Thursday, May 27, 2010

dates are fun

before i get started with this post, i wanted to thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback and compliments regarding the new look of the blog - i so appreciate it! you guys made me feel so good and i honestly feel like i have the greatest group of readers. thank you all!


daniel took tannyn on a father/daughter date tonight. she adores him and has been missing him a lot lately since he seems to be (in her little mind) working all the time and surfing all the time. so she came up with the idea of a daddy and daughter date - she even made him a book expressing how much she loves him - how cute is she? tonight was the big night and she was so very excited. she picked out her favorite dress and asked me to do her hair (this girl normally doesn't care if it's washed much less combed) and was waiting all cute and excited for dan when he got home.

i snapped a couple of photos before they left and then i pretty much made dan take the camera with him to document their date. i'm glad i did and i'm pretty sure he's glad too. they had a fabulous time - dan took tann to salt creek grill in dana point, dan had a french dip and tann had spaghetti, a shirley temple (with three cherries... she made sure to ask specifically for that!) and a scoop of vanilla AND chocolate ice cream (when the waiter asked her if she wanted vanilla or chocolate she said 'both please'). after dinner they ventured out to the fire pit and cuddled around the fire. 
tannyn had been hoping for a new dress from target so of course daddy took her there and they picked out the cutest little sundress that looks adorable on her.
she came home tuckered out and went right to bed.
she's a pretty lucky five year old to have dan as her daddy and i think he's a pretty lucky daddy to have my sweet tann as his daughter.

i hope this trend continues... with both of our girls and with ty too - i'm looking forward to some bonding time with my little man! dan hogs him up since they surf together all the time.... 

dates are fun

do any of you have dates with your kids?
mommy and daughter and/or son dates?
daddy and daughter and/or son dates?
what do you guys do?
did any of you have dates with either of your parents growing up?
did you love it?

enjoy your night!



Catherine Anne said...

All girls really need this. What a beautiful gift:)

Anna said...

this is the sweetest thing!!! she looks so happy & her hair is cute.
my dad & I hang out and go to auctions or tractor shows or cattle shows in the summer (weekends). it is my favorite time. I am the baby of the family & growing up my dad was laid off from the coalmine & my Momma worked at our family restaurant. Mom always calls me dad's kid because he basically raised me. I think I turned out fabulous ;)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh, this was such a sweet post, and i love the idea of a daddy & daughter date! tann looked so cute in her dress and cardigan, and she reminded me of maggie singer from the movie corrina corrina (since it was set in the 1950's).

i'm glad you took pictures and made them take the camera!

yesterday i was telling everyone who would listen, "exactly two weeks from today i'll be in the air on my way to california." or, "exactly two weeks from today i'll be at kassi's house in california." i'm so excited to meet you and your family for real!

shelly said...

that's so cute that they took pictures for you :)

shellybellylarson said...

...sweetest thing ever...i love it !

Becca said...

SO cute! It looks like she had the best time ever and I love that she said "both"! No dates for me and the little man yet, but I love the idea. Have an awesome weekend!

Claudette said...

Great pics of Dan and Tann. She looks really cute in her dress and her hair pulled back. Love you all. Mom

~Ash~ said...

She will most definitely remember this date forever!

Christina said...

Super cute! Way to go you Tan! xoxo

Murdock's mama said...

This is too adorable...I hope Adam does the same thing someday!

Meghan said...

This post just melted my heart:) It reminds me of the Father-Daughter dances I used to attend when I was little! Happy Weekend!

BuenoBueno said...

oh i forgot to say how cute they are! but you already know that!

BuenoBueno said...

this is awesome!
i loved dates with my dad, he would show me how boys are suppose to open the door, pull out my chair, pay, walk me to the door...all that stuff.
daddy dates are special!
baskin robbins, bike rides, getting an icee...