Friday, April 16, 2010

update and five

gosh, it's been a while since i've actually written much on here...
this week has not been the best week for me, therefore, the lack of posts lately. my back (i have an arthritic back disease) has been killing me this week and it's been very hard to walk, plus my pelvis was hurting and i've never had pain there before... i don't know if it's related to my back disease or if it's something else entirely but it was excruitiatingly painful to walk. i've also been sick with a fever, stuffed up sinuses, achey body, etc...  my back is feeling better today and i'm finally walking mostly normal again - yay! and my sinuses seem to be clearing up thanks to some meds

i wanted to update you all up on life here in the bacquet home
we are settling nicely into our new home and enjoying our neighborhood and as you know from this post, we love our house and yard. the kids have had a great first week at school so far...
tannyn's old school was from 8-2 and her new one is from 7:45-11:15... so that's been a big change for us. i hate getting up early and normally am not a morning person but a couple days this week i've managed to get up early - even showering before i take her to school! that's huge for me... part of it is, i haven't been sleeping well, so when i'm awake at 5am, i figure i might as well get up and get myself ready. tannyn wishes that she were in school longer and was there for lunch but she, tayli and i have been having fun spending more time with one another.
tyler had a good enough first day but came home begging me to home school him and every night he begs us to not make him go to school the next day. dan told him that if he could come up with three good reasons that he shouldn't go (bullying, swirlies, etc...), then we wouldn't make him. of course he couldn't come up with anything and each day has been better than the last. every day he has had kids to hang out with at lunch - kids who are on the surf team with him -  and to me, that is a huge blessing! he also had his first 'practice' with the surf team yesterday morning and he surfed really well. the team has a contest tomorrow but since tyler is new to the team, he is an alternate... which means, he has to show up when the contest starts but can only surf if the three kids who are in the contest don't show up... he's pretty much hoping they don't show! 
dan's head is much better now since we've been out of the moldy house. his pain level was usually around a 7/10 and it's been a 4/10 this week! we're praying the pain lessens each week and are so grateful that it has so much already after only being here for two weeks!

okay, i think that's it!
thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts for the kiddos and of course, all the prayers/thoughts regarding dan's health - i totally appreciate it!

my sissy was bummed i didn't join her 
thursday five
blog hop yesterday so i'm doing it a day late...

1. getting a phone call from my lovely friend, anna, last week
2.  having our friends amber and james over for dinner last saturday
3. receiving a birthday card and gift card for anthro from my angie
4. sushi and wine with my most lovely sis-n-law, kiana
5. and finally having my back feel better today

what were some highlights from your week?
link up on my sis' blog!

lastly, i wanted to give a couple birthday shout outs:

happy happy birthday (one day late) to my step-mom, barbara
love you!

happy 7th birthday to my beautiful niece, arasteh
aunti kass loves you mucho!

and of course, happy birthday to danielle!

i hope all of you have the most splendid of birthdays



Jamie said...

So glad that everybody seems to be adjusting well and feeling better! Hoping it continues!!! Hope your back gets to feeling better! I know that's no good at all!!! Praying for you! xoxo Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Kassi said...

thank you so much jamie - i know you understand my pain probably more than anyone else does! thanks for the prayers friend... i hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xx

Erin said...

Feel better, Kassi, and take it slow.
Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Kassi said...

thank you so much erin :-) you have a wonderful weekend as well

Cailie said...

That is so cool that your son is on a surf team!! I took a surf class in college but we had to drive an hour to Oregon's freezing part of the coast! Luckily I have a thick westsuit:)
Glad your pain is getting better! Isn't the power of prayer awesome?!

Kassi said...

cailie, yes the power of prayer is awesome! :-)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

okay, thanks so much for the birthday shout out! i'm just sorry i'm a day late seeing it! you're so sweet, and i'm glad you're my friend (i don't want to get oo mushy).

i'm so glad dan is feeling better, but i wish you weren't falling apart like an old lady. maybe 30 isn't so great afterall ;) i hope everything starts feeling better soon so you can enjoy your new house, big yard, and of course the beach!

have a good weekend! xoxo majillioninfinitysquared

Kassi said...

glad we're friends too, snow!
dude, i'm totally feeling like an old lady (that comment made me laugh)... i guess thirty really isn't the new fifteen!
how is the thumb?

MannMom3 said...

FInally..I'm signed in..

Thanks for doing the Tursday 5!

Have fun at the party today and tell everyone hi for me.

my name is lauren. said...

so glad dan's feeling better, but not glad you're feeling crappy :(. still praying for you love.

i'm also glad to hear you guys are settling into your new routine - but i'll be praying for ty that things keep getting better for him at school. poor guy. moving's tough :(.

love you friend and i hope you get to feeling better soon!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

Anna said...

hope your back stops acting up!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

the thumb is better, but now it's the arm that's the problem! she got mad at the sprayer at the kitchen sink, so she walked down my arm to be indimidating and bit me so hard it left a hole in my arm and a bruise! she's has always been incredibly sweet and would NEVER bite me, so I don't know what in the world has gotten into her the last week!

yesterday when i was teaching children's church, these two boys were trying to guess my age, and when one guessed 28, i said, "yep, and i turned 28 on friday." and his response was, "well, then you're basicaly 27." let's just figure our ages like that!

have a good day, and feel better!

xoxo quadrillioninfinity!

Kassi said...

thanks anna!!

danielle - jeez! maybe flojo was pmsing last week... your poor arm! did she feel bad?

how cute that you teach children's church - i bet you're so fun! what a cute kid!