Thursday, January 14, 2010

tag, you're it!

i've been tagged by my awesome friend brandi over at mucho mucho bueno bueno to tell you guys 7 (or is it 9, brandi?) facts that you may or may not know about me...

here goes....

1. i haven't really brushed my hair in over ten years and i rarely use conditioner

2. i was voted most likely to become famous my junior year in high school

3. i hate bras and underwear

4. daniel is not my son, tyler's, biological father but did adopt him when ty was nine after a long four year process... but he's been his daddy since ty was five.

5. my mom permed my hair for years when i was a kid... i always wanted super duper curly hair. sometimes i want a perm again... even though my hair is wavy

6. my mom came up with a special 'love language' for she and i when i was six... mucho mucho grande (mmg). she would say this instead of 'i love you' or following 'i love you'. she only did it with me and not my sister or brother... it has always made me feel very special. i say it to my kids now and to daniel too.

7. i someday want to own a parcel at Hollister Ranch (probably the best surf spot in cali) and build my dream house... have tons of land, chickens, a garden and my own art studio. i also want my house to be featured in a magazine someday

8. we just found out my dad is jewish by lineage... which i was very excited about. also, i'm part irish, english and native american indian

9. even though i love the 'little' years of the kids... i can't wait until they are older so that dan and i can get away more.... there are SO many places that i want to travel with him!

10. i went to Israel for three weeks back in 2000 and it changed my life. i want to go back and take my whole family desperately. i've also been to Petra in Jordon (where one of the indiana jones movies was filmed). absolutely breathtaking. i was baptized at Ein Gedi where david hid from saul (1 samuel 24:1)... it is an oasis in Israel. gorgeous.

okay, i did ten...  i guess i got carried away!

now it's time for me to tag some of you

if you're not tagged (i can't chose everyone, unfortunately) then please let me know one random fact about you in the comment section.... i love getting to know you guys better!

tag! you're it!

marisa at marisa cherie
mara at m loves m
chloe at sean <3 chloe
katherine at making chicken salad


my name is lauren. said...

you're quite the free-spirit when it comes to undergarments and your hair :).

i never brush my hair either. i may have to steal this one for my list!

how's your day going lovely? kicking your eating plan into gear? hope you're doing awesome!


Kassi said...

ha. yes, i guess i am...

brushing your hair is so overrated! ;-)

my day is good... and yes, i've been eating well today... so far! how you doing lovely?

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Hey, I haven't brushed my hair in years either! I figure it's naturally wild, so why try to tame it?

Since you two aren't eating dairy, here's a teaser...I ate organic cheese & salsa quesadillas for lunch, mmmmm!

Kassi said...

i love that you don't brush your hair either, danielle!

you are such a meanie... ;-) (i did cheat yesterday though and had cheese... yummmmmmm)

my name is lauren. said...

I'm doing good...or was until danielle brought up quesadillas :). Mean mean. The first thing I'm having when I'm done is a piece of pizza. I've been craving one like mad. I've only lost a half pound in the last 3 days though :(. Sad.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Cheating is allowed, I think you're safe.

I also forgot to say that I love those boots! I have three pairs that I really like, but for some reason I think I look silly in boots, so I don't wear them often.

Kassi said...

take weekends off, lauren... that way you wont feel deprived and will stick with a healthy way of eating in the long run. get the trader joes wheat pizza dough... less than $2 dude! add a little garlic and some veggies with a sprinkle of cheese - viola - pizza with less calories! and you're doing great! don't get down on yourself... you've lost almost ten pounds (or is it ten?) in less than two weeks! you're my hero. xooxoxo

thanks about the boots danielle! my dad got them for me for christmas - they are the riding boots from ruche... i love them! i never thought i could pull off boots too since i have such short legs... but these seem to work somehow! i do prefer being shoeless though :-)

ps. i love these convos back and forth with you two - mucho LOVE!

my name is lauren. said...

Good advice kass. I think I will take a break. Probably Friday for sure cause I think we're going to dinner with craigs fam and I was stressing about way to eat. I've lost about 9 so still good.

Did you know you're the only blog where I actually come back to read comments? You're so good at commenting back. I suck. I just get overwhelmed but I try to go visit other peoples blogs when theycomment...but still not as good at it as you :).

Kassi said...

don't stress. enjoy yourself and enjoy life! have fun on friday night!

thanks for coming back and reading... i love that you do... you're the bestest. ;-)
if i had as many people comment on my blog as you do on yours, there is NO way i would be able to comment on every single comment... that would just take way too long... but since i only have a handful of readers who comment regularly (and whom i love) it makes it easy to do so! so don't feel bad dollface!

Kassi said...

you're welcome mara! i'm glad you're gonna do it!

my mom started mmg when she and my dad divorced... i would cry for hours every time i had to leave either one of them so she came up with that to make me feel better... sweet mom i have.

wow, a lot of us don't brush our hair - i love it!

thanks for the compliment about the picture!

BuenoBueno said...

hahaha i dont brush my hair at all!
1. i love your outfit and i want it!
2. famous? duh you are!!!
3 i to had the poodle perms!
4.i love the mucho mucho grande!!! thats so awesome!
5. i will come stay with you on hollister ranch!
6. your jewish? now you can really get famous! move to hollywood!
7. you have so much time to travel with Danny boy!
8. yor number 10 makes me super jealous! LUCKY! what am amzing experience!
thanks for sharing all these!!!

Erica said...

I can blow bubbles with my spit, not the gross drooly kind of bubbles, but the kind of bubbles that get mistaken for little soap bubbles. Yeah. I can do that. Cuz I am that awesome. haha

Kassi said...

brandi -
thank you!
hahaha famous... never :-)
i want a poodle perm again... maybe you can give me one! ;-) i love that you had one too!
i was attracted to your blog button the first time i saw it because of the mucho mucho... i knew i would like your blog (and you) right away... i mean, anyone who says 'mucho mucho' is rad in my book!
yes stay with us! or better yet, go in on the parcel and live there with us - you can have up to three structures!
i'm not jewish... just my dad... you can only be jewish by birth if your mom is jewish... i always wanted to be a messianic jew though. :-)
okay, israel is amazing. you and jacob should totally go if you get the chance. the most gorgeous place i've ever been... especially the sea of galilee and the red sea.... divine. you would love it. it changed my life.
this was fun. thanks for tagging me brandi!

erica -
i can do that too!!! i love that you can do it... so fun... i can't actually make them float though. can you?

heather said...

i also do not brush my wavy hair....ever!

Kassi said...

another anti brusher! i love it!

Jamie said...

what a cool 10 things!!! mine are going to be soooo lame o. i'll have to think about it i'm not so boringggg.

thanks for the tag my dear & also finding me on twitter! yay!!!

Kassi said...

thanks jamie! i'm glad you're going to do it.... and, dude, you are not boring! :-) xx said...

Love reading! One thing you may not know about me: hmmmm ...
- When I am stressed, I make up songs and sing them out loud in the car and in the house :)

Thanks for following my blog, as well :)

Kassi said...

anna, that sounds like something you would do! love it.

you are so welcome for following your blog... like i wouldn't though. :-) i love getting into the mind of anna... and hearing about one of my favorite mann families... we miss you guys a lot and think of you often... so really, your blog is a treat!

Erica said...

Yes dear Kassi, I can make them float. One time in the winter I blew a bubble and it landed on my winter coat and my sister poked it with her glove and it collapsed into itself! it was sooo cool :) haha yeah I am a freak like that

Kassi said...

that is cool.... you should make a utube video of that! we could call you bubble girl!