Thursday, March 11, 2010

looks like we'll be moving

this is the cute little house we found in laguna niguel only a five min drive to the beach and ocean views from the top of our hill. it's a 23,000 square foot lot but the home itself is less than 1200 square feet - which is a bit smaller than the house we're in now. but that's okay because this house has  a super rad (and huge) backyard with tons of fruit trees and you can't see any neighbors around at all... i love the privacy! i can just imagine all the backyard parties we'll be having this spring and summer!
 it also has the most gorgeous hardwood floors i've ever seen and it's super clean with fresh paint everywhere. we'll be converting the garage into the playroom to give us some more space and it will also double as the guest area since it has it's own entrance. i normally wouldn't do that, but this garage was immaculate and super nice so i don't feel bad putting guests up in the 'garage'. 
the owner of the home is a 92 year old lady and her son and his wife are the ones in charge of renting it out. they seem like a great couple and dan and i clicked with them right off the bat. the old lady is in a nursing home so the son is renting out the house in order to pay for her to stay in the nursing home. the only bad thing for us, is that if she dies then we have to move out... but we are signing a year lease so at least it'll buy us another year and hopefully after that we'll be able to move back to santa barbara and/or buy our own home.
the best part about that though, is that they want to get rid of all the old lady's stuff and they want US to go through it first... she has an awesome couch, cool antique swinger sewing machine, and some beautiful rugs... whatever we don't want they will sell at an estate sale.
i'm excited about the couch!
i just need to find out if they are planning on giving it to me or if they want it to stay at the house when we leave. i'll find out later today...

i'm so looking forward to the move... especially since we found MORE mold in tyler's closet while cleaning it out getting ready for the move. ick ick ick
i can't wait to decorate a new space and enjoy the neighborhood (it's gorgeous!!!) and the beautiful backyard. :-)
i hate packing though and i hate cleaning and i'm totally and completely overwhelmed. completely.
dan and i would appreciate your prayers while we prepare for the move, pull the kids out of their schools, sign them up at the new ones and also prayer that this move and getting out of the mold will take dan's headache away and also that we get our full deposit back and that our landlords wont make us stick to the typical thirty day notice. 

thanks friends!



B Sparkly said...

Very nice!:) I'm moving to anew house in the end of the month:) I've got some tips on moving check out my post.
Have a great night!

Katherine said...

yay! i am so glad you found a good house without that icky mold! i can't wait to see more shots your new place!

Tyler said...

That is awesome news! really praying for you all.. hoping this will take care of Dan's headaches.. mold can be really bad for you so that very well could be what has been going on with him. Keep us posted and good luck with everythign

chelseybell. said...

oh wow. that house is so gorgeous. i was totally voting for the bigger yard scenario from a couple posts ago.

i hope this moves works out for the best for all of you. make sure to post some pictures of your pretty new place!

Kassi said...

anat - thanks i just read your tips and they were very helpful!

katherine - thank you! me too, i'm just praying that this house doesn't end up having mold too... that would be a nightmare! i will be sure to take some before and after pics and post them for you guys! i can't wait to decorate!

chelsey - thank you! yes, the other house just wasn't a good fit for us... decorating it would have been a dream but our three rugrats need a yard! i'll be sure to post some before and after pics of the house once we move in!

tyler - thanks for the prayers friend! i will definitely keep you guys 'in the know'!

xo girls

Lauren said...

the new house looks and sounds perfect kass! so excited for those wood floors and no more carpet for you. and 5 minutes to the beach??? what??? sounds like complete perfection. and how cool to get some of the stuff the old lady leaves behind. sounds like God has blessed you wish a great place. now to see if dan's headaches go away. i'll be praying that's the case, and i'll be praying for you that you get everything done and that the hours in the day are miraculously multiplied :).

love you!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

BrittanButterfly said...

Good luck Kassi! I hate packing although I get excited about being in a new place, it is really stressful! We have mold issues here, it is aweful, but it is really expensive around here and impossible with 2 dogs to find the space we need... ugh! I hope this new house is everything you are looking for and more, and I hope Dan's headaches go away! Blessings!

