Thursday, April 1, 2010


my seester has started a new blog hop
one where we share five things that have made us happy in the last week
go to her page to find out more details and to link up!

here are my five

1. going to palm springs with my girlfriends 

2. lounging poolside ALL day last saturday with perfect weather

3. being told i have  rockin abs (stretch marks and all) by a young 26 year old man

4. coming home to my beautiful family and having them be happy to see me

5. having today be our last day in this mold infested home - i can't wait to move into our new house tomorrow!

what are your five things?
link up on my sissy's page or tell me in the comment section below!

i will have no internet for a couple days due to the move so i may be MIA for awhile... 
also, sunday is my 30th birthday... ahhhhh but i'm a bit excited for this new chapter in my life!

i hope you all have a wonderful day and i hope to be back online in no time.



Jamie said...

Good luck with your move!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! So glad you're getting out of the mold and hoping and praying you all feel awesome very soon!!!!
xoxo -j

Kassi said...

thanks so much jamie!! xx

~Ash~ said...

Yay to all five things! Here are five things that are making me happy... lovely wine trip last weekend, getting excited about my dear friend moving closer to me again, getting to see you more often, maybe our kids will kinda grow up together, date night with Kass on the horizon! Yay!

Kassi said...

oh my ash, i love your five things! yes to all! i can't wait to be closer to you and to see you more often! also, my girls (kim and christina) are totally into combining our friends for a get together! let's do it!

Beth McC. said...

I love your 5 HAPPIES!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter!

Kassi said...

thanks beth and happy easter to you too!!

lydia. said...

30! i can't even believe that.
and it's weird, i used to think that was soo old.
but reading your blog, it makes me realize that the 30s is only "old" if you make them that way.

i love this new blog hop idea!
and congratulations on the move.

Kassi said...

lydia, i used to think it was so old too... but i still feel like a teen sometimes. ha. thanks for the compliment though :-)

Erin said...

Congratulations on the new house! What an exciting venture. Palm Springs sounds like a blast.

Kassi said...

thank you erin! palm springs was a much needed break with perfect weather and the best of girlfriends. :-)

Miti said...

Boy, you do have lots to be happy about, especially the rockin abs! hahaha

I wish I could use that on my list!

You go girl!

Chelsea Robbins said...

your header is gorgeous-as are you! What a cute blog!

BrittanButterfly said...

Haaaaaaaaaaappppppyyyyyyyy Biiiirrrrthhhdddaaaaayyy! I am sending you hugs!!! good luck with the move, so exciting!!!

Jilian said...

Hmm well I'm an idiot..I mean to leave a comment on this post, but it ended up on the previous one! Woops! reading your blog!

Tarver said...

Congratulations on the move, thats so exciting! Especially since you get to decorate it, thats always fun!

I love laying by the pool, its always perfect.

Beth said...

Great Fab Five! Blessings on your move! :)

BuenoBueno said...

Good luck with the move and have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY. You should dance as much as possible. It's a great time to celebrate!

shellybellylarson said...

Happy 3~0 beautiful thing you !

Happy Easter as well...and happy new beginnings in your new home !

hugs, Shelly

Nicole Marie said...

goodluck moving!!
i' m happy my whole family is together for easter!!

lexylou said...

Praying for a good move for you and that all goes as smooth as possible.
Those 5 things are amazingly great to be happy about, LOVE!
And last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So glad to hear your ladies vaca was a blast!
30 will be rockin' my dear, I am 1 year off you, next year I will be in the three kids and 30 club too!
xx Lexy