Thursday, January 7, 2010

ten in twenty ten

my ten goals for twenty ten

1. stop biting my nails for a whole year (i usually go six months with pretty nails and then six months with ugly bitten, bleeding fingers... yuck!)

2. write  more handwritten letters to friends and loved ones

3. play more with these three

4. wash my face every night! i was bad last year - by the time i went to bed (at midnight or later) i was just too lazy and tired to do it. this year has been good so far though!

5. get better at everything i like to do... sew, stitch, create, draw, skateboard, surf, decorate, etc...

6. be a better wife to this guy

7. make more time to read

8. less time on the computer and more time with my family and friends

9. open an etsy store

10. get in the Word more often... like, more than just twice a year or when i'm in church

i have more... like eating well, continuing to work out two hours a day 5x a week, being more organized, keeping up with the house cleaning, etc...

what are your goals for twenty ten?

happy thursday!



Maura said...

Love your top ten!! Good luck! I need to work on #8 as demonstrated here:)

Kassi said...

thanks! i'll need it!

oh man, number 8 will be hard... i read waaaaay too many blogs and it takes up sooo much time. but i love perusing them.... good luck to you too maura!

LiLi said...

i'm with you with your number 2.

Kassi said...

lili - yay! letters need to make a comeback!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

great goals and beautiful pictures!

Kassi said...

thank you chelsea!!

my name is lauren. said...

great great great top 10 friend! i'm especially excited for the etsy store one. you seriously have're depriving people of your incredible creations by not doing it.

also..i totally bite my nails. actually...more like the skin around the nails. even more disgusting. they always peel cause my hands are so dry from washing them a million times a day. awful. i have no good advice for this one, but good luck.

BUT...i do have a tip for washing your face every night. i just keep a package of those ponds daily face wipes next to my bed on my night stand, so if i forget (which is pretty much always), then i can just give my face a quick swipe while i'm lying in bed. you can also keep face lotion by the bed too. problem solved :).

Kassi said...

ugh, nails and skin for me too, lauren... i usually bite while i watch movies (which is pretty much every night) and the next morning they always hurt so bad... sometimes i can't even take the lid off of the coffee because my fingers hurt so much. so pathetic!

love the tip for washing the face - i think i'll have to buy some!

thank you friend!

dinosaur toes said...

Regarding your number two resolution, I have a whole giant stack of handmade cards I've either bought or done trades for, and I have a whole giant mental list of the people I want to write a quick note to, but I haven't written the first one! I hope you get further on that than I have!

Kassi said...

danielle, gosh, i would be intimidated if i had a huge stack of cards just waiting to be written on.... so intimidated that i probably wouldn't even get started on the first one either! shoot. hide that stack!

marisa said...

ooh i'm so with you on the "wash your face every night" goal! i NEVER bad!

i also love your "write handwrittten letters" goal. those are always the most treasured ones <3

aaand i definitely want to try your church! i'll see if we can go this week (depending on dani's schedule)!

<333 and i'm so so glad your little one's ok after all. hope she continues to feel better!

Kassi said...

if not this week, then come another sunday!

thank you about tayli... she's still sick but apparently you have to have 100.4 fever in order to be really sick... she had 100.3... silly doctors.


BuenoBueno said...

these are good!
I need to read the word more!
I feel bad! I spend the least amnt of time with God::(
I too bite my nails and Jacob hates it, maybe bc i spit them at him, he doesnt think its cute.

Kassi said...

ugh, i'm the worst at reading my Bible... so sad. i used to be better at it when i only had one kid - darn kids ;-)

hahaha.... dan does that to me when we're driving in the car and i get so mad at him! i can relate to jacob...
but i bet you look cute when doing it... dan just looks dirty when he does it! ha