, went to galveston, fished at dan's secret spot and just had a great time.... 


missing dan, kids last day of school is tomorrow - taking them to the beach after, summer round up at santa barbara bowl with christina and kim on friday, some possible camping, maybe a road trip to san fran to see my brother, my sis in law and kiddos, still obsessed with HAR, and praying and praying that we find a house (and a car) so we can move in july

so there is a little run down of what's been going on (i i left a lot out) for those of you who are still interested in reading my blog. once we move, i may just be making a come back!


Floss said...

Wow - what a lot going on, and I love the way you've been able to focus on good as well as bad. Praying along with you now!

Owlie said...

oh kassi! what a ride! i have been missing you on your blog, but am glad to know with everything you have going on that you are all healthy and ok! sending positive thoughts your way!!!
(and good luck with the house hunting! i know you will find something soon!!!!)


Anonymous said...

So glad you are back! Stay strong. God will guide you along the right path=) We miss tyler dearly, congrats on placing at WSA!

xoxo, Griff

Maddy said...

I've missed your blog! Sounds like it's been quite rough, but I'm glad you guys are doing better. We always hear paying off debt is the hardest thing to do so I'm so glad you guys are doing it! I think you will love Houston, especially since you have family/friends there. It's such a neat city, although much different from California. Just think of it as an adventure!

Anne said...

I am glad your blog may be resurfacing, Kassi, and sorry to hear you've had such a rough time this year. I am sure you are due for some super good karma this summer and hope you can move soon! Will be thinking about you guys!! xx Anne

BuenoBueno said...

yay!!!!i am so excited for you all to move here!!!!
wish i had more time this weekend with you!
but im glad you and Dan had one on one time:)
Chnage is good@

chelsea lee said...

Wow, what an amazing first half of 2011! I'm thinking of you and hoping things go well for your move in Houston. I'd love to do a beach day before you guys go! Let's plan something!?!

ps - I miss you blogging, would love it if you came back! I miss Two Things so much!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

kass, i really, really hope you and your blog make a comeback! i've missed you like crazy and feel so lost without being able to check in and see what's going on!

i'm glad things are looking up for you guys, and i know i don't have to tell you, but you have faith, and that will always get you through!

xo majillionbazillion!

Bonnie said...

I'm so happy that things are looking up for you. This recession has been so hard. I know CA has been hit a lot harder than most. Good luck with the move. So good to see a post on your blog and I'll be thinking about you. Look forward to good reports later. said...

to new beginnings...sounds like a lot, but seems like you're taking charge and coming together as a family. I love your little blog and I wish you peace and love.

lexylou said...

Oh man, have I missed you and your blog. Holy hannah that is a lot going on in 5 short month's?!
I hope to start blogging again soon, but life is crazy with 3 kids as you know! Hugs to you and hope then next coming months bring your family together!

The Bookness said...

Such well written. And all the events that has been going on. Prayers.

Floor Number Four. said...

Nice to meet you, sounds like you are through a lot at the moment but you are actually managing all fine! I'll wait around for your new come back, good luck!