Saturday, August 14, 2010

i can't believe you are thirteen

a few photos from the first five years of ty's life...

with all his friends before going to the beach... pumped about his new board!

happy birthday to my sweet boy
i can't believe you are thirteen
you are the coolest kid i've ever met and i feel so extremely blessed to be your mom
being a pregnant teen was not my plan, but the Lord sure as heck knew what He was doing and i am so thankful for you. you are my buddy, my friend, my handsome son... you make me laugh, you make me smile, your love warms my heart. i am so proud of you - the boy that you've been and the boy that you are. you are kind, generous and loving to all. you're smart as a whip and a great little surfer. you are amazing with your sisters, a good friend and respectful to your elders... 
i love you deeper than the deepest ocean 
happy thirteenth birthday, tyler
i love you mucho mucho grande



Anonymous said...

I love u my son I am so proud of you! Happy Birthday!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

kassi, ty truly is the coolest kid i've met, and god gave you an amazing gift when he gave you ty. i was serious all those times when i said that he's really special, and that i'd never seen a boy that age be so kind, helpful, and respectful. happy 13th birthday to tyler!

also, your kids are so blessed to have you for a mom. not only are you a cool mom, but you're so kind and nuturing, and i think that's where ty learned it from.

this post makes me want to give ty a big hug! i love you guys times billions and gazillions infinity!

chris and annie said...

I can't believe when we met and started hanging out with each other that our sons were 2 and 3, and now they are 12 and 13. Time flies, and Tyler is a beautiful, sweet, funny boy and we miss you guys soooo terribly!! I hope your day is super blessed, and that we never take for granted how miraculous their birth and existence is.
I love you Kass!!

With Love, Jamie said...

He is too cute :)
And you are a beautiful mama!
Great photos :)

BuenoBueno said...

awe TY WE LOVE YOU! and we tell all our friends about you. seriously! BEST KID EVER, COOLEST DUDE EVER!
there are not many people out there like you, so please don't change!!! You are very special and i know you are going to do great an amazing things in life!!!
miss the whole family!!!
hopefully we will see you soon!

marina said...

happy birthday, tyler! i hope we have a son exactly like you one day!! you are rad and we love you!

Caroline said...

Ah this made me cry!! Happy Birthday Ty!! Catch some great waves today!!