Wednesday, March 24, 2010

feels good

in between packing, cleaning and gearing up for my palm springs trip this weekend
i've been making a few sunglass cases
i'm finishing up the third one today which will be for me - i've never made myself one before so i'm pretty excited to have one for myself. 

the other two will go to my girlfriends

it feels good to be sewing and creating again - yay!

what are your plans for this glorious wednesday?



MannMom3 said...

That's kind of a seksi picture..

Kassi said...

hahaha - i'm to seksi for my shirt to seksi for my shirt so seksi it huuuuuuurts! ;-)

Kassi said...

i mean, 'too' seksi... oh typo-s

lydia. said...

i love that case!
do you sell those, kassi?

Kassi said...

thanks lydia! i do sell them... i don't have any extra made right now but once we move i'll be making more - if you're interested i can make you one - you can always email me if you are!

Jamie said...

Hot mama! Awesome pic, girl!

I am working inside while the sun is shining outside. Boooo for being stuck inside!!! But I plan on going home at 5pm and going on a walk with the kiddos and then making some gifts for some friends while watching reality tv. ha!
But I am laughing a lot today and just made a hilarious video with my coworker that is cracking me up. ;)

Happy day to you!!!

Kassi said...

thanks jamie :-) boo is right! a walk with the kiddos sounds great though - i'm glad you're having a much better day today than the other day... i was sad to read about all the on silly people! i want to see your funny video!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Hey Kass - glad to see you back in the bloggy world. And yes, you look hawt in that pic!!

Excited for you to take your PS trip. I'm sitting in my office today and just took a little blog break. Blah. But I am trying to save the world with Renewable Energy, so I guess that's good! And we just made plans for an impromptu camping trip to Big Sur this weekend so I'm just workin' for the weekend at this point!!


Micaela said...

such a great photo! seksi indeed ;)

i love your creation! what a great gift. i'm so excited for your trip! what greater feeling then packing a suitcase for a holiday that awaits.

BuenoBueno said...

you should call the check book and money holders too!
i put my check book, cash, phone and all sorts of stuff in them and that goes in my purse! i love mine!!!

Bree Chandler said...

I LOOVEE your nail polish! Im always looking for New fun bright colors! where did you get it!? And you are seriously GORGEOUS!!!

Kassi said...

chels - thanks friend! oooh big sur camping trip sounds divine! i love love big sur! ps. still want you as a guest blogger but i'm lagging on an idea for the post so it probably wont be until after i move... i'll email you.

micaela - thanks and thanks... i seriously am so excited for our palm springs trip!

brandi - aw, yes! it can have many uses! so glad you still like yours and are getting use out of it!

bree - i got the nail polish at cvs... not sure what it is called... i just always look around for cheap but fun colors. thanks for the compliment!

mara - thank you! i have so many pairs of sunglasses and hate being without a case so that's why i started making them... it was cheaper than buying more cases from anthro... but then i started giving them away and then selling them and never had one of my own - so i'm excited to make myself one! sorry work is no fun - hope it gets better for you!

Andrea said...

Love em! Doesn't creating feel so amazing? I seriously go into withdrawals if I don't craft for a few weeks. Today I am getting my taxes done (not fun), and doing final prep for a craft fair I'm hosting at my house tomorrow (very fun!). hey the next one I have you should totally participate and sell your goods :)

Safe Home Happy Mom said...

Hi There, I am your latest follower. I like your blog design, it is so chic and I love the title, i'll hang around and dig into archives.

Whenever you get a chance, stop by my blog at

Maybe we can get to know each other!


You have a safe and wonderful trip! take lots of pix to share with your readers..

Have a good day!

my name is lauren. said...

Look at you with That "come hither" sunglasses pose! Work it kass!

Glad you're doing a little something for yourself and getting to create again. I hope you have so much fun in palm springs. I'm jealous you'll be where it's so warm, but so excited for you to have a getaway :).

Love you girl!

xo. Thanks.
xo. Thanks.

Jamie said...

Confession: I always come back to your blog after I read it to see what comment you left me after my comment. =) I love that you take the time to do that. Soooo sweet!!!

