Thursday, August 5, 2010

no denying

we sure do love the mountains... but there is no denying that the beach is our home...

the girls playing at salt creek while the boys surfed 
- the day after we got back from Hume -

are you a beach girl?
a lake girl?



Nicole Marie said...

i'm definitely a beach girl. i love the salty sandy ocean water in my hair. especially california beaches. gosh i havent been to salt creek since high school!

lydia. said...

it's so weird...i'm actually pretty terrified of lake/ocean water, unless it's beautiful and absolutely 100% crystal clear.
but the other day i was reminiscing to josh about our trip after the wedding, and how much i really liked being on the beach in san diego.
we didn't swim, just put our toes in, and played on the beach a little. it was freezing that day, but just the general vibe was so wonderful.
and i told josh i kind of wish we could live there, right on the beach.
so i guess i'm a beach girl! : )

Four Flights said...

definitely a beach girl. Although I do love Lake Tahoe :)

Britney Jean said...

definitely a beach girl. i LOVE the beach so much. and i wanna go to the beach NOW. :)

BuenoBueno said...

and yes yall are beach people:)
i wanna be there right now!

my name is lauren. said...

mountain/lake girl!

our beaches are too cold!

Anna said...

I grew up a lake girl but now thanks to the boyf's family & their river house & giant pontoon boat I'm a river girl to :)

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

BOTH! I love SB but I loved living in Lake Tahoe too. As long as I'm near water I'm generally pretty happy :)