Tuesday, May 25, 2010

two things tuesday

there were a few people who wanted 
two things i love...around my home 
to stay around a little longer

my beautiful friend, jennifer, really encouraged me last night about my blog and all things crafty
so i'm going to do another round

jen, this post is dedicated to you

jennifer and chuck
(they visited last night for dinner and we had a most lovely time!)

on to my two things

i love this copper bowl
i found this beauty while antiquing with my mom and granny in los alamos this past mom's day

i love these dish towels - the bright colors, the pop of turquoise... pure love
jen just gifted me with these beauties last night - thanks so much jen!
and yes, they are from anthro... of course

what are your two things?

to play along
write a post with two things around your home that you are lovin and/or appreciating this week, link back to me and then link up to the mcklinky

you can also tell me in the comment section below

i hope you all a most enjoyable tuesday



Micaela said...

i really love looking at your two things and everyone else's! so i'm glad your sweet friend convinced you to keep it up :) i'll be back with mine in a moment.

i really love your copper bowl! gorgeous find.

and i can't think of anthro and not think of you lol sweet gift!

Fallon said...

Two things is my favorite post to link up to... keep it going!

Who can resist Anthros dish towels??

Olivia said...

wow that copper bowl looks incredible, especially with the lemons inside!! love the yellow contrast. yaya excited to go home and play-- so glad you kept it around!!!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

1. your copper bowl really is pretty, and i think my favorite thing about copper is the beautiful verdigris patina it gets!

2. i can pretty much expect to see something on your list from anthropologie. we may need to stage an intervention, because i think you're addicted!

i'm glad you're back, and i hope you decide to stay because i miss your regular posts!

xoxo infinitytrillion!

Meghan said...

That copper bowl is incredible - especially with lemons! So perfect for summer:)

Becca said...

ok I am coveting your bowl...it's amazing. And the towels are so cute, good gift!

PS:those lemons are ginormous!!!

Christine:) said...

The copper contrasted with the bright yellow of the lemons looks awesome! This is a cute blog hop- I'll have to play along one day!

LiLi said...

love those dishtowels.

Jenni said...

Love tha tea towel!! Cute blog! So glad I stumbled across it!
PS-I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a beautiful little carafe!!!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Your bowl is so awesome!! I love copper and I love the way it patinas. It reminds me of a lot of the rooftops in Boston - lots of copper that turns a beautiful green!

The dishtowels are awesome! What a great gift. The colors are fabulous!!


lexylou said...

I'm with Danielle...
I think we need to stage a Anthro intervention....
I love your two things post's. Don't stop believing ...Sorry I have Journey and that song in my head. I forgot my two things and did wordless Wednesday instead, but my bouquet of Lupine's would be one of them, and I made brinner of french toast last night. Most favorite!
xxoo Lexy