Monday, March 22, 2010

gimp girl

yesterday we went to burbank to celebrate the 'spring' birthdays with dan's family

from top to bottom 
our handsome nephew max, pushing tay in the swing, dan and i being serious, tyler playing with his cousins jayden and eva, dan and i being silly, my beautiful sis-in-law, shawna, with tayli and max

we got a lot of packing done on saturday (we're moving the 2nd of april) while the kids went to my friend/neighbor, brianne's, house to have a water balloon fight and jump on her trampoline.... i'm going to miss brianne so much - she's been the best neighbor and friend since moving here.

we enjoyed our time with dan's family yesterday and the nice warm weather!

today i am 'gimp girl' and walking with a cane (embarrassing, i know). i have an arthritic back disease (ankylosing spondylitis) that has been in remission for over two years but has just recently been acting up again...
last night i was bending over plugging in my cell phone and couldn't get back up. i was in so much pain and still am today. it hurts to walk and i feel like my left leg is going to go out from under me. 
i'm praying that it feels better today and the rest of this week since i was planning on getting a lot of working out in before my palm springs trip with my girlfriends this weekend... plus, i don't want to be gimpy girl and walking with a cane in palm springs. haha
would love your prayers that the pain subsides! 

how was your weekend my friends?



crissy said...

I hope your back stops hurting soon. That is no fun. :(
Sending prayers your way.

samboy said...

feel better soon sweetie! x

lydia. said...

oh my goodness! get better. i hate that for you. :(
you're in my thoughts and prayers, most definitely.
btw, you and dan are such a hottie couple, haha.
just saying!

Claudette said...

Not good, Kass. Go to the doctor. That's an order! Love, mom

Kassi said...

thank you girls so much!
mom, i will try to find a new doc after we get settled in to our new place... for now, i'm relying on the power of prayer. :-)

Christina said...

ACK! You have to get better for this weekend...otherwise we'll be forced to spend the entire time just sitting poolside. Bummer! :) But I do hope your pain subsides and will be praying for your back! xoxo

Kassi said...

poolside the entire time would be HORRIBLE! ;-) i wouldn't mind that at all... seriously. drinks in hand, some snacks, the hot sun, the cool water, some trashy magazines (because i know you'll bring those - ha!)... that sounds just perfect. but yes, i hope it feels better too - i wonder if darvocet or vicoden would help? ;-)
ps. remember when you used to call me gimp(y)?

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Awww Kassi - what a bummer! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, but hoping for a quick recovery.

So jealous of your Palm Springs trip. Sounds lovely. And needed. You deserve some fun!!

Kassi said...

thanks chels! yes, i am so looking forward to it - a girls trip is WAY overdue!

my name is lauren. said...

sorry to hear about your back friend :(. that sounds awful... but i bet you're the cutest gimp girl there ever was :). i'll be praying it gets better for palm springs....when are you going again? is it for your birthday? i feel like i should know this, but i forgot.

glad you've gotten a lot of packing done. packing is no fun, but unpacking and decorating your new place will be great.

ok...that is all. hope you have a lovely day and start to feel better.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

oh...and p.s.
you look lovely in your black romper!

Kassi said...

thanks lauren. it is awful. i hate it. thanks for the prayers! we are going to palm springs this weekend and, no, it's not for my birthday - just a girls trip! i can't wait to start decorating! we all just want to get there already... i hope the next two weeks go by quickly (except for next weekend - i want it to feel like forever). thanks about the romper - old navy baby!
xo. thanks. xo. thanks ;-)

BrittanButterfly said...

looks like it was a wonderful gathering! I really hope you are feeling better Kassi! So much love and healing to you and Dan!

Kassi said...

thanks so much brittan!

mara - you should get tested! have you had any back pain? i was diagnosed with it in 2003 after a couple of years of being in pain (off and on) and my legs threatening to give out on me - finally, after i married dan and couldn't get out of bed without crying he made me go to the doctor. they did a ton of MRI's and took the blood tests and i found that i was already fuzing in my sacroiliac joints and neck... my dad has it too but i didn't find that out until i started doing all the tests... even if your blood tests come up positive for the HLA-B27 gene, it doesn't mean you have it, but it's good to be tested anyway! get some MRI's done. how bad does your dad have it?

Ecologic Storyteller said...

I love the pictures with the adorable children and the happy people *ah ah* kids are really awesome. Last day I was taking some pictures to some stuff and my godson was around all the time putting his face in the front of my camera or in the moment of the click a strange small hand in the corner of the photo...

Have a wonderful week and I must say you have a very adorable blog.


BuenoBueno said...

kassi! i fell so bad ill be praying for your back
and those pics of you and dan are awesome! yall are so cute its sickening!
im glad you had a great weekend and excited about your girls weekend!

Anna said...

oh no that sucks about your back, you should totally pimp that cane out with the be-dazzler! no but really i can sympathize, I have raynauds, where my feet and hands think its really cold out and turn blue and numb. my blood vessels constrict and i can get frostbite in normal winter weather or the air conditioning. bye bye flip flops. mine is always worse when I am stressed. I hope you get all moved safe & sound.

Anna said...

do you go to a rheumatologist?

Megan said...

I hope you feel better soon. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend.


hope to hear soon, that your feelin better

Kassi said...

joana - aw, thank you... kids are so fun. i'm sure your pictures turned out adorable!

brandi - thanks love, i appreciate your prayers and i am SO excited for a girls weekend - i haven't been on one since before i got preggo with tayli!

anna - oh my, i've never even heard of that condition you have... i'm sorry - you should move to cali... then you'll rarely suffer! ;-) i haven't been to the rheumatologist since 2003... i was preggo and/or nursing from 2004-2006 so i couldn't take any drugs for it... then it went into remission... now that i've been having trouble with it again (pretty sure it's from stress) i'll find a new rheumatologist once we move! i'm super curious to see if i've fused any more...

megan - thank you! it was a pretty good one :-)

butterfly - thank you so much - i'll keep you all posted!

Ashlee said...

hi kass,

i just received my knick-knack package and wanted to send you a huge thanks! i love vintage oh so much. the little puzzles are so unique. i have never come across anything like them. and the decorating book will surely provide me with tons of delightfully tacky, 70s inspiration.

thanks again!


Ashlee said...

p.s. sending warm thoughts your way to ease your back pain.

Kassi said...

ashlee! i'm so glad you like it all! i'm so sorry i was so late in sending it... we've been pretty busy over here in the bacquet house... but i'm glad you finally received it and if you end up doing some tacky 70's decorating be sure to let me know! ;-)
and thank you for the warm thoughts regarding my back - appreciate it!
hope you have a lovely week ashlee.xx

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Aw, you're not gimpy, you're beautiful! I'm glad you guys got some more packing done, but I'm sorry you've got an old lady cane :( How long does this usually last? and do you take medicine for it?

love you millions and gazillions!

Kassi said...

thanks snow, but i am gimpy... i walk funny and look weird. and the cane... oh my... it's a crazy carved cane from jamaica that has a snake mouth... it's no old lady cane - it's a witch doctors cane! sometimes it lasts for months or years... sometimes it goes as quickly as it comes on.. but lately for me, it's been around for a few weeks off and on. i'm better today than i was yesterday - no cane needed today - but it still hurts when i move wrong or get up too quick. i used to give myself shots for it but that was back in 2004. i haven't taken anything since. i need to go to the doc again....