I was also reading the other comments and I need one of your sunglasses holders for my checkbooks!!!! I never thought of that before. We should do another trade. ;) (When you have time, of course.)

I will post that video tonight. I look like a total fool but it makes me laugh. ;)

Cole said...

I love that case! I definitely think I need one!
I love how good it feels to get back into crafting after a break.
PS You should check out the gift exchange on my blog, that way I can make sure to get your package and one of these cases-haha!
Happy Wednesday darling!

Becca said...

So cute! This morning I read an old post of yours with the shrimp poop...I laughed out loud. You are funny!
Enjoy your relaxing weekend :)

Kassi said...

andrea - i actually love the break... but am so glad when my 'creative juices' start flowing again! craft fair sounds fun!

happy mom - thanks for stopping by and following! i'll be sure to check out your blog and i look forward to getting to know you!

social butterfly - thank you! i will be sure to blog about the trip with pics when i return! :-)

lauren - come hither... hahaha i just took the photo myself trying to make the case look appealing... not me!! high 80's while we're there... i can't wait! i'll be sure to do a lot of relaxing and sunbathing for you! ;-) xo. thanks

jamie - i love knowing that! thank you for sharing your 'confession' ;-) i would love to do another trade - remind me again mid april (i'm sure my house will be put together and i'll have my sewing station set up by then!) can't wait for the video! i hope to be laughing right along with you ;-)

cole - i'll check out your gift exchange now - not sure how i've missed it... loved the post on kelly and alan today - you're doing a great job with that series!

Kassi said...

becca - haha yes, the poop in shrimp story - weren't those pics gross?! you're cute for reading so far back!

~Ash~ said...

Yay for girls weekends! Wish we were going on the same trip! I am headed to SB and Paso this weekend for some wine, and good times with my girls! I am most excited thinking about all the laughing I will do!

The lil case you made is oh so adorable! I use the one you made me everyday. Macey kicked it out of the car one day and I came out from the store and there it was-I was so happy no one snagged it.

I am so totally coming up to LN next week and the week after for Spring Break so lets plan something.

Have fun in Palm Springs you hot, sexy sun glass model!

Mucho love

Kassi said...

ashley! how fun! too bad we don't have the same girlfriends... imagine how fun that would be! enjoy your time laughing and drinking wine! i'm glad you still use your case - yours was one of the very first ones i ever made so i'm sure you could use a new one ;-) come visit me in LN! we move in the 2nd so we'll be there over spring break. can't wait to see you love!

Catherine Anne said...

I love it and yes I say too what a hottie pic:)

shellybellylarson said...

I, too, LOVE that polish ! perfecto for your trip !

I agree w/ everyone else...great ..HOTT...pic ! You are a beauty !

Have fun !

jadiebird said...

i'm sure this has been addressed already, but DANG girl! it took me a second to realize this was you and not some high-fashion sunglass ad! hot mama!

Kassi said...

catherine anne - thank you! :-)

shelly - thanks and thanks - laying out by the pool in 87 degree weather... yeah, i'm sure i'll have fun! ;-)

jadiebird - ha wow, thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Daddy like grrrrrr

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kassi said...

ha love you dan my man xxoo

Jen said...

Ooo, a Palm Springs trip sounds awesome!

Kassi said...

jen - yes it does - tomorrow isn't coming soon enough!

Christina said...

Yay for Kass, Yay for Palm Springs, and Yay for the little gift I made/got you to help inspire those creative juices of yours! Another early b-day treat for you! Can't wait!!! :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Oh my gosh Kassi, you like like a model in that picture! Have you been practicing your sexy? :) I know it goes to make things and not have any of them for yourself. I've been wanting to maky myself a messenger bag forever, but after I sew something, I always feel like I should stick in my shop instead. Oh well, one day!

I hope you have a good time this weekend. Will you be traveling without your cane?

xo mucho billion mazillion

Kassi said...

stina weena - yay! you made me something? i made YOU something! aren't we cute ;-) see you tomorrow - woot woot!

danielle - dude, you need to keep one of your bags! but i totally feel ya. yes, i practice my sexy every day in the mirror ;-) no cane for me! (i hope)