Thursday, March 4, 2010

giveaway time!!

it's Giveaway Time over here at BacWoods Fern

i wanted to thank you all for following/reading my blog

so as a thank you i'm giving away a few items that i hope you'll love as much as i do

if you love crafting then this book is for you

the McCall's book of handcrafts
copyright 1954-1972
foil tooling
paper crafts
are just a handful of crafts you can learn to do using this book

this book is awesome and whoever wins will be a lucky girl... it's a little tough getting rid of this beauty!

next up is a cute little sewing book 

sewing pants for women
copyright 1963

it's a fun little sewing book even if you don't sew... the illustrations are just so darn cute!

i'm also giving away 
three little embroidery hoops

two vintage inspired coca cola trays
i collect coca cola trays and these were two that i first bought... they are not originals and i'm trying to weed out the reproductions - they are still lovely though and very fun!

so there you have it
all of this can be yours!

to enter

say something nice
about anything, anyone
and let me know that you are a follower of this blog

*only one comment per person please*

*oops! a lovely reader of mine informed me of my mistake about when the contest ends.... since yesterday was the 3rd of march that's obviously not what i meant to write! 
the contest will be closed tuesday the 9th of march at 6pm!*

thanks for letting me know of my mistake erica - i so appreciate it!!

i will announce the winner later that evening... good luck!



MannMom3 said...

You have cute boobs.

I follow!

chelseybell. said...

oh my goodness. that book looks so amazing.
we're having some wonderful sunshiny weather today here in missouri, and my nice thing about that is i got to see people playing in the park, and I think i saw a butterfly.

BuenoBueno said...

everyone poops. i love those books! i have some and they are great! fun post! love that ring on that page!
and you are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I like MannMom3's comment.

I second that emotion.

and OBV I follow you.
All the cool kids do.

Cassie said...

i like your name!! :) and i love this giveaway, and it is sweet of you to do!

and i am already a follower!! :)

Anna said...

sweet little giveaway! i love vintage craft books. and my momma has a Coke room those trays would love splendid in. Yes she is kind of a dork with a vintage coke soda shop fascination but i love her!

Erica said...

I'm a follower already...but I am a tad confused by the "contest closes Tuesday March 3rd at 6pm" ... I know I am not American, maybe that's my problem, but up here in Canada, it's Thursday March 4... :) hehehe I think it's funny! :)

lydia. said...

such cute things! loving this.
my nice thing is about my little, sweet fiancee.
wherever we go he always tells me not to bring in my entire purse, because it gets so heavy.
but i always forget and bring it in anyways!
and he always carries it for me. :)
he did that all this evening.
the sweetest ever.

thanks for hosting a giveaway!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

What a fun giveaway, and I'm loving that macrame ring! I was your 48th follower, so I'm safe there.

My nice thing to say... I have a client that could easily be my best friend. I stayed at her office girl talking for an hour today, and next time I see her, I'm going to be sure to tell her how much I like our friendship!

xo zillioninfinitytimesbillions

Cailie said...

That is such a fun giveaway! Maybe
I'll get lucky:) I have to say that I love your nose ring and wish I had a cuter nose and could pull one off! I just started blogging and have been enjoying following yours!

shellybellylarson said... & your "seester" crack me up !

My Happy is that I got my new , oh so fabulous, eyeglasses in the mail today...they are green w/ rhinestones in the corners...soooooo much fun ! AND...i found a great old needlepoint owl pillow for 6 bucks at the thrift store...woo~hooo !

thanks ! Love your blog !

Cole said...

Um...I'm pretty sure I'm a follower, I'm slowly realizing I don't necessarily follow my favorites.
I love the lady in the pants' booty. I also love all of the other assorted crafts.
I also just addressed a thank you to you :)

Micaela said...

what a generous giveaway!!! I love the hoops. and the comment about your boobs :) esp. cos it's from your seester (what i call my sisters too!)

My fiance was SUPER nice to buy me a ticket home to celebrate my birthday sunday with my twinkie back home in TEXAS! the best birthday ever!!!


Sarah Lynne said...

Happy Friday!! I am a new follower!!


Tara said...

Hi from Friday Follow! Can't wait to read more. I am now following you!

