Monday, March 15, 2010

dedicated to dan my man

happy 30th birthday!!

i love you with all my heart, dan... i feel so blessed to have you as my husband, best friend and father to my children... you make me whole and i adore you.

i hope you had a wonderful time surfing this evening
love the chaluspas chicken i made you
and enjoy the ice cream cake even though it's melting all over the freezer

we LOVE you
so so so
very much!

xo forever,
your loving wife


elsiee said...

Happy Birthday Dan! You are one rockin Nija Turtle!!

my name is lauren. said...

happy birthday to dan!

i'm loving all these flash back photos. you guys are adorable. these make me very very happy. i hope you guys have a great time celebrating tonight.


BuenoBueno said...

Wow. Y'all are such a beautiful couple! I can't believe y'all were ninja turtles!!! Happy birthday Dan, and I haven't been able to say it yet, but CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING A HOUSE!

Kassi said...

elsie - haha... those were the best homemade costumes ever!

lauren - thanks love - i think he was a happy man coming home to a home cooked meal and presents!

kelly - aw, thank you - ninja turtles rock! and thanks for the congrats - we can't wait to move! :-)

Anonymous said...

My wife is the best...I love you too babe and any day with you is better then the best birthday.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Happy birthday to Dan! That was such a sweet post! Looking at the pictures of him when he was younger is like looking at Tayli's twin!

I'm glad you had a fun time surfing for his birthday!

xo millionquadrillion!

Kassi said...

thanks danielle - i just noticed the same thing!! the preschool pic of dan COMPLETELY reminds me of tayli... i had never seen it before... she totally looks like him! cuhray-z!

With Love, Jamie said...

You & your hubby are waaay hot!! :)

Kassi said...

haha... thank you jamie! :-)

BuenoBueno said...

omg!!!!! dan! happy birthday! and what a cutie! i loved the haircuts and stages of his life.
and i love the photo of you guys picking his nose and the ninja one!!! hahahahaha you guys are special. :)
cant wait to hang with yall!

Kassi said...

brandi - thanks love. i love the nose picking one too and even have it framed... haha can't wait to hang too!!!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday to your husband,Dan! I love the 2nd to last picture of the two of you! so beautiful!

ashley jeffers said...

thats a sexy a** couple there :)
happy bday Dan! you can see all the love through the pictures.

Kassi said...

thank you so much kimberly! :-)

ashley - haha thanks ;-)

shellybellylarson said...

Kassi...i agree with everyone and Dan make a beautiful couple..y'all look like models...seriously! And your kiddos are following right in your footsteps...gorgeous!

Hope the Hubs has a fantastic bday...and the best bday gift being a 'mold free" new home !

oh, saw on a previous post that you had made brown rice, pesto & artichoke hearts...sounds delish...please share your recipe !

Kassi said...

shelly - you got a picture up! yay!
thanks for the compliments :-) you are too sweet!
the meal i made was super easy - just some organic brown rice from trader joes, pesto from tj's and artichoke hearts from tj's - mixed it all together and viola! easy peasy yummy meal - i added sea salt and cracked pepper to taste.

shellybellylarson said...

yummo & oh,so, easy ! I think Taylor and I will have that for dinner !

ha..yes...finally a pic. I'm sooo not good with computers,etc.Hopefully my baby girl (she's 23 , but still my babe) will come over and help her 'ol mom out with getting the whole blog thing set up !

THANKS...have an happy day !

Kassi said...

shelly - you and your hus are gorgeous! and you had your daughter at 17 - i had my son at 17! i don't meet many people who have gone through the same/similar situation as me so that's fun!
super easy meal - let me know if you like it... i also like making it with tomatoes and pesto (minus the arti's) soooooo yummy
hope you have a happy day as well!

ashley jeffers said...

i know i already commented but im a loser like that and i came back to see if you said something back...and you did, i love that you make time to comment back to everyone and thats a lot of people.

Kassi said...

ashley - i'm so glad to know that you come back to check! sometimes i feel like commenting back is a waste of my time... but i think it's fun to get to know my readers in a way and interact with you guys... so thank you!
and your first comment really did make me laugh... :-)
ps. you're daughter is adorable AND congrats on the pregnancy! how exciting!

JMay said...

These pics are so cute.

Blast from the past, you two make a beautiful couple!

Happy Bday to your man!

Kris Ann said...

LOVE this photo tribute to your hubby. Continued blessings in your relationship!


Kassi said...

jmay - thank you :-)

kris ann - thank you so much!

Kassi said...

thank you so much mara! i love the fingers in the nose pic too... that was taken back when we were dating... ahhh memories :-)