Sunday, January 3, 2010

a little recap of our new years eve... since everyone else is doing it ;-)

we went to my brother, nate, and sister in law, kiana's, house for new years eve...

kiana and i
(yummy espresso in hand made by nate)

bloody knuckles with nate
(he and i used to play growing up... you can't tell, but i was screaming and laughing so hard - he hits HARD and i was so freakin scared! in the first pic, i'm pointing at how red my wrist is... apparently my brother has very bad aim - i was lucky he didn't break my wrist!)

tannyn and aram

cousin love
navid, tyler, arasteh, tannyn, aram and tayli

last day of 2009 photo ops

pretty sure nate was trying to poke dan in the crotch with the light saber

natey, kiana, me and dan

more bloody knuckle fun... dan had a bit of swollen hand after this game!

gearing up to watch four christmases

coffee outside waiting for the clock to strike midnight

happy new year kiss

dan's new years dance

my (yes, that's me - crazy looking, i know!) new years dance - oh yeah!

happy new year to all of you!

we just got back from the sequoia's today and i'm pooped... but also SO ready for monday to come and to get back in a routine...

working out again the way i used to (two hours a day, five-six days a week) is one of my new years goals and i can't wait to start tomorrow!

i have a lot more new years goals but we'll save those for another post later this week.

i'm going to cuddle tyler now before he goes to bed...

have a good night my friends!



my name is lauren. said...

you're pretty kass :). i love that you and dan are both wearing red. it's like you planned it or something. and your belt is adorable.

oh...and as for visiting the bacquet house, i would love too. craig and i are actually trying to plan a trip to california sometime in the near(ish) future, because we have some friends who just moved there a couple of months ago, and i'd love the make a stop to visit you. i'll let you know when we start making plans :).

Kassi said...

thanks my friend!
i'm actually in orange... but it does look red in the photos... and i did tell dan to wear his red sweater - i think it's so cute on him ;-) thanks about the belt- it was my grans and i love it.

i would love love love for you to visit! where in cali did your friend move to?

dinosaur toes said...

Your new year's eve looks like it was lots of fun, and you and your husband are such a cute couple! How did you like Four Christmases? I've got a huge crush on Vince Vaughn and I thought the movie looked hilarious.

Tyler said...

looks like alot of fun! Happy New Year

Kassi said...

happy new year tyler!

i have a huge crush on vince too, danielle! i have crushed on him for years and years...ahhhh. the movie was cute... i liked it. not my favorite but definitely worth renting!

MannMom3 said...

I wanna play bloody knuckles!

Kassi said...

keel, nate kept on talking about how he used to play you when we were little and how hard you used to hit and that you would hurt him. it was funny. wish you guys would have been with us. love you.

imagination creation said...

Those pictures are so cute! Happy new year. Check out our blog(:

Kassi said...

thank you! cute blog... i too love plush toys - they are just so sweet! hey, thanks for adding my button!! happy new year!

Morgan said...

love your New Years outfit! Adorable!

Kassi said...

why thank you so much morgan!

Kristin said...

Okkkkkk, your flashdance inspired ensemble rocked the house!

Kassi said...

hahahaha... thank you!! every time i see that pic i laugh... it doesn't look a thing like me... at least i don't think it does!

ps. i love the movie flashdance!!