Saturday, January 9, 2010

my girls

i miss my girls...

these girls
photo taken by kim clark citro photography circa 2006
don't mind how crazy my boobs look.... disgusting i know, but i still love this picture.
from left to right: angie, kim, christina and yours truly 

they all live in santa barbara and i live in stupid huntington beach... two hours away...

yes, i know, it's not THAT far but it is when you have three kids and/or jobs, responsibilities, etc...

which all four of us have one or the other

and it makes it hard to get together

we try to get together for birthdays but sadly we missed kim's this last october

i NEED to see them, to play with them and have girl talk with them...

they are the best, most beautiful girls i know

kim's birthday 2008 (before i moved and minus angie)
left to right: me, christina and kim
my birthday 4/2009 (minus angie...again)
left to right: kim, me, christina 

christina emailed us the other day trying to plan a trip to new york... that would be the best! but even a trip somewhere locally in cali would be great too... i just need some time with my favs...

hope to see you soon my girls!



lydia. said...

aww, i hope things work out and you get to spend time with your ladies soon!

Kassi said...

thank you lydia... i think i see palm springs in our near future :-) yay!

LiLi said...

How I wish I live in Calif too. *sigh. I miss spending my fave girls too, my neices, sis, SIL & my mom. I wanna go thrifting with them and chitchat until the sun comes up.

Kassi said...

lili, i hope you get the chance to come out here soon to see your family - that is so sweet that they are your fave girls!

my name is lauren. said...

i hope you get to hang out soon!

and dang! you were SO tan in that first picture! like... ethnic tan.

oh...and FYI...craig and i have a cali/mexico trip in the works...but probably not for awhile....maybe september. but a long time away is better than nothing right?

hope you have a great day today beautiful friend!

Kassi said...

thanks friend, i think we'll be taking a trip to palm sprigs soon... :-)

i do get tan easy and quick - i have even gotten asked if i'm mexican or brazilian - but i'm not... i do have a bit of native american indian in me so that is where it comes from

i hope you come! keep me posted of your plans - i would love to see you and you two can always stay here if you want!

enjoy your sunday - xxxoo

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Aw I totally understand this. I moved away from my hometown for university and then went to three different schools. Thus any friends I've made are now all over the world. Sometimes a woman just needs her pals.

Kassi said...

so true post grad!!