Wednesday, August 4, 2010


more photos from our camping trip to hume lake in the sequoias...

from top to bottom:
breakfast of champions; dan sunbathing; pretty shawna with eva, max and the girls; cute little baby ducklings; dan playing with the girls at "our beach"; me and maxi - he makes me want to make more babies - i love this boy; craft time with mama b (dan's mom); ty eating his Humeungus burger; the fam at the snack shop; tay and tann being cute as ever; sassy tannyn and myself; tann showing off her bobble necklace that dan made her; one of my favorite views of the lake (and my favorite photo); hume lake; dan and tayli; bacquet family photo; tann giving dan attitude; bike riding around the Christian camp; dan and tay (he had her sitting on the bar of the bike and holding the handle bars - i wasn't too thrilled with this); catching a loving moment with rick and sharon; dan and i - is it just me or do i look strange?; pretty meadow near grants grove: flowers near grants grove; the kiddos sad to be going home; my man dan; me

what did you guys do last week?
anything exciting?



Anonymous said...

We enjoyed seeing the pictures, Kass. The girls looked precious. Love Tyler's haircut. Did you do it? You have a good eye for a pretty pic. I like the one of Daniel and the girls looking at the lake. Since we were just there ourselves everything was familiar and brought back our trip as well. Glad you all had a good time. Love, mom

Jamie said...

the most fun little vacay! & the below post, simple is awesome. i'm trying to simplify...but i think i'm inherently complicated;)

i need to email you! i started the tracey anderson workout this week. my neck is incredibly sore, weird stuff.


monica said...

what a great looking vacation!

glad you could all get out of town and enjoy lifes simple pleasures.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

wow it looks so pretty there, and it definitely seems like a nice place to go and get away from everyday life!

your kids are seriously the cutest, and i think tannyn looks prissy in ever picture i see of her!

xo muchogazillion!

Nicole Marie said...

oh so fun!! i bet the kids were so happy an had so much fun!

BuenoBueno said...

stop it! i am so jealous! it looks like such a blast there! and oh my! Tyler got a haircut!!
your kids and you and dan are perfect!

Kassi said...

thanks ladies - it was a wonderful and a much needed family vacay - we loved it!
mom, yes i cut ty's hair shortly before we left - he wouldn't let me do all i wanted to it though... so it's not my best work (in my opinion) but he loves it!