Wednesday, January 13, 2010

rainy day before and after

i have another paint project to show you that i did over the weekend

this little piece of furniture was in desperate need of a facelift


an ugly half hearted paint job i did when i was pregnant with tayli... this used to be her dresser... now it holds the girls coloring books, crayons, old magazines and cd's and is in our family room.


i know it's nothing special... just boring ol' white
but it looks SO much better.
i also painted the stool (which used to be yellow and white) using the same gem turquoise i used for the hutch.

what do you guys think?

tell me, what are your favorite DIY projects to do?
any painters like me?
maybe you like to re-upholster furniture (i wish i were that talented!)?
build things?

i wanna know!

it's a rainy wednesday here in HB

and, boy, do i love the rain!

it's the perfect day to put on a movie with the kids, drink hot cocoa and get some of my sewing done...

hope you guys have a lovely 'hump' day


edited to add:

oops! i forgot to give a shout out about my seester's giveaway! 
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MannMom3 said...

Do you sand before you paint or no? Pre tell.

Claudette said...

Much better; very crisp and clean - both pieces. How did the sewing machine go? Love, mom

Kassi said...

i'm a lazy painter.... i didn't sand this.... or the chairs that go with the hutch. when dan is helping me, he always sands... i just want to paint and get er done. but the result still turns out nice!

Kassi said...

thanks mom! so i watched the whole video... but forgot i still didn't have a spool of thread... buying some on friday... the video was pretty good though and i think it wont be too hard! i really can't wait to get started! thanks mama. xo

Anonymous said...

sooo cute! man, i haven't really done any DIY projects..i need to but don't even know where to start!

Maura said...

Love it! So fresh. I really like the stool on top. That turquoise is perfect!

marisa said...

love it! i love everything you do kassi, you're really talented and have a great eye for decorating :)

and i'm loving this rain too :)

crissy said...

Sometimes boring ol' white is good. Sometimes it's not boring at all. Like in this case. It looks so much better, and the pop of turqouise on top? It's a pretty perfect finishing touch.
Your projects are making me want to find things around my house to re-do, but we don't really have much...

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Maybe white is boring, but I really like it, and it's always easy to accessorize with white. I like your stool and vases, gives it a nice pop of color!

My favorite DIY projects, hmmmm... I like welding, but don't do it as often as I used to. I used to paint a lot of furniture and picture frames, and Chris would tell me that the paint would get so thick it would soon fall off!

Kassi said...

thanks girls!

chloe - diy projects are so fun and rewarding... start with painting a little something something...nice thing about that is, if you hate it... you can paint it again!

maura- i do love the turquoise on the stool too - i wasn't so sure about it when i painted my chairs... but i love it on the stool!

marisa - the rain is great! it's suppose to rain a lot next week too - yay! thanks for the compliment on my decorating... it's one of my favorite things to do!

Kassi said...

thank you crissy! i agree... i actually love white. i used to paint my furniture every different color (like it was before) and my house started to look like a fun house... ick.

danielle, i agree!
i love that you weld. that is so cool.
did your paint ever fall off? mine has peeled before... but i like it when it does... i love it when it shows the other color(s) that were underneath. chris is funny.
ps. i read his blog and love the idea! i want to do it!

thank you ladies for the wonderful compliments - you guys are awesome!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Yeah, welding is definitely fun. If you can get access to a welder and a torch, you should try!

I didn't have any paint that fell off on its own, but if something hit or scratched it, it would peel or chip, but I'm with you, the chippy look is good.

I'm so glad you looked at his site! We each carry a stack of the altruismed cards with us so we're always ready to pay it forward should the opportunity present itself!

Kassi said...

oh gosh, that would be so fun... being able to use a torch is such a bad a** thing to do!

same with my stuff... only when scratched... but with having kids, the beat up look works best for us anyway ;-)

i think that is so cool, danielle, and please pass that on to chris... such a neat idea. and i loved his story about the girl he helped... i even got teary eyed.

lydia. said...

such a good job!
i love that little stool.
it really pulls the look together, girl.

Kassi said...

thank you so much lydia :-)

my name is lauren. said...

your cabinet looks so clean and crisp now! love it!

my favorite projects are simple repurposing just looking around my house and figuring out how to use old things in a new way.... i.e. using an old belt as drawbacks for my drapes...surplus clothespins... making a banner...etc...

i like doing glue & paper & paint projects best. too bad i'm not as crafty as you and can't sew :(.

Kassi said...

thanks friend!
i love those kinds of projects too... you need a lot of imagination to do that...
you could sew if you tried. i could never sew until last october! in fact, dan and tyler used to make fun of me saying i couldn't even sew a button...
just grab a needle and thread and go!

my name is lauren. said...

i should just try it. i have all the supplies to make these felted headbands...but i'm just too nervous they'll suck.

oh...and did you see that i won danielle's giveaway? i was so excited! i've never won one before and i seriously never win anything. my day is instantly happier.

oh...and are you doing today?

no cheating or i'll be sending you a yell-y jillian'esque e-mail!

Kassi said...

you should just try it. i think i'm not that good, but people seem to like my stuff. i made ten sunglass cases for my aunt to give to her friends and they all loved them... and i was SO nervous about it... especially since she paid me... so do it. and then do it again... and eventually you'll get good. you're creative enough to do well i think!

i did see you won the giveaway - congrats! that is so fun and i must admit i'm a bit jealous! ;-)

sick kids again and overwhelmed with stuff to do...

please please send me a kick in the butt i need it. i just ate a handful of mini marshmallows and chocolate chips - and i don't even like marshmallows! what the heck!

how you doing?

heather said...

i am in the process of painting a hand me down headboard and footboard for my daughter in a very 70's gold!

Kassi said...

mara! that is exactly how i am... but it's more like i don't want to take the time to learn how to... i always have these great visions, though, of what the piece could look like... like my couches for instance, i have great visions of how i would re-do them but if only i knew how! if you learn, i'll learn - ;-)

heather.... oooh fun... 70's gold. please post pics on your blog... i wanna see!!! fun!

MannMom3 said...

Thanks fot the giveaway shout out!!

BuenoBueno said...

you are on a roll!!!!

i like your blog so i tagged you!
7 things about you..

Kassi said...

fun! i'll do it tomorrow!

Jamie said...

aww you have the cutest style! i like white too:)

Kassi said...

thank you jamie!! :-) xo

monica said...

i love. love. love your blog. i am new to the blogging world and started a crafting blog of my own; yours is truely inspiring for me!

can't wait to read more.

thanks. monica

Kassi said...

thank you thank you thank you monica!

i look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you!