Tuesday, August 3, 2010

simple is awesome

hume lake is magical. i wish we lived there. you can feel the Lord's presence in His beauty surrounding you - the way the light shines through the trees, the smell of pine in the air, the glassiness of the lake, the birds chirping, the eagles flying, the fish jumping...
dan and i wish we could have stayed longer, we had such a relaxing time - no phones, no internet - the simplicity of it was freeing! part of me wanted to get rid of all things that had to do with the internet - facebook, twitter, blog... because it was so wonderful being without it all. as soon as we got down the mountain our phones went crazy with all the emails/tweets/texts/missed calls we received during the week. as soon as i got home i turned off all my notifications from twitter on my phone - it's a start for now, maybe i'll eventually get rid of everything else. simple is awesome.

anyway, back to camping - we had a blast.
the boys fished a lot, the girls and i swam a lot, we ate good food and drank yummy beer, we enjoyed being with all of dan's family and we all got along wonderfully, we biked, walked/ran the lake (shawna, dan's sister, and i tried to do this every day), had romantic evening strolls, frog hunted, jumped from tall trees, ate ice cream and burgers from the snack shop at the Christian camp, told funny stories around the fire, celebrated the engagement of dan's little sister, stephanie, to her boyfriend travis... and that was just the first few days! 

here are some photos of half of our week
more to come later...

from top to bottom:
our first night - dan preparing tacos; tann and tay reading; ty walking through our campsite; our campsite; dan and i; ty and i making s'muches (lauren, they were a hit - thanks for sharing this with us!); a view of the lake from Hume Lake Christian Camp; ten mile creek; shawna posing for me while on one of our walk/runs; tayli caught a fish; dan, tann and myself after frog hunting; ty being silly; my mother in law, sharon, pushing tann in the hammock; my brother in law (shawna's husband), john, eva and max; tay and eva playing; the beauty of the lake; my handsome man; dan and i on one of our evening strolls; sailboat photo opportunity; me; ty and tay laying out at the cove; stephanie and travis are engaged!; trav teaching tann how to play farkle; tann and aunt mimi preparing dinner for our celebration feast; dan and uncle jud preparing the steaks; my boy and i; a doe running through our campsite; big tyler and tann being goofy



MannMom3 said...

That's a crapload of pictures to upload..and Dan can grow a beard like nobody's bizness..

I don't do twitter any more..totally over it!

Caroline said...

These photos are great!!!! Love how family oriented you are and I agree SIMPLE IS AWESOME!! xo

With Love, Jamie said...

Ah, this all looks so wonderful :)

Amanda said...

what a fun trip! I love Hume Lake!

my name is lauren. said...

looks like such a fun time! glad you got to get back to simple and focus on family time. what a beautiful place to camp!

xo. thanks.

BuenoBueno said...

it looks amazing!!! lets plan a camping trip next year!! that would be awesome!!! did you get a new bikini?
tayli looks like shes grown up a lil:( tell her to stop!
i am glad you did this! no nice to just get away from everything:)

Christina said...

Geez, how many different facial hairdos can Dan have in just a week?!?! Looks beautiful and like you had a blast - yay! OMG, Big Ty is so big now!!!

Kassi said...

aw so much fun - thanks for all the sweet comments ladies!
keel, fo shizzle yo! yes, b, i did get a new bikini - two of them actually - target baby! and i was wondering if anyone would say anything about dan's facial hair, christina... haha he did it all with a dry bic razor - he's crazy! oh, and yes, big ty is almost 15 but could totally pass for a 17 year old - crazy!