Friday, August 20, 2010


parko kitty

for those of you who know me well, you know i am FAR from being a cat person... but this little guy has completely changed my mind. my mother in law got little parko for tayli's third birthday and he took to me right away (sorry tayli!) and pretty much hasn't left me alone since. he sleeps under our covers at night right by my feet or he comes and sleeps on my head (which i hate... i'm a super light sleeper) and every night he licks my head and paws at my hair - kinda like he is cleaning me (is that normal??) it bugs the crud out of me and makes my head itch. i hate it. but i still love him. he cuddles me on the couch every time i sit down, comes out of hiding only when i call for him, follows me to the bathroom, etc... 
anyway, i'm pretty smitten with him so i thought he deserved his own post... plus i needed to download the many pictures i have taken of him - he's the perfect model! 

are any of you cat people?
own a cat?
what is normal cat behavior?
and one last question for you
what is the best cat litter and litter box out there?
ahh... okay, this is the last one 
have any of you made your own litter box?

happy weekend!



Gwen said...

are you cat people?

own a cat?

what is normal cat behavior?
sleeping all day, running around being a pest all night. playing with anything that movies (string, your feet at the end of the bed, fish...).
sitting on your lap and invading your space (it sounds like you have a lap cat which i have one of my own).

best litter would have to be one that is easy clumping (makes it easier to clean out) we clean our box twice a day, add more litter once every other week (with 4 cats and 1 box we kind of have to but you might have it easier) and we deep clean it once a month (take it apart and wash it out in the bath tub).

litter box: since you only have one, you can get one that isnt so big. BUT if you dont want it to stink up the house get one with a cover and a little hole they can crawl in.

we took the door off of one of our spare little closets and put up a curtain and put the box in there siting on news papers. so its like they have their own bathroom AND it doesnt smell up the house as it would if you maybe leave it out in the open.

toys to play with
cat nip if hes too hyper and you want him to calm down
if you move his litter box put him in it and move his hands around in the litter so he knows where its at and thats where hes supposed to go (it helps avoid accidents on the floor)
AND our cats used to be fat because we left the food out ALL day for them to eat so now we feed them twice a day, we wake up and put food out for about a half and hour pick it up and then dont feed them again until maybe 5pm for another half an hour



lydia. said...

i think i am definitely more of a cat person.
they're super sweet and cuddly, but also totally independent. which i love!
josh and i just acquired a cat a couple of nights ago.
she was outside our door, all lonely and skinny, so we rescued her. her name is moo. : )
i think everything you described, as far as your cats actions, sounds totally normal!

Lindsey said...

What a cutie!!!

Caroline said...

This post made me smile and laugh!! I am not a cat person but that little guy could sway me ... that last picture is ADORABLE!!! And I laughed to myself when you asked if him licking your head was normal ... hmm not sure. Any who ... what a cute cat and I too would be smitten with that kitten. Sending you a hug and love reading your blog!! XO

Anonymous said...
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my name is lauren. said...


i love that little parko has turned you into a cat person :).

i used to be a cat person, but after having a big dog that can do cool stuff, i just don't have the same appreciation for cats. i don't think i'd ever really have a cat again (unless my future children want one.... a LOT) but i still love snuggling other people's kitties :).

love you cat lady!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

~Ash~ said...

ha! see cats are easy to fall in love with!

We are total cat people-you knew that. Hmm, normal cat behavior??!!! zoe was abandoned and did not have her mother for very long so every night she does this horrible-adorable thing! she comes onto the bed(walks all over us) and gets comfy, then she curls into a ball and starts to suck her back toes while she kneads the blanket or my body with her front paws! the noise is horrible! she is so cute though. she is a very curious cat also-tries to open every cupboard, door, window, blind there is. chloe is perfect! she is a snuggler-if your lap is available she is on it. she likes to sleep between patrick and i up by our heads and wouldn't dream of walking on us while we are sleeping. she prefers to drink out of the sink when we are getting ready in the morning and does not mind baths at all- we started her young and bathe her once a month so she got use to it.

