Tuesday, August 17, 2010


we had a busy weekend full of beach time, friends and fun and we were still going today... 
it was 80 or so degrees today at the beach and it was gorgeous! dan, the kiddos and i all headed down the street to salt creek beach - the boys surfed while the girls and i played in the sand, laid out and swam.

dan came in for a few and got some great photos of ty surfing on his new board 

dude, this kid is getting so good and i am so proud of him!

in other news, dan got laid off on friday - his position at work was terminated...
we're actually pretty excited about this new opportunity since he hated his job and loathed his boss. we know the Lord has a plan and we're not too worried but your prayers would be appreciated and if any of you know of any good paying jobs out there in orange county or san diego county then please let me know! 

i hope you all are having a beautiful evening



Carly said...

Weekend sounds idyllic :)

Hang in there w/ the job situation! I was just through that myself. It's great that you guys have taken a positive view on this, and are open to what God has for you next, 'cuz I'm sure it will be great.
All our best...

Caroline said...

Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers!! Something GREAT will come along!! Love the photos! xo

Jamie said...

your weekends always sound so amazing!

i'll be sending you guys love and warm wishes! losing a job is tough, but you're right this will be such a positive thing.


~Ash~ said...

great photos. great optimism and faith. i love you guys. will keep you in my prayers. come see me! leave kids with d and come play. or i can come there! XOXO

shellybellylarson said...

Will keep you and Dan in my prayers that the perfect job will come y'alls way. I know HE has bigger plans for y'all. I pray HE will give you strength and understanding during this time. I know it can be tough,,,I've been there...but, the Lord always provides his daily bread. Hang in there...hugs !

WOW...that cutie patootie boy of yours ! He is quite the talented surfer...LOVE the pics !

BuenoBueno said...

kass- good things are coming your way!!!! and wow ty is def going pro!!!!! i am so proud of him and your family!
i love you guys and we will be praying!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Nice work Ty!

Sorry to hear about Dan but I'm sure it just means that better things are in store for him :)

carlotta said...

those are awesome photos! very cool :)

keeping y'all in my prayers!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

ty is so cool, and i hope he can go far with his surfing!

i know something will work out for dan as this is all part of the plan! and look at it this way, he doesn't have a geeky job anymore!

xo zilliontrillionmuchobillion and a big bear hug for good measure.

Amanda Nicole said...

definitely praying for your family! so great that you have so much faith - and i always love the promise that ALL things work together for good!

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

New from chickadee. Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith!
You sun looks like a pro! Awesome.


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

So cool that he is such a good surfer! That's amazing!!

So sorry to hear about the layoff, but keeping you in my thoughts!

First time visitor from FMCF!

Smash Bravo Team said...

Hello and Happy Friday!!
Those pictures are great, your son is obviously an awesome surfer.
Enjoy your day and the coming weekend. :)


Kassi said...

thank you to all for all the kind words and prayers and thoughts in regards to dan's job - you ladies are awesome!!! xxoo

MissAlyssa said...

i love surf photos! these are awesome