Thursday, April 22, 2010

earth day succulents

in honor of
 Earth Day
tayli and i potted some plants yesterday while ty and tann were at school

it's been pretty windy and stormy here the last couple of days
so we walked around the yard and found a TON of jade that had been broken off
we gathered all the jade (and some other succulents), dug some dirt and placed them in our pots and planted them! 
a great way to save the plants that otherwise would have died
jade is a great plant to re-pot since it does so well and grows so easily 

have you guys done anything in honor of Earth Day?
doing anything?

i encourage you all to 
go green
i know i'm trying to!

happy Earth Day friends!



MannMom3 said...


With Love, Jamie said...

Such pretty succulents!
I love them so much :)
We are trying our absolute hardest to go green around here too!
Happy Earth Day!!

Melinda said...

My latest dream has been to make succulent wall art. I'm going to go foraging for succulents soon. I love that you have them around. They are so beautiful and refreshing to look at. Their colors are so "cool" and soothing.

lydia. said...

i really want some succulents!
they're beautiful.
sounds like a fun way to spend Earth Day.

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

@Melinda - I love that idea. I've seen some really cool ones around lately and I really want to make one too!

Kassi - so sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well. I really hope you feel much much better soon! And I love your idea for re-planting the jade! I love that our yard is pretty much maintenance free. Our grass is astro-turf (crazy I know) and the rest is decomposed granite and succulents. There are some camellias and rose bushes that use a drip system so that they don't get over-watered. Low maintenance and earth-friendly :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

yay for earth day! i like the plants you put in the terracotta pots and on that colorful table. very pretty!

i don't do anything special for earth day specifically, but i try to be somewhat green everyday.

xo milliongazillion

my name is lauren. said...

what a cute little project for you and tay :). i love those succulents....didn't know they were called jade though. thanks for the info :). i didn't do anything in honor of earth day....every day is earth day here in portland....we use recycled materials as art supplies in our classroom and the entire city of portland gets a compost bin that gets picked up along with their garbage pickup and everything is so green that sometimes it's almost annoying. almost. but i'm glad you celebrated. my friend who just moved to LA last summer said that nobody recycles in LA. sad :(. maybe that's just true where she's at though.

ok....this is long and rambling. love you kass!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

BuenoBueno said...

so cute! i love earth day!!!
kell and i will be sending you and danielle something special this weekend...BDAYS ARE fun!!!! xoxox

BuenoBueno said...

You have such pretty things! I especially love the purple/green combo in the tin bucket!


I love those pictures.. Very earthy inspired! If you get a few extra seconds.. would you like to participate in my Link up party? Its pretty simple.. just visit my blog. I always love seeing what you post! very creative!

Tarver said...

I adore all those beautiful succulents!
Such a great earth day idea!