get a high sided box to control what they kick out. scoop daily into like a plastic grocery bag, then re-fill once. we wash ours out with simple green every week and use FRESH STEP- so far its the best for odor control and has some weight to it so its not all over the floor. the "natural" type stink. we have used everything-crystals, pellets, you name it.

have fun with your lil furball-we couldnt imagine our life without ours.

ps kids love it when they sleep in their beds!

pps lots of coyotes where you live-we lost 7 or 8 cats over the 11 years we lived there because they escaped the house and got eaten! keep him indoors if you can!

heather said...

he is so cute! i'm definitely a cat person & have a cat of my own. cats usually spend most of the day sleeping & my cat is always ready to play when i'm about ready to go to bed -- go figure. when my guy isn't sleeping, he loves to sit & look out my slider, watching the birds & all of the outside activities going on (but you should keep him indoors!! i know they love to be outside, but he will be healthier & live a longer life as an indoor cat!).

i think the best cat litter is scoop away. it does a great job of controlling odor and it clumps really well. you can also get it as costco! as far as a litter box, it doesn't really matter, just make sure you get one with a lid, which will help control the odor. that being said, you can get a pretty cheap one at petco or petsmart.

my cat likes to be around my face as well, especially in the morning. i sleep on my back & as soon as i start to move he will jump up and cuddle right on my chest, under my chin. cleaning you is his way of showing affection. :)

hope that helps!! good luck!

Kate Maggie said...

I am definately NOT a cat person - but this little cat is so cute. Some I find really cute, but I just get terrified of them to be honest. One time I had a cat literally jump and scratch my entire face...scarred for life (literally) :)

Have a great weekend miss. x

Amanda Nicole said...

I'm sort of a cat person... but we have two kittens right now that are the cutest things but slightly annoying because they just follow people around all. day. long.. and try to jump on laps every 2 seconds. Haha, I love them though. wow - this is so helpful, isn't it? haha.

Stephen Saunders said...

Cute kitteh!

BuenoBueno said...

that is the sweetest kitty it looks super soft too!!
sounds like you got a winner!
hahaha sandpaper licks to the face


Anonymous said...

Awh he's adorable! :)
I am most definitely a cat person, I couldn't live without my buddies!
All cats are different, my little kitty likes to lick my face, arms, & feet. & She licks shoes, too. She also growls at people that walk by outside. I work at an animal shelter & have also seen cat that drink their water by dunking their paw in, and licking it off. The family I babysit for, their cat eats EVERYTHING. literally. Raw eggs off the stove, lays chip dip, chili, potato chips, watermelon. seriously. Where as my kitty won't eat anything thats not in her food dish.
All cats are different & unique.
- I actually prefer the clumping crystalized litter. I forget the brand, but its blue crystals.
- Nope, never made my own. :P Good idea though. :)

O. said...

adorable cat. i have a dog that acts like a cat, does that count?

Indie.Tea said...

I am a cat person. My boy, however, was allergic (and hated them until we got two). But apparently, you can adjust to your own cats, you get used to their dander (plus I bathe them in the tub, which helps. I have two kitties now, one is a wild thing I tamed, and the other came from a rescue group.
Some cats do lick their humans - my cousins cats do, mine dont. But one of mine sleeps at my feet every night. He even has a blankie. And they do like follow...
And I just got a litter box, its a big dome with stairs to brush off most of the litter so they dont track it everywhere.

Missy said...

AH! everyone is right! that is all normal cat behavior!

I AM a cat person through and through.
So glad you got such a sweet kitty!
What a perfect sleep model :)

Susieqtpies said...

Hiya! Stopping in on the Follow Friday hop! We have 2 kitties.... we didn't have any until December and now we have two.

They have brought a lot of fun and laughter into our family. Not that we didn't already have any but this brought more. It helps with 1 tween and 2 teens. The cats help take the focus off of, sometimes, self centered teens! lol

THey are both so different and so fun! Looks like you already have litter suggestions! Good ones!

Have a great day! Oh and I take pics of my cats ALL THE TIME!

Susieqtpies Scraps of Life

Anna said...

I am not a cat person but my best friends mom & dad have atleast 10 in their house & you would never know it. they have the litter robot. it is its her dads favorite thing to show off when people come over.