Tara @ Trendy Treehouse

Marice said...

following u from FF! Feel free to visit me here:
Life Can't Wait and Up Now and What's Next

Rebecca D said...

I'm dropping by from Friday Follow... I'm your newest follower...

Michelle Faith said...

Happy friday follow, I'm a new follower.

Darcy said...

stopping by from Friday Follow. Cute Cute stuff over here!

Britti said...

Oh this giveaway is great!
I gotta think real hard to come up with something nice because i am sick right now and it so annoys me! But I am very thankful for herbal tea... And my warm bed with all the pillows and my super soft blanket. :)
I really love your blog! Reading it makes me happy!


Dimes2Vines said...

Have a great weekend!
Stopping by from
Happy Fri Follows - I'm a new follower! Love to have you stop by:

bizzimommiofboyz said...

Good Morning! Happy Friday Follow! You have a beautiful family and blog!

Following from....

Have a Wonderful day!

Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

Stopped by from Friday Follow - so glad I found you! Now following so I don't miss anything!

The Bee said...

Something nice about someone:
my friend Briita is ill in the moment, but I love her way of making me happy and making funny faces with me (
Something nice about anything?
I just love the weather- it.´s sunny and .windy...mmmh.

Thats it...
btw. I love the giveaways!

Kel said...

Happy Friday!

Meghan said...

This giveaway is inspiring me to be creative and less afraid of my lack of talent when it comes to crafting:) Awesome, awesome, awesome items!!!

Icy BC said...

Just found you on FF, and followed you for the fun..

You have great give-away stuffs too!

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

hi from FF! I'm your newest follower. I love that book -reminds me of mt childhood - oops!guess I spilled the beans.

Stop by when you get a chance and say hi!

TamsJewelry said...

Hello,cool blog.Happy Friday follow!

Nicole Bouchard Boles said...

Stopped by from Friday Follow - and I'm so glad I found you! Now following so I don't miss anything!
Please follow me at

Christina said...

I follow my sweet kass o frass! You and your kids are the bestest and we miss you SOOOOO much!!! We kinda like Dan too...:)

Jessica said...

Hey! Found you over at Friday Follow and thought I'd stop by.

Feel free to stop by any of my blogs and follow them.

My family blog:

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My photography blog:

Happy Friday! Have a blessed weekend! :)

Freely Living Life said...

You have very unique blog content. I look forward to seeing more!

I came across your blog through "Friday Follow". I am really enjoying meeting so many wonderful people though this feature. I am now one of your followers through Google Friend Connect.

Have an excellent weekend!! <3

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Hi there! Thanks for joining the Blog Hop. I'm following you now. Love your blog. I'll be back later to read more.

Happy Follow Friday!


BluePixo Entertainment said...

Hi there, coming over from FF. We are now following you.

Visiting from "All About Toys"

...Judith said...

This GiveAway is greate,
and your Awesome!!

I love the craftbook and
the three little embroidery hoops the most....
But I love CocaCola...
And I love Sewing....hmmm....
I dont know what to those =]

I love....
I love....
I love....
I love BacWoodsFern!!

And in the meantime I keep my fingers crost!!

X.Judith ^HartjeBloem^

p.s: I'm a Follower!

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

well, I can't seem to think about anything these days other than the fact that I'm having my first baby this summer--a little girl. I finished registering for my baby shower today! fun times. I'm now a follower of your blog. it's great!

:) erin said...

hi doll,
love your banner. i am a globe and map fan myself. nobody likes giveaways more than me. i am having one on my blog, Happy Owl, myself. Good luck to you, and good luck to me.
p.s. and of course i follow. :)

Anonymous said...

Though I am not officially on your "followers" area (not sure I can be if I don't use Blogger), I wanted to let you know I am a HUGE follower of your blog - but I think you already knew that :) Love it! And love the new pics on the banner.

jadiebird said...

i've been reading for a few weeks but never commented (shame on me!) but you are super cute and i always look forward to reading your blog.
this giveaway is amazing. vintage craft books are one of my most favorite things. AND you're announcing the winner on my birthday! (maybe that'll give me some extra luck?!)

ricebabies said...

OHHHHHHHH, Im last. Doubt I will win, but I'd LOOOOOVVVVEEEE those hoops.

Something nice- " My husband is the best person I know, other than my kids, life wouldnt be the same if he werent part of it."