Monday, January 25, 2010

for my mom

i love you so much mom

Happy 59th Birthday!

my mom (on the far right) with my uncles and my gran - passport photo

teenage beauty 

my mom and i on my first birthday - april 1981

my mom with my sister, me and my brother - easter 1987 i think

my mom's 40th birthday

nathan, lee, bob, mom, me and keely - mammoth 1993/94

my sister, gran, me and mom - mothers day 2002

bob, little tyler and my mom - mothers day 2002

my wedding day august 9, 2003

bob, mom, tayli, tyler and tannyn - october 2007

my beautiful mom with tayli summer of 2008

me and mom - april 2009

tay and mom - spring 2009

mom, me and gran - mothers day 2009

bob and mom - june 2009

mom and i - august 2009

gran, me and mom - october 2009

mom, tannyn, tayli and bob - december 2009

isn't she gorgeous? christmas day 2009


thank you

being my best friend
loving me and supporting me throughout the years
raising me to know and love Jesus
being the best example of a mom and wife
your loving discipline
loving my husband
being the best granny to my children
for your love

i love you
mucho mucho grande!

wishing you the happiest of birthdays...

your loving daughter,

Kasandra Farrin


Tyler said...

sweet post and beutiful pics!! Happy Birthday to your mom :)

Kassi said...

thanks tyler :-)

MannMom3 said...

Well, aren't you sweet!

Kassi said...

eh, i try. ;-)

monica said...

awww...brings tears to my eyes! such a touching tribute to your mama.

Kassi said...

thank you monica and mara! :-) xo

JLYoungsma said...

You two look soooo alike! Beautiful.

Kassi said...

jl - i hear that all the time! thank you :-)

Kassi said...

haha... jessica! you tricked me... i didn't know it was you with the name JL... ha. xo

Jamie said...

your mom is sooooo pretty!!! you have good genes:)

Kassi said...

aw, jamie - thank you... i agree. ;-)

Claudette said...

Thank you, Kass. That tribute is one of the best birthday presents ever!! I love you mmg.
And thank you, all Kassi's blogging friends, for the kind compliments :).

Kassi said...

i'm glad you liked it, mom. i love you so much. happy birthday!

my name is lauren. said...

what a cute momma you have!

happy birthday to her!

Kassi said...

thanks lauren!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

You definitely look just like your mom. She must be a great mom if she raised a daughter as sweet as you! Happy birthday to her!

xoxo trillionbazillion

Kassi said...

you're the best danielle. truly. thank you!
also, check your email and your twitter - i wrote you...
xo more than numbers can express!

Cat said...

Awwww....Ok lemme get a tissue to dry my tears first. Ok, I'm back, that was so sweet!!! Your mom is gorgeous! You two look a lot a like! :) Happy birthday to your mom!


LiLi said...

Happy birthday to your mom.

Now, I'm missing my mom too. Last time I spent time with her was last August. I wish California is a few hrs away.

Kassi said...

cat - thank you for your comment - too cute!

lili - thank you! i hope you get to see your mom sooner rather than later!

Erica said...

goodness, nearly brought me to tears!

Kassi said...

aw, erica, you are too cute :-)

Micaela said...

you look just alike- both beautiful! look at your smiles.


hope she had just a lovely lovely birthday.

Kassi said...

thank you micaela! i think she had a good day and enjoyed all the compliments she received on this post :-)