Monday, January 18, 2010

what a steal

happy monday friends

i hope your weekend was lovely!

on saturday our neighbor told us about a dresser being sold at a garage sale

we've been needing a dresser for tayli for some time now since her old one broke a couple of months ago...
we got to the garage sale and i LOVED the dresser

only $15 - that's a steal to me!

the dresser is a bit shabby... but i like it. dan was fixing the drawer - it was missing the back

notice the caboodles... did any of you guys have these when you were young? my mom saved my sisters and mine and i gave them to the girls for Christmas and they LOVE them - they call them their cabooholes... pretty funny

dad, this pic is for you.... since you wanted to see the pretty bedding you bought them - thanks again!

my mom wanted some full on facial pictures of me wearing red lipstick... so here they are mom! ;-)

it's a lovely rainy day today, the kids have no school and we just finished watching Nanny McPhee

i love colin firth

and that movie... everything about it.

crafts, more movies, hot cocoa and popcorn
are what's on the agenda today

fun fun

have a beautiful monday my friends

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BuenoBueno said...

look at you! hot stuff in the jumper!
i love it!
and the girls room is so cute!
i like how you decorated it:)
15 dollars wow!!!! did you negotiate or what?

Jamie said...

it's so cute! $15 is a total steal! your jumper is adorable too!!!

Kassi said...

thanks brandi - i love that jumper... i just got it back from a friend that had borrowed it for two months.... i missed it so and am glad to be wearing it again! that was my church outfit yesterday... ;-)
thanks for the compliment on the girls room!
i didn't negotiate at all. we asked how much, she said $15 and we said we would take it! i thought it was a steal considering it had a mirror!

thanks jamie! my jumper was a steal too! i think i paid less than $20 at a boutique here in HB! gotta love those good deals!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

That's a cute romper you've got there! I can't believe that dresser was only $15. I love the French look with the cream and blue. She's one lucky little girl!

Snow (haha, I had to)

Kassi said...

thank you snow!
i know, what a deal right. i love it too... just the way it is... i was so excited when we saw it at the garage sale! xxooxx x 1,000,000

chelsea rebecca said...

that is SUCH a steal! its so adorable! congrats on your superb garage hunting skills!

samboy said...

i love that dresser its gorgeous! i'd have paid $150 for that! I cant believe they sold it so cheap! Their loss, your gain though right! :)

love the girls' bedding too :) x

CupcakeSniper said...

that is a beautiful dresser!!! great job!! And I love your little girls dresser and your red lipstick and outfit! you look gorgeous!

monica said...

what a steal, is right!!! I am kinda jealous actually.

and, your caboodles. i can't believe she saved those! that is amazing.

Kassi said...

thanks ladies!

chelsea rebecca... no skills were required thanks to the tip from my neighbor!

samboy - exactly, their loss! and i agree with you... i would have paid more too... but not much more... the drawers are bit wobbly.... but still so cute!

sniper - thank you thank you... :-) your comment made me blush!

Kassi said...

MONICA! you commented on the caboodles! yay! i know, i was so glad she saved them and i'm so glad that you remember them!!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

x1,000,000? You're really upping the ante! I see lots of made up numbers in the future, like ten bagill-trill-zillion! Haha, you're so fun, Kassi!

Jamie said...

Ha! I thought "Oh my goodness. Is that a caboodle??" when I looked at the pic before reading what you wrote. Looved those! I had a pink one. Wish I still had some! Those things are handy!

Very cute bedroom and bedding! And you're looking like a hot mama with the red lipstick! Lovely!

Mich said...

totally still have my caboodle with jewelry in it haha - maybe its time for an upgrade?? mine is definitely bright blue with glitter - oh yah :)

Kassi said...

oh yes, snow, you will be seeing a lot of made up numbers in the future since there is no number that expresses how much i heart you! ;-)

jamie! caboodles were so fun... the one in the mirror (pink and green) was mine and the purple one was my sisters) i'm so glad my mom saved them! and my girls hold all their play make-up and hair accessories inside - super duper handy!
thanks for the compliment jamie! ;-)

mich! yay another caboodler! and you still have yours - that's so fun! i say keep it... but upgrading to a vintage train case would be fun!

Kassi said...

thank you so much mara!
total steal on the dresser...
you used to have one too! yay! i was so into my caboodle and so excited when i got it for christmas... i think i was 12....

Claudette said...

I like the lipstick, Kass. Makes you look very grown up! The dresser is cute too...we love those bargains! mmg

Kassi said...

thanks mom! yes, love those bargains! mmg mama.

Catherine Anne said...

Love your blog. Got you a new follower...

Kassi said...

thank you catherine, i'm glad you like! and thanks for becoming a follower!!! :-)

my name is lauren. said...

that's a serious steal! i really want a big dresser like that. we have a tall, skinny, ugly one. bleh!

and your girls bedding is so cute!

and...your red lips are still lovely.

and...i'm jealous that you're eating popcorn and hot chocolate and crafting. today (like every other day) i wish we lived closer :(.

Kassi said...

dude... garage sales are where it's at!
thanks about the bedding!
thanks about the lips ;-)
we didn't have popcorn afterall... instead i made bean dip for the kids... so bean dip, chips, cocoa and animal crackers are what they ate.... and i wish we lived closer too... :-(

my name is lauren. said...

i didn't eat the meatballs kass :). although i did have a little nibble. i was tempted, but i just made an extra big batch and boxed up the other half for craig to take to lunch tomorrow so i wouldn't be tempted. i'm definitely going to make them again though. they were turkey meatballs too...which he always complains about, but he really liked them.

Kassi said...

good for you!
turkey meatballs... oh yeah... i would eat that! sounds yum!

chelseybell. said...

my older sister had the pink and turquoise one with the heart, so to see it made my heart warm :).

Kassi said...

oh i'm glad it made your heart warm, chelsey! the pink and turquoise one was mine... (i always thought mine was better than my sister) ;-)

handmade charlotte said...

i love the red lipstick but.... the shirt is so cool 2!

Kassi said...

thank you charlotte!!