Tuesday, July 6, 2010

our weekend plans didn't quite turn out as planned

 on our way to lake arrowhead dan's volvo broke down on the 91 freeway in riverside. it was actually pretty scary being stuck on the side of road with cars just zooming by us at speeds up to 90mph. we called a tow truck and an hour later he showed up to tow us... it was another hour and a half, two hours before we got home. needless to say, we didn't end up going to the lake. instead, our friends jonathan and marina paid us a surprise visit - we chatted, drank beer and ate up the bean and corn salsa i made for the party at the lake. after they left dan and i cleaned the house, lazed around and then we all ate sandwiches for dinner outside, watched transformers for a bit (tay loved it) and then headed up to the roof to watch fireworks. i've never been able to see fireworks from my own home before (we used to try when i was younger but it was usually too foggy) anyway, it was so cool being able to see them so clearly and not only could we see the local laguna niguel fireworks show but we could see the show in aliso viejo as well and some other fireworks off in the distance too.
 it was kinda magical

how was your fourth of july?


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suzy said...

aw, those pictures are cute.