Monday, July 19, 2010

guaranteed good time

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 hume lake 2008 - mama bear and two photos of a gorgeous field we came across

this week i'm getting ready for a seven night camping trip at hume lake in the sequoias with the fam. dan's family has been camping there since before he was born and we try to join them at least every two years. swimming, biking, campfires, games, walks around the lake, dinner at the snack shop at the christian camp, laughter, playing on the floating log... it's pretty much a guaranteed good time! going to hume brings back great memories for me since i grew up going to winter camp there with my church during my jr. high and high school years. although it's a lot of work to camp with little kids (and we're tent camping!)... and going without a shower for seven days isn't exactly ideal... it's always a lot of fun. i've got a lot of work ahead of me this week, piles and piles of laundry, getting all the gear together, making lists of what we need and going over those lists a million times, shopping for all the food we need to pack and other items that we need as well as cleaning the whole house and changing sheets for our friends adam and alisha who are so kindly house/dog/kitty sitting for us. all of this PLUS working out two hours a day so that i can stick with my challenge all while trying my best to entertain three rambunctious kids. 

so... i probably wont be blogging much this week... maybe just one or two more posts... 

some questions for you

do you like camping? how many of you could go without a shower for seven days? tent camping or are you a motor home/trailer type of girl?



my name is lauren. said...

1. i could totally go 7 days without a shower. you can do it easy least you'll have a lake to rinse of your dirt :).

2. i'm a tent camper...except this last weekend we went camping and slept in the g-wagen. way easier not having to set up a tent.

3. i hope you have a fabulous time camping! sounds like a blast and i can't wait to hear all about it!

love you friend!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.


i love camping so im so so so jealous! i can def go without showering if there is a lake or river to swim in....its called wet wipes when you go to the bathroom people! hahahaha
im a tent kind of girl! with air mattress inside:)
have fun! you can totally keep up with your chaallenge!\

Kassi said...

it would be fun if you girls were camping with us!
i can do seven days without showering too... easy peasy - as long as you wash your pits, crotch and face it's okay!
i'm a tent girl with a mattress too - i NEED a mattress.
and i'm totally keeping up with the challenge while camping - biking, swimming and walks/jogs around the lake should do the trick :)
love you girls. miss you both.

BrittanButterfly said...

we love camping... as for the shower thing, we usually try to find a stream or clean lake or pond to rinse off in... they also make things called solar showers that you hang up where you put water in and leave it in the sun and it gets warm and it has a nozzle so you can stand under it, its pretty cool... we camp almost all summer (in a tent) because we are on the road working at festivals so much... It would be nice to be able to afford an rv someday though! have fun! I have always wanted to visit the sequoias!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

your picture of the mama bear is so pretty!

it sounds like you're going to have a good time! i think you'll be fine without showering seeing as how you have a lake to swim in. but, if you do start to stink, you'll have other people with you who stink just as bad, maybe even worse, so don't worry!

i've only tent camped a few times since we have a little camper, but it really doesn't matter to me what i stay in just as long as i have a comfy place to sleep!

have fun! i still miss you!

xo majillionbazillion

Kassi said...

brittan - i love those solar showers! i've been asking dan to get one for years... i just want warm water every once in awhile while camping :) luckily two of the families we camp with have fifth wheels so they have showers if we want them. i like being dirty though! you would love the sequoias - if you make a visit out there, let me know!

danielle - haha, i hope i don't stink as bad as dan! the only thing i hate about not showering is how gnarly my hair gets - it becomes like a rats nest... don't get me wrong, i love the messy look/dreaded look but rats nest look, not so much. :)
miss you too

Anna said...

I live to camp! We always had an rv growing up but in college I wanted to go somewhere and camp for the week and I def couldn't drive the rv. So my dad put a camper top on a pick up and we threw a mattress in the back. It was great!
I am spoiled when we camp because we fill a huge tank with water and still have awesome showers. outdoor showers are the best.
Hope you have fun and don't forget the OFF! bug spray.

Kassi said...

ooh a huge tank full of water, lucky you anna! it's so fun hearing about all you gals who love to camp - living here in the OC i don't hear of too many girls who are willing to rough it for a whole week - you girls rock!

lexylou said...

I love camping.
I am a tenting, don't mind being dirty kind of gal. Back to nature, ahhhh. But as soon as I am home a shower is the first thing I do, for some reason the smell of campfire is not as alluring as it was while camping?!

Bree Chandler said...

Kassi! You're thank Best. Thanks for the comment! After I wrote that, I started thinkin, WHO CARES. Ill just have to remember I work my butt off and itll be worth it! And heck yes. Ill be taking myself a razor and face wash. My mama does skin care, SO luckily I got that covered haha. YOu are SUCH a doll! You look amazing. ALL the TIME!!!!

Kassi said...

lexy - heck yes, i'm with ya - pretty much an hour long shower as soon as i get home is the way to go :)

bree - you are so welcome! i hope you have the best of times and honestly you look great and have a gorgeous smile - that right there should give you all the confidence you need!

MannMom3 said...

I left a comment..why didn't you post it?

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Oh yeah - I am definitely a camping girl...but then again you probably knew that already!

I would say I'm all for the tent camping. Not sure how I'd manage on seven days of no shower though. Unless of course there's some water to dip in!

I hope you guys have a great time - the kids are going to have a blast! There will be lots of good memories and you'll quickly forget how much work it was.

Kassi said...

keel, i didn't get a comment from you until this one... :( strange. what did it say? i tried calling you yesterday but you didn't answer - so sad.

chelsea - yes, you and i are pretty darn similar so i knew you were a camping girl! i love me a warm shower so i'll probably have to sneak over to my mother in law's fifth wheel for a warm one mid week or so. we have the best of memories from your years camping at hume... excited to make some new ones!

Britti said...

when I was a kid my family often went tent camping. but there always were showers... The thought of seven days no showering isn't very appealing to me, mainly because I hate when I can't wash my hair. They look dirty after one day without washing and I do not wanna know how they would look after seven...
but camping is still a lot of fun i think! Enjoy it! :)

Kassi said...

britti - i hear ya! if i can't shower while camping i usually will wash my hair under the faucet... my hair is NASTY after two days of not washing!

i seriously love hearing that a lot of you love camping - so fun!

Amanda said...

tent camping ALL the way! I like flicking bugs off the outside of the tent while I'm inside...they don't even know whats coming.

and i could easily go for 7 days without showering. piece of cake.

Kassi said...

haha, amanda, i love doing that too - especially to spiders!

Olivia said...

love this decorating idea!!