Friday, July 2, 2010

tomorrow we are driving to santa barbara to drop tyler and tannyn off with my dad and step-mom. ty is staying for a week with them where my dad has a lot of fun things planned (a surprise for tyler) and then a week with my mom and step-dad to go on a surf trip to santa cruz. tann is staying one night at my dad and step-mom's then my mom and step-dad are picking her up for a five day stay with them in lompoc - they'll be celebrating the fourth, going to see toy story 3, heading to the park, visiting my granny... basically they'll be keeping her entertained and loving up on her. 

for the fourth dan, tayli and myself will be heading to lake arrowhead where my sister-in-law, stephanie, lives. we'll be spending the day soaking up the sun, swimming in the lake, eating good food, watching fireworks and enjoying family time with dan's side of the family - i'm so looking forward to it!

what are your plans for the fourth of july?

have fun and be safe!

happy independence day!!



danielle and dinosaur toes said...

it sounds like all of you have a fun little vacation planned!

chris and i are staying at his aunt & uncle's house for a few days while they're in seattle. we're back in the woods with no other people around, and we have a pool all to ourselves!

have fun!

xo megamuchomajillion

BuenoBueno said...

hey kassi!
have fun and the kids plans seem awesome!!!
i have ryder all weekend so thats all the fun i need!

Anna said...

happy 4th! hope it was amazing :) I bet the kids are having a blast, I used to love time with the grandparents (it was probably all the little debbie snack cakes they stocked).
we celebrated my birthday, had a kick ball tournament, watched fireworks on the river. the usual!

Christina said...

hey, heard the trip didn't go as planned. :( hope you guys still had a fun 4th! we saw Tyler, Barbara and Big P at the fireworks in Goleta! YAY!