Friday, May 7, 2010

i love that girl

tannyn had her mothers day performance today at her new school
it was super cute and she made me the sweetest gifts
i love that girl
here are a few pics

we're heading up north this weekend to celebrate my granny's 86th birthday on saturday
 and then mom's day on sunday... 
i get to have two mother's day celebrations - one with my mom, step-dad, gran and my cute little fam then off to santa barbara to visit my dad, step-mom, aunt, grandma and hopefully my grandpa too 
(he's in the hospital after suffering two strokes over the weekend - he's 86 - prayers appreciated)
i always look forward to seeing my family - i hate living far from them... even if it is only a few hours away!

any mother's day plans?
i hope you all have a lovely weekend!



MannMom3 said...

I'm shocked to say the least..a post..OMG!!!

Cute..Emme's has her Mother's Day Tea next week...I'm not supposed to bring siblings, but guess what..I have no choice..

Have a super rad time this weekend!

Maddy said...

happy mother's day! have a wonderful time. Your little ones are adorable :)

p.s. sending good thoughts to your family <3

BuenoBueno said...

happy mothers day kass!!!!
tannyn looks adorable as always!
how does it feel to be a mommy?
love you!

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

how sweet! have a happy mother's day!

Tyler said...

Look how sweet those presents are. Homemade are the best!!

Hope you enjoy your family time this weekend and I def. will be praying for you Granpa!

Keep me updated on you as well.. praying :)

samboy said...

tannyn is sooo cute!

wishing good thoughts for your grandpa x

Kassi said...

thanks all for the love!

i hope you all have a great moms day whether you're a mom or not!


my name is lauren. said...

what sweet gifts and tannyn is absolutely adorable.... but then are all your kiddos. you and dan definitely make cute babies :). love you lady! happy mama's day!