Friday, August 13, 2010

this photo has nothing to do with anything but i thought it was pretty - roses dan gave me on our anni

in just a few hours five teenage boys will be coming over for a sleepover...
ty is turning 13 on sunday so a few of his buddies are coming over to stay the night - it's going to be a night of pizza, rowdy boys, surf videos, too much candy and staying up late! 
tomorrow we're heading to the beach for a day of surfing, sunday is church and then off to lowers for more surfing, homemade pizzas for dinner and monkey bread for dessert... this weekend is all about tyler and i hope he enjoys every second of it.

i'll be back sunday with a little post dedicated to my sweet boy...

what are your plans this weekend?



jennoreilly said...

you're right, those are some pretty roses!! Happy anniversary, mine is in 10 days!!

here from FMC, happy friday!

Amanda Nicole said...

happy late anniversary! wow - sleep-over with pre-teen boys? you are a brave woman! ps. monkey bread is the most delicious food ever.

brandon and jakell said...

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Maddy said...

you seem to do very well with giving each of your kids their own "special time", which I imagine can be difficult when you have more than one kid.. you seem like you're doing a great job! I hope Tyler has a good birthday and you have a wonderful weekend!