Anna said...

that is exciting, congrats!!! can't wait to see photos of the decorating process!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I'm so glad you guys found a house you like, and it's really cute! I'm sure you're happy about the hardwood floors, I know I would be! The only bad thing is that I live on the other side of the country so I can't come to your summer parties ;)

Too bad you guys found even more mold, but at least you know you won't be there much longer. I definitely hope the move helps Dan.

Good luck with all your cleaning and packing, I know it's a real chore!

xo mucho zillion lots and lots and lots and lots...

kate maggie said...

Thats so great! Im so happy for you and your family, what a beautiful home. That is so amazing that you get first dibs on the things from that lady's house. The couch and sewing machine sound incredible. Oh, I just love hardwood floors, too! Good luck and congrats!

Kassi said...

lauren - thank you thank you thank you... i owe you an email or ichat soon... i feel like we haven't really talked in forever! way too long! love ya much!

brittan - how do you deal with your mold? i heard that the best thing to do is keep some windows ajar to let some ventilation in and to not keep furniture pressed right up against the walls... mold can be so bad for you - i hope it's not causing you guys any health issues.
thank you friend, we are hoping/praying they go away too!

xo girls!!

lexylou said...

It look's and sounds awesome! I wish I lived closer so I could come to the backyard parties!
Packing mucho suck's... I know as I just finished packing everything for the big country move on monday morning. With the big help of friends and family taking the kids or packing with me I would be a mess. I pray that you don't get to overwhelmed and that you are calm and capable through this time. Eye on the prize.... That is all I am thinking about, my 3 acres 2200 sqft home....Eye on the prize.
hugs to you my dear.

heather said...

before i read this post i thought Laguna in-laws live there so i know the houses!! you will like it. good luck on the move!!

Kassi said...

kate - thank you! i got a peak at the couch and i love it! i hope it's as pretty as i'm remember it! i can't wait to look at all her pieces!

danielle - you know it! i am so so so excited about the floors... they are gorgeous! there is carpet in two of the bedrooms but it's brand new and not bad looking at all... i can deal with that! if you end up coming in june then you KNOW i will be planning some sort of shin dig in the backyard for us girl :-)

anna - thanks! i can't wait to see pics of your place all decorated and moved in too!!!

lexy - ahhhh, some day i pray i can have land like yours with a house the size of yours... not too big, not too small... just perfect! i'm behind on blogs lately... have you posted any pictures? i can't wait to see if you have or when you do! you're house sounds amazing! thanks so much for the prayers, truly... tyler (our 12 yr old) just told dan over dinner to keep his eyes on the prize... too funny that you said it too!

heather - oh how funny! the area is so pretty... i had no idea that there were other pretty areas in the OC besides laguna beach, dana point and san clemente! i was very impressed! i love the hills and all the trees and greenery - gorgeous! reminds me a bit of santa barbara and the central coast... i almost felt like i was home!

~Ash~ said...

I am so super stoked for you guys! I was raised literally like 8 houses away. LN use to be this little gem tucked away in So Cal, but it still has its charm and grace! You will love it! I cannot wait to come up. And its like 5 minutes from my moms! I can introduce you to some cool people too. Of course half the fun of moving to a new area is the excitement of please tell me to back off! I think I may have been a little pushy about my advice but I did not want you guys to let this one slip away. Kass I love you guys!!! And am so excited you guys will be closer. Let me know if I can help in anyway-I think that makes us about 35 minutes away now

Kassi said...

my ash - your advice was wanted, needed and very appreciated. i'm glad we got it and i'm excited about the area a lot! i just wish there was an anthro in the area! 35 min away - yay!!!! no excuses anymore - we WILL be seeing each other more often - you can count on it!
you're the best and i love my ash!

heather said...

kassi the anthro at the irvine spectrum is only about 10 minutes north up the freeway!!

Kassi said...

thanks heather! i do love the anthro at the spectrum and i knew it was so close... i just wish there was one closer so that i didn't have to get on the freeway! ha i guess i'm lazy! 10min away is nice as opposed to the twenty min drive it takes me (with all the lights) to get to the anthro at fashion island... so i'm happy about that!

