Tuesday, April 27, 2010

two things i love... around my home

i am lovin this vintage fire-king ware
our landlord left it here and said i could have it... i just wish i had snagged more before he gave it away...
circa 1960-1962 primrose pattern

one of my dearest friends, ashley, bought me the small volcano candle from anthro for my birthday
i had been wanting one forever but had never bought one for myself 
it made my house smell so stinkin good so i bought the big one with some gift card money i had lying around... dan and i have decided that the capri blue volcano candle will always be a staple in our home
if you haven't smelled it, go to anthro and check it out - it smells amazing and makes your house smell just like the store!

what are your two things?

to play along all you have to do is write a post letting us know
two things you love... around your home 
 then link on up to the mcklinky so that others can see too!
easy peasy

(the mcklinky will be up and running until next tuesday... so you have plenty of time to play)

i hope you play along!



Olivia said...

YAY I'm excited to go home after work and find 2 things :)

MannMom3 said...

Sorry I'm not playing dude..

I don't love the smell of the volcano one..maybe I should re smell it..

Lata tata tot!

Lauren said...

I love pretty kitchenware. Nice choices <3

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

wow, that dish is really pretty, and i love the colors!

i don't think i've ever smelled the volcano candle, but i know that the last time chris and i went to anthro, we had a huge soap smellfest (and there were some candles included, too)!

i hope you're having a good day!

xo bunches and billions

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Yay for the blog hop! I entered it on my site and I linked up too.

Hope you are feeling better these days! I LOVE your candle. Want one!

Lots of hugs and kisses,



OHH!! A LINKY! MY FAVS.. I have a blog award for you, that will be posted on my BLog May 5.. so please stay tuned!

Meghan said...

Loving that bakeware! So adorable.

Maddy said...

ahh I love vintage cook/bakeware. that one is super super cute!

my name is lauren. said...

i've never smelled anthro's candles. i actually haven't been there in ages. maybe i should go and make a splurge purchase with like half my paycheck to get a candle :). whatever the case, i'll definitely have to go give this candle a sniff :).

love you lady!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

Nelly said...

Ooh! I love the Volcano scent! But I think I love the Veluspa Santiago Huckleberry scent from Anthro even more. You should try that one out if you haven't already!

drea said...

If you mixed it up a bit, and played 2 things you want to change/fix around your house, I would so be in.

just a thought.


Katherine said...

those are one of my FAVORITE candles! i actually have three favorites, and this is one (along with aveda rainforest and a provencial honey one).

and, i have been meaning to tell you--your new house is FANTASTIC. i am in absolute love with it, both inside and out.

i would be thrilled to make you a rug. i have seen you crochet, though, and you are so talented yourself, that i also know you could whip one up right quick. ;)


~Ash~ said...

YAY I am go glad you loved your candle. Mine has been a staple as well since my bday last year when a friend got me the large one-its surprisingly lasts a long time!!

love ya!