Thursday, March 25, 2010

case, shoes and new moon

the sunglass case (mini clutch, checkbook holder, etc... ;-) ) i made for myself
unless, of course, one of my girls wants it for themselves... in that case, i would gladly give it up

yes it's wonky
but, dude, it's all hand sewn... and since it's for me, i didn't care as much!
i still like it!

yesterday i received the cutest pair of shoes from urban in the mail 
my mom got them for me as an early b-day present and made sure to have them delivered before my palm springs trip so i could wear them there - she's the best and i love them so so so much!
here's a little peak

super cute and super comfy
gosh, i need a tan - this photo makes me look super washed out (and makes my nose look large)...
good thing i'll be poolside all weekend!

i really should be packing but am so over it... maybe i'll try to get a couple of boxes done before the hus comes home - i wouldn't want him to yell at me or anything
speaking of the hus, we watched new moon last night
and although the edward, jacob and bella in the movies are NOTHING like the ones of my imagination
(i find bella from the movies to be much of a disappointment and didn't like jacob or edward in the first movie either)
i enjoyed the movie... and the boys are growing on me... but bella is still horrid and i can't stand that actress - ugh.
i think i might read the books again
 i heart edward.

i hope you all had a lovely thursday and if i don't get to blog tomorrow, then i hope you all have a lovely weekend as well!



kate maggie said...

I love this :) Also - I know what you mean about twilight..i cant stand bella and new moon was a let down. Lets hope eclipse is better! <3

Kassi said...

kate maggie - bella is a tad annoying in the book but in the movie - my goodness! i just can't stand that actress though - she rubs me the wrong way. i hope eclipse is better! i thought it was funny that edward has bulging veins in his forehead (in a few of the scenes) but is suppose to be dead and bloodless... ha

BuenoBueno said...

awe i love kristen stewart! but you love vienna and we still are friends:)
love the new case! so cute but you already made me one:) and i use it for ecertything!
i love your sandals and i hope you have a blast in palm springs!
you look super cute in pic:)

shellybellylarson said...

cute sandals! "Mamas" just know how to make a girl happy !

I must be one of the few that have not been bitten by the Twilight bug...havent read one single daughter has read them all and really enjoyed them.

Have fun this weekend !

Carly Simons said...

love the shoes...
love the thought of poolside in palm springs...
love that people agree that the edwards, jacobs, and bellas in our imaginations are infinitely superior to those hollywood inflicted upons us...

i mean, really?? i <3 the books. people seldom understand that even though i greatly enjoy the books, i spend a large amount of time exasperated with bella. i'm just not a "bella." in new moon, not to mention eclipse, i was so frustrated with her (i know, she's SEVENTEEEN) because of her selfishness. through the narrative, though, i think we're supposed to feel that way. conflicted. torn. isn't that the way seventeen always feels?? you always know, as a reader, that she chooses edward... he IS perfect for her. and the smoldering edward in my head just doesn't bear thinking about. it ends up so suiting everyone nicely.

but, had i been the main character?? i don't go for the tortured artist. hehe.

my name is lauren. said...

p.s. hope you have a SUPER fun weekend! take lots of pictures!!!!

my name is lauren. said...

your new shoes are so cute....and your nose does NOT look big. oh...AND you don't need a tan nearly as bad as i do. it's pretty awful. i think i may hit the tanning beds a couple of times just so i don't look like a ghost...even though they're bad for you....being pasty and gross is bad for my self-esteem!

love you friend!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

Micaela said...

gorgeous shoes! j'adore the relationship you have with your Mom and seester!!! ooh and the clutch/case/checkbook holder- love the folded bit!

NEW MOON-- my guilty pleasure! I think they pick the best characters for the boys (i'm so obsessed with Robert Pattinson so I might be biased ha) and i agreed with Kristen Stewart... i didn't get it but she got prettier in new moon i think. I CAN'T WAIT FOR ECLIPSE! by far, my most favorite book in the series.

crissy said...

Your sunglasses case/clutch/checkbook holder is gorgeous. Part of its charm is the quirkiness that comes from being hand sewn. Seriously, I love it :)

Hope you have a great weekend. Oh, and your sandals are awesome, too! Hooray for early bday presents!

Kassi said...

brandi - ew, you love kstew! ;-) and i don't love vienna... she just didn't bother me. i'm so glad that despite our different opinions we can still be friends ;-)haha thanks for the compliments love... i heart you.

shelly - yes mama's do know how to make daughters happy! the books are way better than the movies and once you read one you will be hooked. i was amazed that i liked a teeny bopper book so much!

carly - is this my new step-sis in law? i wish there was a pic so i would know for sure and not feel like such an idiot asking. ha.
bella is annoying. end of story. i hear ya.

lauren - spray tan lauren - so much better for you! tanning beds are horrid. or just lay out for a few min a day in your backyard and gradually build some color the healthy way (with spf of course ;-) )
thanks about the shoes... i love them.
mucho love friendy.

micaela - aw, thank you! moms and sissy's are the best! you're right, kstew was prettier in new moon but i still think of her as a... well, i can't really say here... i just don't see her as bella swan AT ALL!

crissy - aw, thank you so much. i feel that way too... that's why i love handmade stuff so much better than store bought. isn't your bday coming up too?

mara - thank you! ugh, packing... i'm a total procrastinator. you would think i would be on top of things being home all day but it just isn't so! i need all the good luck i can get - so thank you!

crissy said...

I feel the same way about hand made. They just have more personality than things that are mass produced.
And yes, my birthday is coming up. (Exactly 2 weeks from today, in fact. And I'm ridiculously excited.)

tiffany said...

i looove the clutch! and i hate packing so i totally know what you mean being "over it".

xo tiffany

Kassi said...

crissy - yay for april birthdays! mine is only four days before yours but i'm seven years older (i think you said you were turning 23 in your post)... boo for that. i hope you have the most fabulous birthday and a fun trip - where are you going?

tiffany - thank you! ugh, i don't know anyone who actually enjoys packing... now unpacking, i like that! unpacking = decorating!

ricebabies said...

I am team Jacob, but I do see the love of Edwar. the whole overpertective things is what turns me off from him. I like to be an indepenant woman. ha

Kassi said...

i hear ya! jacob is sweet and i like him but the edward of my imagination just oozes sexiness so that's why i heart him! ha

Anonymous said...

I love that clutch/purse! By the way I really enjoy the blog also. I follow your link through my own blog, so when you get a chance take a peek! Happy blogging!

crissy said...

April birthdays are the best :)
We're going to be in Corona, to visit my parents. I'm excited, because we're also going to go to the beach. I really hope the kids like it :)

Kassi said...

simplylive - checking out your blog now! i'm glad you commented!

crissy - yes they are! i hope you have a fab time and that the weather cooperates for you to go to the beach!

lexylou said...

I think I love you even more with what you just wrote about twilight....
I feel the same way, not a Kstew fan but love Rpatz, but nothing beat's the Edward I have in my mind that just is too hot... I love the book's, I may read them again too...
Love the shoes, veryyyyy cute!
I need a tan too, but you get to go tan your pretty self and I am wasting my pasty self away here...