Tuesday, March 9, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner

we have a wiener!

i mean... 

i asked tannyn to do the honors 

she looks excited, no?

brandi, you won!
maybe you can learn macrame and make me something pretty... ;-)

tayli wanted to choose too and dropped my latte bowl from anthro... sad sad day

tonight dan and i will be weighing the pros and cons of two very different houses we've found and both the would-be landlords seem to want us... 
we're having a hard time choosing and feel like we're on that show House Hunters
do we want the bigger house with very small yard or the much smaller house with a very large yard? ahhhhh i hate decisions!

we've been busing with house hunting, mold issues and landlord issues
which is the reason for my lack of blogging lately
i hope soon i can get back to being creative and blogging regularly 
so please bear with me

i hope you all have a lovely night and thanks for entering my giveaway!



kate maggie said...

How sweet of a post. Sorry about the broken bowl :( You and your family are lovely. x

Cole said...

Hooray for Brandi!
I hope you are able to figure out which house is best for your adorable family!

crissy said...

Congrats to Brandi. :) And sorry about your bowl. :(
Glad to hear you've got a good couple of pontential places to relocate to. I hope things work out with which ever house you choose.

my name is lauren. said...

yay brandi!

i just realized i never entered. how did that happen? oh well...maybe brandi will learn to macrame and then teach me when we see her in june...or via ichat. which reminds me...i still do want embroidery lessons! ....once you're less busy of course.

that's so exciting that you've found 2 houses. i'll be praying for you as you deliberate on which one to choose.

oh! and i just figured out how to add tabs on blogger. so cool! anyway, if you see that your blog button has gone missing on my blog, that's where it went.....under the "blogs i heart" tab :). cause of course i still love you AND your bliggity blog just as much as always. i miss you friend and i hope we can catch up once you're a bit less busy.

la-la-love you!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

~Ash~ said...

ahh poor lil latte bowl-was the drawing for a giveaway??? i must have missed this one! boo i remember breaking a glass in my gmas house when i was tanns age-i was so sad all day!

since i love you so much and love your family...i am going to vote on which house...and the only reason i would ever stick my nose in your beeswax is because i grew up there!!! so here goes. LN house, small house, big yard is perfect for kids, awesome schools, minutes to beach and cool parks, lots of family's, not many rentals in that neighborhood, no duplexes or apartment complexes, no overhead power lines, there is even a cool little hill above the kid park that your kids can build tree houses in! of course your home is where you make it and you are so blessed to have a choice between two very cool places to live! love ya...getting off my soap box now!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Brandi is lucky, so now I'll have to place an order with her for something similar to what was given away on the bleubird blog.

I figured since you weren't here you must be busy with house hunting. I don't like decisions either, but at least you have two good candidates to choose from! Are they still in the same area you're in now?

Too bad about the bowl :( Youngers kids always want to be included and do everything their older siblings do, but it can definitely be tricky...that's why I have to put the fun (breakable) stuff away when our friend's kids come over!

I hope you have a good day!

xo zillioninfinitytrillion

Rannie said...

yay!!!!!!! omg! t faces are cracking me up and the bowl!!! oh no!!!!
i cant believe i won!!!
which house feels right when you walk in?
you and dan should walk in them again:)
talk to you soon!!!!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

I totally agree with Brandi - what house feels right when you enter it. When Carl and I were looking, he really liked our current place but I wasn't sure because the rooms/closets were kind of small. We went to see it again and I totally fell in love.

Good luck and I'm so glad you found some other options! You guys both need to get out of there!!

I second the embroidery lessons idea. I'm actually going to try my hand at some embroidery tonight. My first try - eeeek!!

monica said...

cant wait to see what you pick!

i love house hunters!


BuenoBueno said...

yay brandi! I'm sad about your bowl , I love the color. I love watching HGTV and House Hunters. Mine and Alan's favorite is the International House Hunters :)
Good luck with it all! I know you are a little stressed, but it'll all work out beautifully -k

...Judith said...