Monday, July 12, 2010

oh how the time goes by

we had an early birthday celebration yesterday for tayli who turns three on tuesday.
tons of family and friends, good food, a jump house (thanks mom and bob!) and lots of fun presents all made for a pretty successful party.

here are a few photos of our day

tay really got some amazing gifts...
a ten week old kitty from dan's mom and step-dad, matryoshka dolls straight from russia that my sis-in-law and brother just brought back, a beautiful colored pencil holder/satchel that my bestie made, cute little hand painted rocks that tannyn, my mom, step-dad and aunt painted, a slip-n-slide from my dad and step-mom, a pretty delicate bracelet made with love by my step-sister.... she got tons more than that too - so many cute dresses and other fun outfits, an awesome 3D puzzle, art journal, stickers, plate/bowl set, my little pony, boogie board, goggles, pet shop toys... and more!
such a loved little girl!

i can't believe that my baby is turning three tomorrow... oh how the time goes by much too quickly!
maybe it's time to start making another one... hmmm... or maybe the kitty is enough for now! 

how was your weekend?



Caroline said...

Love the photos!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet pea! xo

MannMom3 said...

Oh hell no! Y'all have a cat! ugh!!

Have another it!! Muahahahahahaaha!!!

Looks like fun times~

my name is lauren. said...

oh man....i don't know if i would've gone for getting a cat, but i'm sure your kiddos were completely in 7th heaven :). hopefully he doesn't get eaten by the animals lurking in the hills near your house! i'll be praying. maybe he should be an indoor cat :).

happy birthday tay! sounds like it was a pretty great one.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

happy birthday to little tayli! it looks like she had a fun party (cute cake, by the way) and got lots of nice gifts! the little kitty is so cute. has she named it yet?

so, another baby? you're a brave woman!

xo gazilliontrillion!

Anna said...

that cake looks heavy & delicious.
her Russian dolls are so pretty!!

happy I gave "Birth 3 years ago" day to you!

Kassi said...

caroline - thanks for the bday wish!
keely - dude, what was i thinking! he's sweet... although, my arm and hand still hurt where he scratched the heck out of me. ouch! and another baby - when you do, i will! ;)
lauren - yes, he's going to be an indoor cat. ruca got attacked two nights ago so i know this kitty wouldn't survive out there...
danielle, his name is parko - it's been rico, basil, george... so who knows if the name will change again!
anna - the cake was heavy - too heavy... we have so much left. i think i'll be making a healthier cake for her birthday tonight... banana with carmel frosting...mmmmm

thanks for all the bday love for tay ladies!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday to Tayli!!!
Looks like a wonderful celebration!!! xo

BuenoBueno said...

im so sad! i wish we were there!
miss you guys so mucho! seriously. so does jacob

Kassi said...

jamie - thanks! it was a fun party :)

brandi - we miss you and jacob too and it would have been fun if you guys were here... :( come back!!!
if we get a chance dan and i will call you and jacob tonight :)

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, what fun times!! You have such a gorgeous family, you know that?

Happy Wednesday Sweetie! xo

Kassi said...

thank you so so much jen - what a sweet compliment! :)