Saturday, January 30, 2010

rockin the hot pink

tayli fractured her tibia wednesday night... the cast will be on for 4-6 weeks

we think hot pink casts are awesome

right after it happened

the day after... waiting for the doc to call us back

just home from the doc and rockin her hot pink cast

frozen yogurt to make her happy

enjoy your saturday friends



MannMom3 said...

She is totally rockin the pink cast!!

my name is lauren. said...

pretty sure there could not be a cuter kiddo in a hot pink cast. your girls are seriously beautiful. you and dan make the cutest babies ever ♥.

also...i love the pic of her little leg close-up. i think little kid legs are pretty much the most adorable thing ever. they're so pudgy and cute!

what a good momma you are to get her frozen yogurt. that always makes me feel better too.

Kassi said...

you know it keel!

thanks lauren... i have to agree ;-)
i love little kid legs too... her leg isn't really pudgy... it's just swollen. :-( i should have taken a pic of the comparison between both legs..
frozen yogurt is my fave!

lydia. said...

aww. poor little cutie.
but i'm loving the hot pink cast.
when my little sister was about her age she fell out of the swings and broke her arm.
she rocked a hot pink cast, too!
hope your girl heals quikcly!

Cat said...

Awww poor little sweetie! I'm sorry that happened, but the pink cast is awesome, and she rocks it well! Your kids are adorable! :) Feel better Tayli!


Micaela said...

BEAUTIFUL girls, Kass. And the pink cast- TOOOO CUTE.

frozen yogurt - you are super mom :)

look how big it looks in their little hands.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Awwww, isn't she sweet with her hot pink cast! And her baby feet are too cute! I'm glad you guys finally got to go to the doctor and get her all wrapped up.

I like how her frozen yogurt matches her cast and outfit, so color coordinated!

xoxo trilliomillionzillion

Kassi said...

thanks girls - hot pink casts rock!

xo to the o

Jamie said...

poor baby! the hot pink casts rocks though...i'd choose hot pink too:) & frozen yogurt is my fav obsession right now! where's your fav place for it??

Kassi said...

jamie - she wanted purple and i was so glad they didn't have it... i loathe purple - so glad she got hot pink!
i have always loved frozen yogurt... way better than ice cream. right now we love this place called cherry on top. it's right by our house and they have great fruity flavors as well as peanut butter and chocolate and all those other yummy kinds... and they have the freshest fruit - like mango, kiwi, pomegranate seeds, etc... do they have one in texas?

Jamie said...

i've never heard of that one...we have one around the corner from me called looks like the exact same as yours. also amazing fruits...but i usually just get strawberry & chocolate chips & colored sprinkles. i have to have colored sprinkles:) we also have 1 called berripop that i loveee. my fav is the original yogurt flavor, it's kind of sour. i crave it all of the time!!!

BuenoBueno said...

oh my thats just way too much cuteness in one post!
poor thing!
haha it kinda makes me want a cast though! HOT PINK!

hope shes ok
how are you this weekend?

echo said...

poor baby. has to break your heart as a mama. the thought of my little one in pain breaks my heart. she's never even had a shot before ;) i'm sure she'll feel pretty important with her new little accessory though!

Jamie said...

Aww, I'm sorry she had to get a cast but she sure is a cutie with that hot pink cast on her leg! I hope she does ok with it.
That yogurt sounds yummy!!!!

Anna said...

Look at her ... she looks stylish even with the pink cast. Glad to see a smile on her face! Get better, Tayli

Kassi said...

jamie - i always have to have kiwi, yogurt and carob chips and sometimes granola.... mmmmmm

brandi - i hear ya... i've always wanted one and i've never broken a bone! little tay looks so cute - i love it! i've been sleeping my weekend away so far. ugh. but it's good! how is yours love?

echo - it does break my heart - i'm just so glad she feels better now. wednesday night and thursday were HORRID! she sure looks cute!

jamie - thanks - she's a trooper and doing great today! yogurt is yummmm

anna - thanks anna - she picked out her outfit yesterday - too cute!

Tyler said...

She is the cutest!! Not that i would want to see her in a cast.. but she is rocking the pink! Love it :)

Michely Medeiros. said...

awww poor girl...the hot pink cast makes up for it!! im sure shes enjoying her frozen yogurt too!!

monica said...

i can't imagine a cuter baby girl in her pink cast! im glad she didn't get purple too, hot pink is the bestest:)

Kassi said...

thanks ladies! yes, so glad she got the hot pink - it just makes a sad thing... FUN! :-)

Dani said...

Your little girls are ADORABLE! She's rockin' the pink cast. Marvelous color choice!

Kassi said...

thanks dani! :-)

Nicole Jeannette said...

Aww how cute! What a precious little girl :) She's mos def rocking the pink!

Kassi said...

thank you nicole!

JMay said...

Aww, she's def. rocking the pink cast.

I remember when I was a kid telling my Mom I wanted a Broken Bone so all the kids could sign my cast, haha!

Brave girl!

Kassi said...

jmay - i've always wanted a broken bone too! for the pink cast AND so kids would sign it... i thought it was cool. ha

Kassi said...

mara - i wanted the same... and feel the same way now - it would be very much of an inconvenience!