Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wet wednesday update

it's a wet wednesday morning here in HB
the perfect day to let you all know about what's going on with a few of the blogs i read

danielle at dinosaur toes is doing a knick knack exchange

i'm super excited about it!

danielle explain's it here

Here's the idea: Each participant will be paired with another, and we will send that person a little something that tells them a bit about us, along with a handwritten note about it (and you). Send them something you make, an item you collect, apolaroid from your stash, etc.

i hope you all join in on the fun!

my sister, keely, has a fun idea up her sleeve as well

rate my space

she tells more about it here

I thought it would be fun to play "rate my space" bloggy style..I would pick a room in the house..such as the living room, family room, dining room, bedroom, etc..You would email a picture of your space to me..I would choose the top 10 spaces..You all would vote on what your favorite space is..I would show the top 3 on my blog and then I would vote for the best one and the winner of that space would get their blog highlighted on my blog for a week..

i think this is a really fun idea... especially for those of us who love decorating and seeing how other people decorate.... 

play along with me!


there are some awesome giveaways going on right now that i don't think you'll want to miss out on!

brandi over  at mucho mucho bueno bueno is having a FABULOUS giveaway

i actually really really really hope i win this one 
but if one of my readers does then that'll make me just as happy!

last but not least, lauren from the little things we do is having a giveaway too!


if you are in need of a pretty, warm scarf - then this is the giveaway for you!

i hope you check out these four beautiful ladies blogs and take part in the knick knack exchange, rate my space and enter the giveaways!


i also wanted to let you know that we got a call from dan's doctors office yesterday...

some of you read this post
if not, then take a peak so you know what i'm referring to...

dan had a sleep study done the monday before last and the doctors office called to let him know that his CPAP was abnormal and that they couldn't tell him more until he came in... we're not quite sure what that means... and it sounds a bit ominous but we're excited at the idea of maybe, finally, figuring out what is wrong with him and why he's had this constant headache for ten months...

he meets with his doctor on monday

your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. although we want answers... we don't want scary news either.

thanks guys.

enjoy your wednesday!


ps. wow, almost 100 followers - thanks to all of you for reading... you have no idea how much it means to me! (well, if you're a blogger then you probably do) and because i'm so appreciative i will be doing my GIVEAWAY either this friday or saturday - hopefully friday!!

keep your eyes peeled!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Thanks for talking about the exchange, kind lady! I want to win Brandi's giveaway big time, and since it got cold again, I'd be happy to win Lauren's as well! I think your sister's idea sounds fun, so I'll be sure to join!

I hope you get some answers from the doctor, and I hope it's something minor and easily treated.

xoxo times infinity,

Kassi said...

you are so welcome! it is my pleasure... i hope you get a lot of people signing up... it really is such a fun idea!
i'm glad you'll be joining in my sisters... i think we have until tomorrow to send in pics... i need to get on that!

i hope we get answers too. thank you. my poor husband has been through so much and we're all tired of him not feeling (or acting) like his normal self...

xo times infinitytrinityminity

Kassi said...

thank you, mara! that is EXACTLY what we want - clear answers with good news - perfectly said! thanks for the prayers! xo

crissy said...

I hope everything turns out alright, and that you get some good news at the doc.
Sending good thoughts your way.

Kassi said...

thank you oh so much crissy!

my name is lauren. said...

I'll for sure be praying for Dan. That's scary but at least you'll be getting some answers.

And thanks for the lovely highlights! Keelys rate my space sounds fun. When is it starting? Oh and you reminded me...I need to go see if I ever signed up for brandi's giveaway!

Love you lady!

Kassi said...

thanks friend!
you are welcome and you should def take part in rate my space... should be fun... i think she needs pics by tomorrow... but if you click on her link, it should tell you more!

much love

Bree and Phil Killian said...

OOHH I do love turquoise too anything bright, light and happy for sure! i think i belong in CA for real! but no problem! i love your blog its so fun! gotta share the funness! :) where the heck do you get all your amazing frames and wall stuff!? like in your girls' room?! i mean, it makes me so happy haha

Kassi said...

thanks about the blog!
i find a lot of the frames at thrift stores or from my mom or granny... if i'm not crazy about them, then i paint them! i love color too :-)

thanks for all the compliments bree!!!

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Dear Kassi Lou- How am I supposed to reply haha I still dont get it!Im obviously not very bright! But, Yes ill give you the recipe on a new post, because its SOOO SIMPLE. and its so yummy. Your kiddos will love it. OH RAIN, Im from AZ and they are raining there too, Its sunny where im at in NM but we're waiting on snow. I must say, you have the life. I wish I could be in the sunshine of CA or AZ 24/7! and The disney channel is BLISS with kids! haha. Now you and every other blog ive hopped to, have made me wanna redo my whole house! I have plenty of things to be made pretty! haha

Kassi said...

what don't you get?
i know my husband and kids will love the carmel corn... so, yes, i would love the recipe!
if and when you make changes in your home be sure to post pics - i would love to see!

S and O said...

ooh that knick knack exchange sounds like loads of fun, I'm totally going to have to check it out :D

Kassi said...

olivia! i hope you do! it should be really fun... i am beyond excited about it. :-)

Jamie said...

i'm really excited about your giveaway!
i hope you guys figure this out & it's nothing bad...i'm thinking about you! i'm here if you need anything:)

Kassi said...

yay! i hope peeps like it!
thank you so much jamie... that really means a lot!!! i'll keep you all posted when we find out more on monday! xxoo

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Hey kas! Thanks soo much for the ideas, for real, Im so excited! I am a little overboard when it comes to entertaining kids! I love to get creative and I even made a little sign thats says "denim and blazens art class" just so its more exciting for them! haha. Youre the best! thanks girl!! (ps, is this the only way to respend to comment posts? I feel like im doin it the hard way haha)
much love!

Kassi said...

you are welcome bree! love your name for the class!
as far as commenting goes, you can comment on your post that i have commented on or you can come here... but feel free to email me as well if you want to chat that way - my email is

have a beautiful thursday, friend. :-)

Anna said...

thanks for all of those links!

Anna said...

and good luck with the doctor. positive thoughts your way!

Kassi said...

you are welcome, anna!
and thank you for the positive thoughts! appreciate it!!!