BuenoBueno said...

have a packing party!!! invite blog friends in the area!!!
it could be fun!
i cant wait to see your new home in june!!!
oh wow kassi its so cute and im happy that you will have a whole new start and no MOLD!
im so happy dan wont suffer anymore..praying thats the reason!!!
love you!

Kassi said...

i'm so anal about packing i don't know if i could handle a packing party! ha
we'll have a little backyard shindig in june!! we still haven't signed the lease so i'm hoping/praying that nothing happens in the mean time!
i'm praying it's the reason too - it'll be so nice to have a husband who isn't in pain... poor dan -thanks for your prayers friend!
love ya much!!
x to the o!

Kassi said...

i know, i'm so excited! however, i'm getting a bit nervous since we haven't signed the lease agreement yet... even though they say it's ours, they still could change their minds. if that were the case i would be so so so sad.

Christina said...

the house is so cute, Kass! I can't wait to come visit and stay in the guest garage! Do you want your futon back? :)

Kassi said...

i can't wait for you to come either! i'm nervous today since the landlords asked for a credit report... now there is a chance that they might say no after saying yes the past few days. i just want to sign the lease!
tyler wants the futon to sleep on in his room... haha... but, no, you can keep it unless you don't want it anymore. :-)

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Congrats Kass - this is going to be so great for all of you! Moving is no fun but the aftermath will be totally worth it! Keep us posted on all the goings on - I'm sure it will all work out!!

I love Laguna - I was actually born there and we lived there til I was almost 3! I definitely want to come for a visit when you guys get settled!

ps - you also need to give me a holler next time you're in SB!!

Kassi said...

chels - thank you my friend! i'm hoping all works out well!
please come visit us - the kids would have a blast together too!
and i will def give you a holla when we're in SB next!

monica said...


you are getting your wood floors.

and a private yard.

and an easy beach walk.

sounds great. can't wait to see you put your stamp on the place.


Kassi said...

monica - i am overly excited about the wood floors! i can not wait! :-)

Homesick Cajun said...

I'm glad you're getting out of the house with the mold. My little sister passed away when she was 13 from a disease caused by mold. When she was born (1975) the house we lived in had a basement that was full of mold. (Back then no one thought anything of it)

It wasn't until 5 years after she passed away that we found out what caused the disease. She started getting sick when she was 2 and they had no idea what casued it.

Lmao...sorry about the life story, just glad to hear that you're getting away from the mold!

Congrats on the new house! Best of luck!

shellybellylarson said...

you must post pics after you decorate ! Praying your hubs will feel much better soon.

I love reading your blog and hearing about your adorable family !

Kimberly said...

love the home! its beautiful. Can't wait to see more pictures! I didn't know you were Keely's sister till today!!

Kassi said...

homesick - oh my goodness, how horrible...i am so sorry! how did they finally find out that it was the mold and what were her symptoms? our two year old has been sick (bad cough, runny nose) for the past six months and we're wondering if it has anything to do with the mold...
we are so glad we're moving... and i'm praying that the new house has no mold whatsoever! i guess it's pretty common for the homes here along the coast of cali to have mold... so i'm really praying this one wont ever.

shelly - i will for sure! and thank you so much for your prayers and for the sweet compliments on the fam - your comments are always so nice. thank you!

kimberly - thank you! yes, keely's my sister... we're both nerd bloggers ;-) hi and welcome!!

Andrea said...

Kassi, I cannot believe the size of the lot! Holy moly that is AWESOME! I hope it has all worked out over the weekend since you last posted on Thursday and that the house is truly yours. Good luck with everything and I can't wait to see pictures of the backyard. Drool :) And here I was loving on our 8200 sq. foot lot!

Kassi said...

andrea - i know, we couldn't either - it's huge! the backyard is great but needs some work... i'm actually looking forward to yard work - pretty sure i've never said that before :-)
we did get the house... and i can't wait to move!
8200sq is big too!!! our lot may be big but the house is small... i bet your house is bigger ;-)

Jamie said...

Cute house!!!! Good luck with everything! I'll be praying for you and your family that everything goes smoothly and that the kids get well-adjusted to the change! Big hugs to you! Wish I was closer to help!!! xoxo

Kassi said...

thank you so much sweet jamie! your prayers are so appreciated!!! xxoo