Friday, May 28, 2010

i love being healthy

my lunch today....mmmmmm

as i've said before i'm a huge tracy anderson fan... not only do i do her workouts and try my best to follow her method but i follow her meal plan as well - no preservatives, no additives, no red meat, no alcohol, no dairy, no salt/spices, no caffeine, no sauces and lots of lean proteins, fresh veggies and tons of berries. i love this way of eating and feel so great when i do eat this way. she has a menu plan for three weeks and i follow that when i want to lose some weight (like now, since i stopped working out regularly and started to eat cruddy foods again a couple months ago and gained 8 pounds because of it - ugh!). 
it works for me (along with doing her video and an hour of cardio a day at least 5 times a week - which i've just recently started up again in the last three weeks and i feel so much better) and i love it. after the three weeks, i continue with the basics of this 'diet' but am not as strict with how i eat. i believe a 'diet' shouldn't just be a diet but a lifestyle change... so if you don't allow yourself the pleasures of eating decadent food every once in a while then you never really will be satisfied... at least that's my opinion. 

this sandwich is an altered version from one of her lunches listed here

1 slice of whole wheat bread
cucumber slices
(steamed and sliced)
1/2 tsp of tahini sauce
fresh turkey slices from the deli 
(no packaged meat!!)
two slices of veggie bacon
sprinkle of trader joes 21 salute 
(totally cheated with using this but i need a little flavor on my veggies!)

the actual lunch that tracy told me to eat is

1 slice of whole wheat bread
cucumber slices
alfalfa sprouts
fresh turkey slices from the deli

anyway, this sandwich was super yummy as are a lot of the foods on her meal plan. i would never have eaten beets before and i LOVE them now - i could eat them every day. i also hated blueberries but now i have a huge infatuation with them - so yummy! i just started following her meal plan again on monday and have already lost five pounds... although, i'm sure a lot of that was water weight. 
i just wanted to share this with you all since it has worked so well for me (i lost twenty pounds last year from this and kept it off until my recent 8lb weight gain a couple of months ago) and hopefully i can motivate, encourage and/or help anyone else by spreading the word!

i love being healthy

do you?
do you have 'diet' rules that you live by?
have any of you tried tracy's workouts or meal plan?



danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh geez. you make me feel like i belong at the brookhaven obesity clinic!

i can't believe you haven't had beets before! i love them, especially when they're pickled with boiled eggs! i guess i've just eaten so many of them because they're used in a lot of german foods, and that's where my family is from.

xo infinitytrillion

MannMom3 said... diet rules..I eat what I eat..when I want to eat it..all in moderation all the fudge as fast as you can to get it out of the house..out of sight out of mind..;-)

Oh and I did try Tracy's's too much work and I like alcohol..and caffiene..although, I can take or leave coffee in the morning..and I don't much like soda..although every once in awhile a diet pepsi sounds good..

Um..what else..I just like to workout and eat what I want..

there ya have it!

homewifey said...

When my husband deployed I started Weight Watchers, I needed to lose and I wanted to be healthy and learn how to eat healthy.

It's been about 17 weeks and I've lost 25 pounds. I'm one of those crazy WW's: I just count my points. I still eat everything I want, just not as much and not everything at one time.

I eat my fruits and whole wheats and LOVE Trader joe's and another place where I live that's like a local TJ's.

I MUST drink water! When I don't I feel crudy!

Your lunch looks YUMMY!

izztelford said...

agree.. that lunch looks delooosh!

I eat what i want but in moderation.. otherwise I go crazy! I have to have a cup of coffee in the morning.. that's what gets me out of bed:) I like to eat fruits & veggies as much as possible.. but when i want fast food (prolly like once a week) i just get a kids meal to keep the portion under control..

That sounds like a very healthy diet. Great job!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

You are too cute! So happy you posted this.

I lost about 10+ pounds about a year and half ago by eating much more clean and cutting out all the processed junk. I've been indulging quite a bit lately and when I stepped on the scale on Wednesday my fears were confirmed. Time to get back on the plan!! I'm still meaning to buy the TA vids but our projector has been broken which means no way to watch them :(

btw - where do you get her meal plans?

love that you are taking such good care of yourself!!

oh yeah, and beets are totally awesome!! my faves!!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Wow - you are on it! Thanks for the meal plan link.

And I read your comment on my post about SB - I guess it it Central Coast but people look at me crazy when I say that. I think most people (outside the SB bubble) just think of California as SoCal or NorCal!

also, wanted to say, I don't think you need to lose a pound - you are beautiful - but its always good to feel better and take good care of our bodies!!

Krista said...

Your sandwich looks delish! I WAS doing great/eating right/working out until about a month into my pregnancy. Then I stopped working out (too tired) and craved ice cream and fried foods! Yikes! I'm slowly getting my energy back and promised myself I'd cut back on unnecessary sugar from here on in.

I think you just inspired me. :) Thanks.

Anne said...

Hey Kassi! How are you, I hope good?! Just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your blog, even though I'm normally not a blog person! It's quirky and thoughtful and I think you always post interesting things that are fun to read about/look at (the dad-daughter date is too cute). also, the craft/home stuff/garden succulents etc. is great! You're so good at all that--and btw you don't need to lost any weight ,you always look great!! Hope you're well! Signing off from Boston, Anne

Jamie said...

your blog looks adorable, i loveee the update.

as soon as i make some $ with my new business venture i'm SO buying her dvds! i'm thinking of doing the p90x for real till i can get hers, since i already have those.

beets. idk. no alcohol, whoa. caffeine is a maybe, but my iced tea is caffeinated & i LOVE it;)

your adorable! i hope 1 day i'll be as motivated as you! maybe i need to live near a beach...

shellybellylarson said...

YOU...teeny tiny you...20 pounds heavier ?? I don't believe it ! ha

Your sandwich sure does look yummy...but, I don't think I'm deciplined enough to to that...esp going w/o coffee...yikes !

Meghan said...

YUM! Your lunch looks incredible.

I don't really diet a ton - I guess I just watch portions more than anything. My hubby and I recently started eating strictly vegetable dishes when we are home and cooking for ourselves - he was inspired by Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution". We've lost a little weight, but more importantly, we have much more energy:) Good luck!

Angie said...

Totally inspired! I have been looking for a real, manageable lifestyle change. So thanks! Also, on a different note, I have loved, loved, loved reading your blog! I come here for creative inspiration! Your style is amazing! Love ya girl!

Heids said...

i love eating healthy- there are so many healthy options out there to choose from and so delicious, like your sandwich! It might be a little extra effort but I think its definitely worth it.

Four Flights said...

2 summers ago after Syd was a year old I did Jillian Michael's 30 day shred workout regime and meal plan. I lost 7 pounds in the first 5 days and a total of 10 pounds after 30. It was tough and included no refined sugar, no caffeine or alcohol and no enriched foods. I don't follow it as strictly anymore but overall I try to eat more whole grains and really limit my sugar intake because I crash so hard and am so cranky after loads of sugar.