Saturday, January 9, 2010


the boys ditched us this morning to go surf Trestles...

they pretty much suck

we were all going to go but tayli is still sick and dan didn't think it would be a good idea to take her to the beach... i agreed. so they got up this morning at 5:30 and ditched us. apparently they wont be home till noon (but knowing their track record it will be at least an hour after whatever they tell me). so i've been up since six on my saturday morning tending to one sick little girl and another whiney little girl who just wants to play with daddy. but daddy is never here saturday mornings...

this is a morning where i hate surfing
and hate that it comes before family

sorry for the craptastic mood i'm in. i've been stuck in my house all week long with sick kids and now i'm stuck on my saturday as well..... arrggg i'm just so annoyed with daniel.


i finished my pillow - yay!

i hope your saturday had a better start to it than mine did!



lydia. said...

love the pillow!
sorry your day isn't going so hot.
i hope the little one feels better soon.
and you all get in that family time.

Kassi said...

thank you so much lydia... i think the day is going to look up for me.. a little painting project and retail therapy are calling my name! hope you have a great saturday!

Katherine said...

it looks so cute, kassi! i love it even more now that it's finished. :)

Kassi said...

yay! thank you so much katherine - that means a lot coming from the master crocheter!

my name is lauren. said...

sorry you're having a rough day love. that's kind of lame to leave you stuck at home when you've already been there all week :(.

hopefully you guys will be able to have a chat about it later so you can let him know how you felt. i feel like that sometimes with craig's snowboarding, but i try my best to wait and tell him about it after i'm not quite as angry.

i love you kass and i hope you get some family time in today!


dottie angel said...

i'm thinking just how peachy that little cushion looks upon your couch!! trust me, the little crocheted shower cap was not a pretty sight, but i was determinded to make it work... you have no idea just how many hours i have spent on crocheting only to push it to one side with despair... but not this time, it was going to blimen' well work.

i'd be rather proud of your little cushion and i have to say the colors are spot on :)
hope your weekend gets better soon along with the kids...
Tif x

Kassi said...

lauren, thank you.
i did talk to dan... he knew how i felt before i posted the blog... oh well. this has been an ongoing battle since we had tannyn... she is such a daddy's girl and ALWAYS wants to be with him.
love you mucho too doll!

ah, my attempts at the shower cap/stool sweater were horrid... but i will keep on trying. if i don't master it, then i guess i'll just have a lot of crocheted pillows thrown about my home! you have been completely inspiring me lately - i love all things dottie angel. ;-)
thank you for commenting and for the encouraging words!!

samboy said...

I love all the frames on the wall! I love big "clusters" of different frames and prints :)

It looks great!x

marisa said...

aww i hope your day gets better!

ooh and i might see you tomorrow at church :)

Kassi said...

thank you samboy and marisa!

i'm doing a little painting project in a few that i'm excited about! yay! so it's already getting better!

BuenoBueno said...

Im sorry Kass!
Cheer up! hope the lil one feels better.
focus on the good things about Dan right now bc its so easy to start listing all the crappy things!
I think maybe he should watch the kids tomorrow so you can go out and roam through a craft store:)
hope your weekend gets better!

BuenoBueno said...

oh and the pillow is adorable! i need to make more pillows, but cant crochet! boo teach me!!!! are you on skype?

Maura said...

Love the pillow! It came out so cute!! I hope the rest of your day was a little better. It sucks being stuck in the house.

I am so jealous that you have the weather to go surfing right now! It was 20 here today. So cold!

Kassi said...

brandi, you're right, i should focus on the good things... thanks for that reminder, friend
and for the rest of the day today... he has been watching the girls and i got some painting projects done, was able to make guacamole and have a beer... so that's good.

i don't have skype... but its easy to get so if you really want me to teach you i can get it. let me know yo!

thank you maura! the rest of the day has been better.... painting, guacamole, beer... not so bad.

ugh, 20... i'm sorry... but at least you have seasons... i dream of seasons...

dinosaur toes said...

You calling him Daniel makes it sound like he's really in trouble! Sorry your day got off to a crappy start. Husbands can be annoying sometimes, I know mine has been the last few days :( Hope your Sunday is better!

Anonymous said...

So my beautiful wife gave my son and I the hall pass to surf and to make sure we don;t spend the whole day we decided to wake up at 5:30 am and drive to some surf about 40 minutes away...only thing was the surf sucked so we ended up coming back closer to home to surf...moral of the story...don't go somewhere to surf when there are waves in your backyard, but most importantly be loving, sensitive, kind, sacrificing and considerate of your wife or she'll blog about it :) love you babe!!!

Kassi said...

danielle, your comment made me laugh... i guess i do usually call him dan on here, huh? funny. yes, husbands can be soooo annoying... i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks so! ;-)
enjoy your sunday! xo

Anna said...

Bummer Tayli is sick, but can I just say that I love your use of the word, "craptastic!" I must use this more often :)

Kassi said...

yeah, she's been sick for 9 days now... poor baby. so glad you like the word craptastic and i can't wait to hear you use it! ;-)