Thursday, January 21, 2010

getting the goods ready

good morning my lovely friends

it's another rainy and stormy day today... apparently it's suppose to be the worst storm of the week... we shall see

i'm planning on being a busy little bee today

sewing, creating and getting the goods ready for the giveaway tomorrow

my workspace... or as i like to call it 'creative nook' 

my little sidekick, tayli, will be helping me out today

this girl never leaves my side (unless she's eating breakfast)

not much of a post today since i've got no time to spare...

enjoy your day today, stay safe, stay warm

and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the giveaway!



my name is lauren. said...

good luck with your to-do list today love!

oh...and btw...i love your little creative nook. i need to turn our spare bedroom into one, cause my craft stuff kind of just explodes everywhere :(.

and looks like you've got the best sidekick ever. you and dan made some pretty babies :).

and glad you still like me the more you find out about me...better than the other way around of liking me less and less. excited for our skype date!


Kassi said...

thank you, i need it! i need to get in my creative zone!
my creative nook is just that, a nook. i tiny nothing of a space... i wish i could devote a whole bedroom to it! someday...
tayli is a cutie isn't she :-) thanks for the compliment on the kiddos... you'll be able to meet them during our skype date - ha!
how could anyone not like you... seriously... as i've said before, you're the bees knees!

This Lovely City said...

I love, love your creative nook! The jar full of buttons is my fave :) Your little sidekick is awfully cute! XO.

BuenoBueno said...

love your lil nook i wanna get in there and start crafting!
its so put together. my room is crazy!
i hope you have a fun day with T.
she is just too cute eating her cheerios.
Q. how do you have time being a momma?
im scared.
Jacob wants kids next year.

Claudette said...

Cute pic of Tay. I see Tannyn in this one. love you. enjoy the rain.

Kassi said...

lovely city - thank you! i love vintage buttons... i wish i had more! i just checked out your blog and my goodness it's purty! love all the photos!!

brandi -
thanks brandi - i just wish my little nook wasn't so little!
she is cute isn't she ;-) thanks!
i love your question! tyler helps a lot since he's 12... and has chores. and i just don't get some stuff done between hanging with them, crafting and blogging. i never do laundry... which bugs the heck out of dan... i have good days and bad.
You will be a great mom... you're so fun and those kiddos of yours will always have a blast! also, being a mom isn't that hard - especially when they are babies... all they do is eat, sleep and poop!!!
i hope you feel better - praying for you! xo

mom, i don't see tann at all in tayli... but they get that ALL the time! are you still driving up to redding for the funeral? love you. mmg

monica said...

oh my gosh, i love your little nook! it looks like it is packed full of fun stuff.

i can't wait to see what you create, but i am sure it will be fab like yourself.

hope you are staying warm and away from all of that flooding i have been reading about on the news.

BuenoBueno said...

I like nooks and I LOVE creative nooks. nothing like a little organized chaos.

Tayli is super adorable!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Are those Anthropologie gift card holders I see??? I love your creative nook. Mine is more like a "tornado room." I try to clean it up, I really do, but I'm not as productive if everything is tucked neatly into drawers and storage containers.
I can't wait to see the giveaway, I'm sure it'll be great!
Also, that's one cute lil sidekick you've got! I'm thinking about asking my friend if her 4-year-old wants to model some headbands for me. They're so cute at theat age!

Anonymous said...

your creative workspace/nook is wonderful. i love it. want to work in it. want to move it to MY house.

Emily Anne said...

Cute, cute blog! I love it. :)

Xoxo- Emily

Kassi said...

monica - thank you! i hope you guys like the giveaway... i always get nervous when i give away my own creations... and yes, staying warm and safe in our cozy little house.. only venturing out to pick the kiddos up from school :-)

kelly - definitely organized chaos going on over at my house! thanks about tayli!!!

danielle - why, yes, i love my little teefs ;-) thanks about tay...she is cute and not only a sidekick but a monkey on my back at the moment... i swear, she is attached to me! little girls make the cutest models... do it!

rachel - thanks! i just wish i had a huge room so i could fit my easel in too! :-(

Kassi said...

thank you so much emily anne!!!

Cat said...

I love the creative nook! I love all the old jars! I have a little sidekick too, her name is Ariana and is 14 months old....time is definitely something I would wish for more of!


Kassi said...

thank you cat!
little sidekicks are the best! even when they are monkey's on our backs!

MannMom3 said...

Hey Kass!

I thought you were gonna be busy crafting away and not on the computer..;-)

Anywho..I think Tayli looks like me!! Just kidding yo! I'm cuter! Just kidding again..She's waaay cuter!!!

Kassi said...

sister of mine... lunch break... a girl's got to eat yo!

i've always thought tayli resembles you... but yes, she is cuter! ;-) love you!

CupcakeSniper said...

one..she is beautiful!
2 love your creative nook and that awesome orange clock!!!

Can't wait to see all the beauties you make!

lydia. said...

tayli is such a little cutie!
all of your babies are. :)

nice little nook you've got there, too!

Kassi said...

lex - thank you!
the orange clock (used to be more red than orange) is from Ross! it was a steal at around $4!

lydia - thank you, thank you and thank you!

echo said...

love the nook! I too love the clock (found you off amanda and the newelly-weds) love your style.

Kassi said...

thank you thank you echo! and thanks for following! :-)

Elizabeth said...

I envy your creative nook's organization :)

Kassi said...

aw, it's not really that organized... it's just so small that it looks that way! ;-)

Micaela said...

your creative nook is lovely! i wish i was a creative goddess, but just seeing your nook makes me wish i could come over and learn something- anything!

your darlings are PRECIOUS!!! look at those eyes :)

so you know, i've been meaning to say hi and introduce myself- i've been chatting to you somewhat thru ocmments on danielle's blog. lol you girls are just too cute to each other.

i've come out from the ferns to say hello to you! and this, i promise to do more often. i like your creative corner of the internet. xo

Kassi said...

nice to finally meet you micaela! :-)
thanks for the wonderful compliments... you are too sweet!
i'm glad you've said hi... and i look forward to getting to know you better...

ps. i love your blog! and i noticed you have the boobie follower too... so funny!

Micaela said...

ps. just so you know, i hated i misspelled *comments haha i blame it on the cheap wine i am sipping ;)

BOOBIE FOLLOWER! Ha! me and fiance had a laugh about that. when i noticed THEM yesterday, i gasped (and I have a funny sense of humour mind you, but i thought, what would people think if they saw THEM there ha) and click to see who would be so ... courageous? lol but OF COURSE, no link ha

awww i love that you love my little space. really? means a lot coming from you :) more than that, i love that we are friends! xoxo

Kassi said...

i didn't even notice the spelling error... but shoot, we're allowed to have typos - wine or not!

the boobie follower CRACKS ME UP! even funnier that we can't see who she is! but, dang, i like her! she's got guts!

and yes, really. you're beautiful, have great taste, are witty and very well spoken (written)... what the heck is there not to love!
i'm glad to know you my new bloggy friend!

enjoy your night... looking at your boobie followers picture and sipping your wine! ;-) xo